I m Ur Cute Magic (ShI m Ish (Where is DevShi 2)) (By H) 6 (RealStrtforStory) (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

What happens Next??Zia’s qstn make Dev back from Story..The Whole hospital including DrCoupleIshaara too..
Dev turns back bcoz of hearing ClapSounds..The Crowd starts running with murmuring “Sir is watching Us”..
Om n Ishaana still stands out n see Dev n Zia via glass doors..


Ishaana(murmur):”Y Sir didn’t follow the Rules of A Doctor?”..
Om sees Ishaana …
Om(Smile):”Sir follow his Unimaginable …I mean..Detective Mind…BT…” (Sees Ishaana)…

Ishaana eyes turns from seeing Dev,Zia n..
Ishaana:(showing her open hands n smiles):”BT,Alwaysss Our Madammm..”..
Om(smiles,Showing his Victory):”U r too Magical,My Girl”..
Ishaana(smiles by seeing Dev’s luv to Zia):”Itz by U,Mijo”..

Ishaara see Dev is standing..
Inside the Room…
Dev:”Meow ll dance now..”(seeing Zia)…
Tunes The Speakers..
The reception starts dancing by the Sound..
Ishaana close her lips in Shocking Surprise..”Sir is Dancingg!!”..

In Room..
Dev dances..”Lungi Dance..”..(Rock Songs one by one)..
Zia claps..n laughs..
From her bed..
Ishaara too starts dancing..Track changes..Song Changed from its Track to Romantic..

“Locha-Ae-Ulfat” (start Tune)..Ishaana’s nose collide the nose of Om..A nurse on the way..behind them..”Mam is Comingg..”(MurMur)(smile)…
Om sees Ishaana by his big Eyes..Their legs stopped Dancing…

Dr’s Madam:”Dr.Om n Ishaana..What r U doing Here?”..
Ishaara turns back n their fingers show Zia…
Both(same Time):”To see our Zia,Mam”..
In their Eyes pupils,Sona(KShi) holding a Ted in her hands..
KShi:”Then..Come with Me”..
The three enters the Room..
Zia sees Sona …
Zia:”Cutie..Mamma is seeing U”(Big Eyes)
Dev turns..
“Locha-Ae-Ulfat” Again…

Sona sees Zia n Dev..in Big Eyes..
Zia touch her lips by her little finger..like A Silence..She sees Sona by One n A half Eye. .Her Half Eye see Dev..In Her Lying posture on Bed..
Dev’s hands turns off the music frm his back..
Sona:”U didn’t go to see Patients?”..
Dev:”Mm..I think U forget..”..
Comes near Sona..
N said “I always follow my Pblm only..U puzzle….”..
Ishaara silently smiles from behind Sona..
Dev sees them..
Zia:” Mamma..Cutie stops the Story Today too..”..
Sona sees Dev:”U starts again..”..
Dev:”Sss..”(Tuning the Speaker without seeing)..
Zia:”Mamma..U,Cutie(Dev) r Ghosts n Dr.Om n Ishie r going to be my saviours..U seek help from Them”..
Ishaana walks fast(without control towards Zia)..
Om tries to stop..
Ishaana:”Baby.Me n Om r Saviours??”

Zia:”S..I m with U..Cutie(Dev) enters the Palace n propose Mamma..n the nxt Mamma hold a dagger on her hand towards Om..Bcoz he enters The home..Cutie sees him n the dagger..Small Papa Triya is RomieVillan..Cutie says itz Flashback..”..(By holding her Ted hands on her hands n making waves)..
Dev waves his fingers:”Suspense..Ladies”..
N sees Om..
Om touch his neck by his fingers..
Sona sees Dev:”U r Too Impossible”(Sona’s trend dialog always)..

Dev:”Kwack..Kuwack. I m Mr.Impossible”(ChipMunk Voice)..
Comes near Zia..
Dev:”Time to Sleep”..
Zia hugs Ted n starts sleeping..
Dev:”Sleep with Zia..”..
“We r going to see The patients”..
Sona:”Mm..” (Shows Tata/Bye by Ted’s hands)…

Dev n his crew Ishaara starts walking..
Dev enters the room..
The parents of the Boy stands..
Dev:Now,We ll see what the Villains do in U?”..
Dev unmasks the Boy’s O2 mask..
The Boy’s Dad turns angry n shouts”What R U doing?”…
N sees the whitecoats of Om n Ishaara..
:”Who is He?”.
N catches the collar of Dev..
While he touch the Collar,He again put the O2 mask in the Boy’s noise…

Om:”Sir..He is Dr.Dev..One of the best diagnosticians in the world”..
While Om said,Dev again unmasks the Boy’s O2 mask..In Dev’s eyes,The heart HeartBeat rate of the Boy decreases from its normal..
Dev again put the O2 mask..Sees the Boy..

Hi frndzz..Hw r U?Real start from tiz epi..So many dayzz crossed..The whole pre story is taken above in Zia’s story saying to Ishie…Again strted.. Sorryyy..Plz forgive..Really Unable in the past dayzz….Happyy to present again..(Inspired By HouseMD)(Diagnostic by Dev is taking from that Series for the next ones..)(LittleMedKnowledge)(Tatsy)..

Tanqq frndzz for readingg..Write ur thoughts after readingg..frndzz..Tanqq..Take care frndzzz

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