I m Ur Cute Magic (ShI m Ish (Where is DevShi 2)) (By H) 3 (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

Hii frndzz!!Hw R U?Today A ReTale of Butterflies..
Pre:A PinkyLuv of a Sandwich..
Ishaana sees Kshi’s touch on Dev’s cheeks..
Om sees the painting Dev draws..Actually Kshi’s image..
Om’s fingers touch “Dev is in KShi” lines on the chart..
Ishaana sees Ma..
Ishaana:”Is Dev Ur Son?”..(by seeing Dev)
Om:”S..Dev is her Son,the Same Iconic Creator”(by seeing the painting)(sharply)..
Ishaana sees DevShi..
Dev nods his head like “I m not”.. With a smile..Kshi’s smile accepts Dev’s nod..

With a thought,Om takes his painting brush n starts painting on the back of the chart..
Om’s fingers filled the PinkishYellow mixture of DevShi on chart..
Zia stands from chair n her small footprints make steps to see her DevShi..
The Small Eyes of the Cutie Zia only above for the Dining Table..
Om sees Zia n make her sit on his Laps..
Zia eyes surprised while seeing Her DevShi with Butterflies..

In the chart,Om drew like DevShi n Zia..In tat, Dev holds KShi with Zia seeing..with full of butterflies..In KShi’s hands,real butterfly made bangles..with the movements of its wings..Zia sees the painting n her lips make her 1st word before Ishaara..
” Flutie”….Ishaara sees Zia like an undefined question..Ma’s eye tears..
DevShi heads sees the ground..

Zia take the pencil n scribble something on the chart..Om sees tat..In his painting Zia drew a butterfly on her image’s little nose..
Om:”Tanq,Frnd”(by thinking God)(Sharply sees)..
Kshi:”Ma is Here,Zia”..(Strucks n the words come discontinuous)
Dev holds her hand..

The door knocks..
Om:”Ishaana..Go to our room with Ma n Zia”..
Ishaana nods her head n goes upstairs..with them..
Om opens the door..A policeman salutes him n said”Sir,We think U..”
Om:”U ..”
Policeman:”U made Ishaara escape”..
Dev stands from steps where he sits..
Kshi sees them from behind Dev..
Police:”Sir..U helped Us a lot..But”..
Om sits on the sofa n asked”But..”
The Voice of another too comes..”But…” In loud..
Om n Policeman’s eyes r jerked n searched where it comes..
On one side of the top of the sofa,Dev sits n sees Om n the police sharply with “But..?”
Om n Police searched the voice’s identity..

To be continued….

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq for readingg Frndzz n Write ur thoughts after readingg…Tanqq Frndzz..Take Care..Soon with Rom of Ishaara n DevShi..

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