I m Ur Cute Magic (ShI m Ish (Where is DevShi 2)) (By H) 2 (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

Sorry frndzz for Late in PinkishThoorigai..DevShi’s Zia got New Frnd,Ishaana??A little new altern
Hi Frndzz..Hw R U??Welcome to See Zia with DevShi n Ishaara..
Pre:Om follows Ishaana’s footprints..
DevShi asks Ishaana to live with Zia…

Now:PinkyLuv of a Sandwich…
“Will U be with our Zia n Ma forever?”..
Again The words refilled in Ishaana like
A Mysteric Scribble…
She realise she only sees them..
Om sees Ishaana n DevShi’s Ma…
Ishaana’s lips hides her Ishhh…

Ishaana:” Where is Ur Son n Ur daughter?”..
Ma:”They r Died”..
Ishaana sees DevShi…
Dev’s smiley eyes sharply sees Ishaana with Mesmeric Smile..Kshi/Sona holds Dev’s hands..Her childish Smile turns into best of beautiful when her fingers touch her cheek like “What happen?”..
Om sees the Surroundings…n realised They r in ShiRo’s home..
N touched the Sacred chain he wear..

Dev smile while he sees Om…Ishaana realise Dev sees Om…
In Dev’s eye pupils….
Story Goes back…
A Pair of Shoes seen in walking mode..A flute playing Longhair RedTSh,Jean clothy Dev’s walk…The Soldiers tried to stop Dev..Dev sees them with playing flute..Feathers blow up from flute…
The Huge door Opens…automatically…
The King’s Saba…
Dev’s shoes enters the Saba..His hair blows on Air…
All r Shocked while seeing him bcoz they didn’t see that type of dresses before..

Dev’s hands holds invisible in air…
The hollow space fills Sona/Kshi..
” KShi Will U accept tiz Duck as a Shooter?”..He touches her cheek..
The Pink Color comes while his touch…
Sona smiles..Her eye joyfully tears..
In her Joyful Eyes…

Again the present comes..
Om touches Ishaana’s shoulder..
Ishaana sees..
Om:”We make them Safe from Rain”..
Ishaana nods her head..
Ishaana holds Zia’s little fingers..
Zia:”Ma..Is She Cutie?”..(Zia calls her Livable ones “Cutie”)
Ishaana sees Zia n smiles..
They bring Zia n Ma to their home..
Full of Anime paintings n Painting of Lord Shiva..
Ma worship Shiva n asked “Is this drawn by U?”
Ishaana:”Itz by Om,Ma..”..
Dev Sees Om..His fingers waves..Collision of Red n Pink Colors comes from his fingers..

Om brings Sandwich to them…
Kshi sees The Sandwich..Her face goes Sad n Said”Missing food” n sees Dev…
DevShi laughs…
Ishaana hears their convo n Her eyes lightly tears without control bcoz The qstn on her mind Too comes..
Ishaana(think):”Why They seems like Statue”..
BT She didn’t find that..
Kshi see Jam on table..n touch Dev’s cheek softly..
Ma:”My Dev too draws well”..
N take The painting Dev draws…
Om sees the painting actually Dev’s Kshi…
“Dev is in Kshi”……Om’s fingers touched the words on that chart…

To be Continued………….

Tanqq frndzz for readingg n write ur thoughts after readingg..Hope U like this frndzz…
Tanqqq frndzz. For encouraging..Very hapoy to get 1st review frm new frndzz…Take Care..Frndzzz


  1. Dhira


    |Registered Member

    Wow superb awesome amazing mind blowing one they way u describe makes me feel like I was standing there and watching them πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Thank you for posting it 😊

  2. Bshama1239


    |Registered Member

    Sorry dear for not replying ur messages actually I typed and pressed the button send but some where vanished and some went sorry pm troubling a lot😭😭😭 by the way thanks for concern and yaa apart from this the post was awesome sorry for not commenting eagerly

  3. Manya


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  4. ashriti

    I hate ishqbaaz….😑

    I love only Ek duje ke vaaste and Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi..
    That’s why I hate it…!

    • HarSHaN



      Itz K Ashriti..Don’t forget The Surprises in DevShi story r coming ..one by one..Don’t miss the next ones..frm DevShian,An Artie..

  5. Nikki

    Shperbbbbbbbbbbbbb dear 😍 .I feel like flying in the air.nze but devakshi Ko important deejo.bye😘😘😘😘😘

    • HarSHaN



      Tanqq Nikki..!!!Happiee to hear…The Tale of DevShi in Om’s painting(Ish) ll make more Surprises..in the next..So,Be ready!!!

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