I M with You- a swasan ss part 4

Hey guys so here I m with nxt part , enjoy reading it

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Part 3

Recap- swasan dance, rahul proposes swara nd misbehave with her ,sanky protects her ______________________________________
Scene-1(at garden)
Swasan r hugging each other tightly lost in each other’s embrace but a sudden thunder sound brought them back in senses nd they parted away. It started raining , they entered inside to save them from being drenched. Swara- thank u for saving me Sanky- no need to say thanks , I have saved my life Swara look at him nd they had an eyelock which was broke by swara after sometime She noticed his hand injured due to fighting Swara(restless)- sanky, ur hand it’s bleeding Sanky- no it’s fii.. Swara(interrupted)- shut up! Nd come with me Sanky- but where?? Swara- medical room Sanky- butt.. Swara(angry)- u will not say a word nd just come with me She dragged him to medical room Scene-2 (medical room) Swara was doing his dressing . she had teary eyes . sanskar notice this , inside his heart he was happy looking at his care but could not see tears in his eyes Sanky-swara.. pls don’t cry I m fine Swara- fine my foot , u r hurt so much nd saying I m fine what was need of hurting urself , if something wud have happened to u then what abut me.. Sanskar- but why do u care for me?? Swara was confused at his question she herself don’t knwn why she was worried fr him Sanky- answer me swara Swara looked at him with her teary eyes nd they had an eyelock . Bg music Tu jahan mai wahan Sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasmaan Jo dhup nikli chaaya ban jaaunga Jo ho tu akeli saaya ban jaaunga Jo uljhan mein ho maan main behlaunga Tu jahan main wahan Sang sang yu chalu tere jaise tera aasman Their eyelock was broken with entry of raglak (wrong timing hehe) Ragini(worried)-shona r u alright Swara just node in yes Ragini- thank u so much sanskar Sanky- no it’s ok now we shud leave come I will drop u Swara- but u r injured Laksh- don’t worry I will drive They left for their homes Scene -3 (swarag’s home) Rag- swara u need to rest u first go n change Swara got fresh after that ragini went to freshen up. When she came out she found swara lost in her own world with a bright smile on her face. Ragini understood she is thinking of sanky nd thought to tease her. Ragini- swara just now sanskar called me to ask if u r ok Swara- but why did he called u he wud have called me Ragini- ohho toh someone is jealous Swara- i..i m not jealous Ragini- but when did I took ur name that mean ur jealous of me (in a dramatic way) oh god why did u do this to me my own sister is douting me Swara(smiles)- stop it dramaqueen nd both burst out in laughter Ragini(serious)- swara I will ask u smthing answer it truly Swara -ok Ragini- do u love sanskar?? Swara was shocked to listen this as she herself was confused . she was speechless.

Ragini- look swara I knwn u love sanskar but u r not realizing it just ask ur heart what does it want u will get all ur answers. Saying this she left nd swara was lost in deep thinking Swara(thinks)- is it true , am I really in love , is this feeling is called love She closed her eyes nd remices all her moments spend with sanskar , their first meet , their cute nokh-jhok , spending time together nd sanskar saving her She opened her eyes in excitement nd shouted – oh my god I m in love I can’t believe She jumped around the whole room nd shouted- I love u sanskar , I love u Listening her voice ragini came there Ragini- shone what happened Swara holded ragini nd turned her around nd said- I love sanskar, I love him Ragini became happy nd hugged her- finally u realized it. Swara-yes Ragini- so what r u waiting for tell him. Swara- no not like this I want to say it in a special way. Ragini- ohho so u r planning a proposal. Swara- yes I want to make him feel special. Ragini- so when u will be doing it. Swara- hmmm….after our performance that night will be special. Ragini- I m so happy all the best Swara- thanks Scene-4 (next day at college) Swara was walking through corridor lost in her dreamworld( her dreamworld with sanskar) . Rajat watches her coming nd thought of a plan , he rolled out some pebbles in her path so that she wud fall nd he cud save her. Swara slipped due to pebbles but before rajat cud hold her sanskar who was coming frm opposite way holded her but they both lost balance due to pebbles fall on ground with sanskar above swara. Rajat fumed with anger on failure of his plan. Swasan were lost in each others eyes , but soon they came into senses nd got up . swara was so shy to face him that she ran away without saying anything Laksh also watched this nd thought of something something b/w them. Sanky was looking in direction which swara left Laksh came frm behind keeping his hand on sanky’s shoulder nd asked- do u love her. Sanky(still looking in that direction)- yes Laksh- then just go nd tell her Sanky(looking at laksh)- I will do it soon Rajat was listening their convo secretly nd was fuming in anger Rajat(in mind)- no sanskar I will not let u do anything like that. Swara is only mine I can do anything fr her even if I have to kill someone nd also I have to take revenge for my insult so u have to die. Nd he left frm there. Laksh- but when Sanky- tmmrw after performance I will take her out but u have to help me Laksh- offcouse anything fr u buddy They leave frm there


Episode ends. Recap- swsan performance Rajat cuts the brake wires of sanky’s car.
So what do u think what will happen? Will swasan survive? Or they will die? For knwing keep reading my ss Also the nxt part wud be last part Kindly leave ur cmments below

i know today’s part was small but nxt one will be a surprise for u


  1. anu

    nice… dont do this .. hope they save them selfs.. and the update is having coontinue as paragraph.. sanky and swara lines and bg music no lines please post the next dialogue in another line its clumsy first i thought its pov of any other… please dialouges of them one by one..

    • Shubhi


      dear i think there’s have a problem here bcoz i wrote dialogues with spaces nd i came to know about this after ur comment but for nxt one i will make sure to be ok.

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