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Recap- sanskar dropping swara home, raglak at library

Scene-1 (lunch time at college canteen)
Laksh nd sanskar entered into canteen. He was upset but his sad face lit up with happiness seeing swara there.
Swarag was sitting there having chit chat, swara look at sanskar nd both passes smile to each other
Laksh was smilingly looking at ragini, sanlak started to walk towards them, ragini become nervous seeing laksh coming there as she rembered their library scene.

Sanskar- if u don’t mind can we join u.
Swara-yes u can
Laksh(to ragini)-hello miss. Bandariya
Ragini(angry)-how dare u, have u ever looked at ur face
Laksh(smiles)- yes I knwn I m very handsome
Ragini-handsome my foot, u just look like a langoor
Laksh-whattt…………how dare u
Ragini-did u felt bad, so sad
Sanskar(interrupted)-stop it guys, u r fighting like kids
Laksh- no I m not she is a kid
Ragini-no u are
Laksh-no u
Ragini-no u
Swasan-enough, stop it
Sanskar- I get something to eat
Swara- I will also come
Sanskar-ok (to raglak) what u want
Raglak(at same time)- cheese sandwich
Laksh- copy cat
Ragini- what.
Swasan(interrupted)-not again
They left them fighting
Swasan at counter
Swasan(together)- one black coffee
They laughed looking at each other

Sanskar(to counterman)- 2 black coffee
Man- sorry sir, only 1 is available
Nd he kept it on counter
Sanskar(to swara)- it’s ok , u take it I will order something else.
Swara- no u take it , I will take something else
Sanskar- no u take it
Swara- u will not listen to ur frnd, I said u take it
Sanskar- no I will not listen, u take it
Swara- no u take it
Sanskar- no u
They were fighting at time another guy came , took that coffee nd went away
Swasan looks on
Suddenly they broke into laughter
Sanskar- pehle aap pehle aap ke chakkar mein koi aur baazi maar gaya
Swara- ya right , let’s order something else
They took their order nd went to their sea where as usual raglak were fighting
They talked for sometime
Laksh- guys u knwn tonight freshers party have been arranged in college
Swarag- really, it will be so much fun
Laksh- yes I knwn
Rahul entered into the scene
Rahul- hi swara
He sat beside swara which made sanky angry
Rahul- u known about tonight’s party
Swara- yes I knwn
Rahul- swara would u come with me to party

Swasan shocked, swara looked at sanskar
Swara- no rahul actuall………….
Rahul(kept his hand on hers)- oh please don’t say no
Swara looked at sanky who was fuming in anger nd got an idea
Swara(freeing her hand)- actually rahul , I m going with sanskar
Sanskar looked at her in shock but was happy
Rahul angrily looked at sanskar
Swara pleaded to sanskar in actions to say yes without being noticed by rahul
Sanskar(smiled)- yes rahul she is going with me
Swara(happy)- sorry rahul
Rahul(sad nd angry at sanskar)- ok
He left frm there
Swara(in excitement hugged sanskar)- thank u thank u so much
Snskar(hugged her back)- ur welcome
Raglak shocked to see them
Swara realized her position nd broke the hug , there was awkward silence b\w them which was broke by laksh- so guys will meet tonight , now we shud leave
They all bid bye to each other nd left

Scene-2 (night at swarag’s home)
Swara(confused)- ragini, please help me yaar I m not getting what to wear
Ragini(confused too)- same here
Swara- ok tell this blue one or black
Ragini-u shud wear black it’s sanskar’s favourite
Swara(excited)- really, but how do u knwn
Ragini- it’s obvio he always black then it wud be his favourite colour only , he’s such a bore
Swara- don’t u dare call him like that , he’s so sweet
Ragini(teases)- oh ho so he’s cute ha , I think someone has gone flat on his cuteness
Swara(blushes)- it’s nothing like that
Ragini- OMG u r blushing now it’s confirmed, tell me u like him na
Swara- stop it pls , I have to get ready
Ragini- ok but tell me what to wear
Swara- u wear that green one
They got ready
Swara wore black gown , she left her hair open with curls at bottom having minmal makeup
Ragini wore green gown with hair tiad up into bun
Both were looking dam gorgeous they took selfies nd left for college

Scene-3 (at college)
Sanlak were eagerly waiting fr swarag to come.
Their swarag enter the venue . sanlak was awestruck to see their beauty.
Sanskar was also in full black suit nd laksh was wearing white shirt, black jeans nd green blazer.
Swarag came towards them .
Swasan raglak looked at their dress nd then their respective partners nd suddenly the four broke into laughter
Scene-4( at party)
All 4 were enjoying the party nd having fun
Swasan were talking nd enjoying each other’s company whole heartedly
Rahul was watching them nd could not tolerate it nd headed towards them
Rahul- hi swara
Swara(with fake smile)- hii
Rahul(forwarding his hand)- will u pls join me for dance??
Swasan shocked
Swara(looking at sanskar nd fumles)- dan…da..dance
Rahul(interrupted)- pls don’t say no
Swara- I don’t knw how to dance
Rahul- don’t worry i will teach u
Swara(tensed)- butt…
Rahul did not let her complete nd dragged her by holding her hand forcefully to dance floor
Swara kept looking at sanskar with hopefull eyes to do smthing
Music plays – ishq wala love
Rahul keep his hand on her waist nd pulled her closer while her hands were on her shoulder, he was staring her without blinking which made her very uncomfortable, she just keep looking at sanskar who was fuming in anger

Surkh wala soz wala faisz wala love
Hota hai jo love se zyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love
Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Yeh kya hua h kya khabar yahi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar yeh usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Sanky couldn’t take it more nd headed towards them
At that time rahul twirled her nd she landed in sanky’s arms
Now it was their turn to burn the stage

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tutti hai
Aakhe malke maine dekhi hai subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love

Zyake baadlo ke jaali ke peeche se
Kare chaandni yeh mujhko itleha
Leke nur sa mein jaano mera yahin pe hai chupa chupa hua

Ishq wala love
Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Yeh kya hua h kya khabar yahi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar yeh usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

They were lost in each others eyes without realizing song has ended
They came back to senses after hearing applause
They parted away

Suddenly the light goes off nd all can hear a familiar voice speaking
Spotlight is focused at that person
It was rahul with mike
Rahul- hey guys, u all will be wondering that what’s all happening…………..then let me tell I m here to propose my beloved one…….. do u all want to knwn who’s that girl??
All present there cheers for him but swasan had a fear in their heart as if they knwn who the girl could be
Rahul- so here she is (pointing his hand in a direction
A spotlight focuses on swara
Swasan were shocked their fear came true they looked at each other with teary eyes
Rahul came to swara nd kneeled down infront of her with a ring in his hand
Rahul- swara, I loved u from the very first day I saw u , I promise I will keep u happy forever , will u accept my proposal
Swara was not getting anything only tears were flowing down her eyes while everyone was telling her to accept
Rahul- pls say smthing
She did not utter a single word nd ran frm there making all shocked
Rahul become angry as she insulted him infront of everyone by rejecting him
Some students taunts on him worked as oil in fire to inc his anger
Rahul(in mind)- swara, u have to pay for this insult u have to be mine
He followed swara

Scene-5 ( at garden outside)
Swara was crying miserably thinking about recent incidents
She heared someone’s footsteps approaching her , she thought it to be sanky nd turned but to her shock it was rahul who was in full anger which can be seen in his eyes
She tried to escape but he held her arms tightly
Swara- rahul leave me it’s paining
Rahul- nd what abt the pain u gave me by insulting me
Swara- have u gone mad , I have not insulted u it’s just I don’t love u
Rahul- but I love u nd u have to be mine by hook or by crook
Saying this he forcefully tried to put ring on his finger
Suddenly someone punched him hard on his face
Sanskar- how dare u touch her
Sanky beat him brutally
Swara- sanky leave him pls or he will die
But he was not in a mood to listen
Hearing noises his frnds came there nd somehow stopped sanky
Rahul- u will pay for this sanskar I will not leave u easily
Sanky- dan’t u dare come near her again or what I wil do I myself don’t knwn
His frnds took him frm there
Swara( angry)- r u mad what if smthing wud have happen to u
Saying this she hugged him tight, he too responded
Sanskar- don’t worry I m fine
It was a long nd passionate hug which showed how much they need each other
Episode ends
Precap- swasan realizing their feelings for each other

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