I M with You- a swasan ss part 2


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Raglak meeting,swasan sing together nd swara selected in auditions
Scene-1 (at college parking)
Swara is waiting for ragini to come
Ragini(came running)-sorry …sorry..mujhe late ho gya aane mein (sorry I got late in coming)
Swara(angry)-mai kabse wait kar rahi hu ghar nhi jana kya??(I m waiting frm long where were u?)
Ragini-kuch kaam tha isliye(I had some work)
Swara-it’s ok ab chale ya yhi rehne ka irada hain (now shud we leave or u want to stay here)
Ragini-wo humme kuch kaam h library mein aur uske baad apni frnd ke bhi jaana h , toh tum ghar chali jao hum baad mein aa jayenge(I have some work in library nd then I have to go to my frnd’s house .so u go home I will come later)
Swara-lekin mai akele kaise jaungi (but how I will go alone)
Ragini(worried)-yeh toh humne socha hi nhi…ab kya kare(thinking) (I didn’t thought that now what shud we do)

Just then swara’s eyes fell on sanskar who was standing at a distance frm them nd looking at her .her heart wanted to talk to him but mind was not allowing
Sanskar had heard all their convo ,he thought to help her nd moved towards her
Swara watched him coming towards her ,…her heart started beating so fast that she could easily hear her heartbeat
Before sanskar could reach her ,he watched rahul going towards swarag ,he stopped there itself
Swara became sad seeing that
Rahul-hi swara, kya hua tum tension mein lag rhi ho..any problem?? (hi, u r seemed to be tensed any problem)
(he had heard their convo but pretended as he didn’t heard)
Swara said nthing nd was just sadly looking at sanskar
Rahul(jerked swara)-swara, r u listening??
Swara(come in senses)-ha..ha rahul
Rahul-maine kaha any problem (I said any problem)
Swara-nthing sab theek h(no everything is fine)
Rahul-don’t lie tumhara face toh kuch aur bata raha h….(looking at ragini) tum hi batao kya baat h may be I can help u (don’t lie ur face is telling that there is some prob ragini u only tell what happened)
Ragini told him their prob
Rahul-bass itni si baat don’t worry u continue ur work main swara ko drop kar dunga (just a small thing u continue ur work I will drop swara)
Ragini(gets happy)-really?? Thank u so much swara tum rahul ke saath challi jao (swara u go with rahul)
Swara(don’t want to go)-nhi nhi tumhe prob hogi I will manage (no u will face prob I will manage)
Rahul-apne frnd ki help karne mein prob kaisi, come I will drop u (what prob in helping a frnd)
Ragini insisted swara so she agreed
Ragini-ok swara ,mai baad mein milti hu bye(ok I will see u later)
Ragini left
Rahul-swara ,let’s go
Swara unwiningly noded in yes
Sanskar was quietly listening all this nd was fuming in anger ,he cud nt do anything
Rahul started his bike but…..oouupps…………………his bike didn’t started
Swara- kya hua rahul??(what happened)
Rahul(confused)-pata nhi bike start nhi ho rahi?? (don’t knw bike is not starting)
Swara(excitedly)- really……….(composed herself) I mean so sad koi baat nhi mein manage kar lungi (so sad but I will manage myself)

Rahul-nhi…nhi.ruko mai kuch karta hu (wait I will do smthing)
Swara(in mind)-ye chipku toh fevicol ki tarah chipak gaya h ,hey bhagwan kuch toh karo..
(oh god do smthing he is sticking to me like a fevicol)
Just then she heared a familiar voice nd get’s happy
She turned to see, it was sanskar
Sanskar-hiii sorry but who maine sab kuch sun liya toh if u don’t mind I will drop u… (I have listened to ur convo if u don’t mind I will drop u)
Swara(happily)- ha sureee…….
Rahul(interrupted)-nhi mai kuch manage kar lunga,tumhe prob hongi (no I will manage myself)
Sanskar- nhi yaar koi prob nhi hai I will drop her nd u look after ur bike pata nhi kaise kharab ho gyi (no I don’t have prob I will drop her nd u look after ur bike)
Swara-ha rahul,sankar will drop me
Sanskar felt happy as he was listening his name for first time frm such a sweet voice
Rahul looks on
Sanskar nd swara left on sanskar’s bike
Now it was the time for rahul to fume in anger
In anger he kicked his bike but poor guy he himself got hurted…..

Scene-2 (at library)
It was empty at that time
Ragini was in library . she was trying to reach a book kept in upper shelf but cud not.
Laksh was passing by the library and saw ragini. He goes towards her without being noticed by her.
He came back of her in a back hug way nd extended his hand to the book to get it. While getting the book his hand touch her hands.
She get scared nd turned nd found laksh so close to her. They had an passionate eye lock
But it get break due to some noise, they came in senses .
Ragini lowered her eyes in shyness but laksh was just smilingly looking at her .
Laksh(forwarding the book)-ur book
Ragini(taking the book)-thanks
Laksh-tum itni late yaha pe kya kar rhi ho?? (what r u doing here that to so late)
Ragini-vo.vo humme kuch books chahiye thi (I needed some books)
Laksh-toh u got it
Ragini-ha baas ek last book reh gayi h but mill nhi rhi(just one book is left I m not getting it)
Laksh-toh chalo I will help u

They both were searching for the book when ragini’s eyes fell on the book
Ragini-laksh.dekhiye vo rhi book(pointing with hand) (laksh see there it is)
Laksh (followed the direction of her hand)-yeh toh bahut upar h, how we will get it (it’s at very high place how we will get it)
Ragini-who dekhiye stair , aap usspe chaad jaaiye (their r stairs , u climb on that)
Laksh(scared )-tum pagal ho gyi mai gir gaya toh (said in childish way) nhi..nhi main hi chaadunga (r u mad I wil fall down no I will not climb it)
Ragini laughed looking at her childishness
Laksh(angry)-tum has kyu rahi ho?? (why r u laughing)
Ragini(laughing)-laksh, aapni shakkal dekhiye kaise baccho ki terah darr rahe h (look at ur face u r fearing like a kid)
Laksh(fumbles)-nhi mai darta warta nhi hu………wo toh bas aaise hi. (I m not scared it’s just like that).
Ragini-accha agar darrte nhi h toh phir chaadiye stairs pe (if u r not scared then climb those stairs)
Laksh-tum challenge kar rhi ho (r u challenging me)
Ragini-hmm….challenge hi samajh lijiye (take it as a challenge)
Laksh-theek hai ab dikhata hu tumhe(ok now I will show u)
He got the stairs nd climbed it
Laksh-ragini, dekho acche se pakadna varna mai gir jaaunga (pls hold it properly else I will fall)
Ragini(laughing)-aap phir darr rahe h (u r scared again)
Laksh-mai darr nhi raha .vo toh.agar mai gir gaya aur mere iss handsome se face pe lag gyi toh koi lakdi meri taraf dekhi ki bhi nahi (I m not scared the thing is if I will fall nd get hurt on my handsome face then no girl will look at me)
Ragini(lol)- aap aur handsome apne dreamworld se bahar aa jaiye Mr. (u nd handsome come out of ur dreamworld Mr.)
Laksh-accha kabhi apni shakal dekhi hai aaiyne(mirror) mein bikul baandariya lagti ho (have u ever looked at ur face u look like monkey)
Ragini(angry)-accha ji ye baat h toh theek h lijiye (ok this is the thing so see what I will do)
Saying this she left the stairs nd laksh looses his balance nd fall down on ragini with ragini below him
They again had an eyelock

Bg music plays
Tere naina
Laksh was not in senses his eyes fell on her lips nd leaned towards them
Laksh was abt to kiss her but then he realized wht was he doing nd immediately got up
They composed themselves , an awkward moment was created nd they were not able to look at each other.
Ragini left frm there without saying anything
Laksh kept smiling thinking abt recent moments
Swasan were driving to swara’s home . sanskar was looking at swara through mirror, she was looking so beautifull ,her face was shinning brightly in sunlight , her hairs were flying in air , he could not just take off his eyes from her
Swara noticed him looking at her through mirror , she gets shy nd lowered her eyes ,
Sanky smiles looking at her shy face.
suddenly a speed braker comes nd they looses their balance ,they fall down ,they falled on grassy area but still they got hurt
they got up
sanskar(worried looking at her wound)-swara I m really sorry…..mai pata nhi kaise maine dekha nhi…sorry (I m sorry I don’t know how I didn’t notice the speed braker)
swara- arrey I m fine jyada nhi laggi h ,it’s just a minor scratch. (I m fine ,I m not hurt much)
swara then notices sanskar’s hand bleeding
swara(tensed)-sanskar (holding his hand)khudko itni chott laggi h aur tum mujhe keh rahe ho (u urself got hurt this much nd caring fr me)
she took her handkerchief nd tied around his hand
sanskar-Aaawww…..swara aaram se (swara slowly)
swara(with teary eyes)- I m sorry
sanskar looked lovingly at her care while she started scolding him
swara-tum dekh kar nhi chala sakte , itni lag gyi h tumhe (can’t u see nd drive , u r so much hurt)
she just kept scolding him nd he was looking at her
swara-ab chup kyun ho,kuch bologe,dhyan kaha tha tumhara? (now y r u quiet , where was ur attention)
Sanskar-tumpe…. (on u)
Swara looked at him with teary eyes, they both

had an eyelock
Sanskar(breaked it)-we shud leave now
Swara nooded in yes
Sanskar was about to start his bike but swara stopped him
Sanskar looked at her questiongly
Swara-r u mad,tum iss halat mein bike chalaoge (u r not in condition to drive)
Sanskar(jokingly)-toh kyat um chalaogi?? (so now will u drive)
Swara(angrily)-it’s not funny , bike yahi park karo aur hum auto se jaayenge (park ur bike here nd we wud hire an auto)
Sanskar-but I m fine ,I can drive
Swara-I knw how much u r fine,jaise maine kaha vaise karo no argument (just do as I say )
Swara(interrupted)-no butss….
Sanskar-ok fine
They leave after hiring an auto

Scene-4 (outside swara’s house)
They reached home
Swara-sanskar, please ispe dressing kar lena(pointing towards his hand) (do dressing on ur wound)
Sanskar(smiles)-yes u don’t worry aur tum bhi (nd u too)
Swara(smiles)-ok , bye
She turned to leave but he again called her

Sanskar-wo..wo…ha kal tum college aogi na (will u come to college tmrrw)
She agains turns to leave but he again calls her
(he doesn’t want her to leave)
Swara-kya hua..(what happen)
Sanskar-tumhe pata hai na kal practice start ho rahi hai (u knw na we have to start our practice tmrrw)
Swara-ha mujhe yaad hai mai time pe pahuch jaaungi ok (yes I remember I will be there at time)
Sanskar-ok bye
She starts leaving but he again calls her
Swara(frustrated)-now what
Sanskar-tumhe time toh pata hai na practice ka (u knwn the time for practice)
Swara(irritated)-yes I knwn at 10 am at music room ……….. now anything else
Sanskar- nothing
Swara-toh mai jau (shud I leave)
Swara turns again but he again call her,this time she is really irritated nd shouts on him
Swara(angrily)- ab kya hua , tumhe jo bolna hai ek baar me nhi bool sakte kya?? (now what.. can’t u tell me all thing at once)
Sanskar(became sad nd makes a cute face)-kuch nhi baas bye bool raha tha (nthing I was just saying bye)
Swara (laughed looking at her face)-tum pagal ho (u r mad)
Sanky also laughed
They were interrupted by autodriver
AD- sahab aap logo ka ho gya ho toh chale (if u r done shall we leave)
Sanskar- ha ha chal raha hu (to swara)-so finally bye (yes coming)
She left , he looked at her until she got off her sight
Sanskar left from there
Scene-5 (next day at college)
Laksh entered the college. He noticed someone standing near college gate. He was hell shocked to see the person, he can’t believe his eyes he went towards that person
Laksh-sanskar tu yaha (sanskar u here)
Sanskar-hi laksh
Laksh- mai sapna toh nhi dekh raha, tu itni jaldi college aagaya, ek min mujhe pinch kar (am I dreaming, u came to college so early , just a min pinch me)
Sanskar pinched him hard
Laksh-awww…… tu sach mein yaha hai matlab mai sapna nhi dekh raha (u r here in reality I m not dreaming)
Sanskar-ha mere baap mai sach mein yaha hu (yes I m really here)
Laksh(keeping his hand on sanky’s forehead)- teri tabiyat toh theek hai na , tu aaj mujhse bhi pehle college aagaya (r u ill, u came before me)
Sanskar(pretending to be angry)-tu itna overreact kyu kar raha h vo toh bas aaise hi aa gaya (why r u overreacting I just came like that)

Laksh-arrey mai toh isliye puch raha tha kyuki aaj tak tu kabhi time pen hi aaya, accha chal chod tu yaha kya kar raha h ….kisika ka wait kar raha hai kya?? (I was just asking bcoz u never came so early to college ok leave that what r u doing here waiting fr someone??)
Sanskar(fumbles)-w..wait ..m..mai kiska wait karunga (why wud I wait fr someone)
Just then swaragini enters
Sanskar was lost in swara’s beauty, swara did not notice him nd left fr class,
Sanky gets sad
Laksh-ab chale class shuru hoti hogi (let’s go fr our class)
They leave fr their class
Swan raglak at canteen, freshers party at college

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