I M Scared…..OS…KKB

Pragya: It’s been 1 year and they are still waiting for my answer! They are reliable right? Oh God i m saying reliable if they are home appliances! I have never said No! Because i m scared of their reaction ,i have always heard a girl said no to boy and then she became acid victim! It’s not that but this Society has made me think like that, Okay he loves me but what if after marrige his love for me ends? Okay okay love has no ending! But still i m scared of getting married! Since childhood i always had hatred towards boys but today i m 30+ and this society, the feelings of Society ,these are forcing me to give answer and i m scared of sacrificing my whole life! Giving my whole life to another family is something i m scared of, what if my in laws torture me! Oh God that’s seriously foolish thing i m thinking of!


P: Oh yes bulbul!

Bulbul: What yes? Where are you lost? See na there is a knock at our room door please open it, i m engaged with my office work!

Pragya gets up from couch, she is about to open door but she listens something:

It’s okay aunty! You do not need to be sorry! I understand ,she is scared and that’s why i have came here! Don’t worry, i will talk with her!

Pragya understood abhi is outside so she signed bulbul to open door! Bulbul nodded no, but as pragya was continuously saying her please so bulbul unwantedly had to open door whereas pragya asked her to make any excuse as if she isn’t here and then she hid behind the door! As bulbul opend door, she said Jiju

Abhi: I know your excuse would be that pragya is in washroom!

Listening to this pragya closed her eyes in disbelief!

I was here to give this ring back! Actually Dadi asked me to get married soon so she chose Tanu but as your pragya di is really scared of taking decision then i have no option but to marry Tanu!

Pragya was stunned listening to this!

Bulbul: But jiju

I m getting late bulbul, here you go with the ring! I need to go! Saying this abhi left!
Bulbul forcefully closed the door and said now what makes you scared di? This is seriously enough yaar! Now you know what to do hell with your excuses of getting scared! Why don’t you understand society doesn’t makes us! We make societies! Please remove these thoughts!
Pragya really felt bad, she went near window as from there she could easily look at abhi, abhi again and again at some points was turning back in hope to see pragya but to his expectations as usual pragya wasn’t there! Pragya really felt bad!
you aren’t doing right pragya! Please overcome your fear! Your fear has nothing to do with your life with abhi! It’s final take a step! With these thoughts pragya started running downstairs towards car porch as abhi was there! Bulbul saw it and she shared a hi fi with her mom!

It was last time abhi turned back and again to his expectation pragya wasn’t there but soon he sensed that someone had pointed a gun at his head from back!

Pragya: Hands up! Mister Abhi, you are arrested!

Abhi smiled at this and turned back!

He was shocked to see that pragya had real gun!
He said pragya put it down, it’s real!
I know abhi it’s real!

I m scared pragya, what if you fire at me?

Prg: Oh so you think like i will fire at you haan? Wait i will throw this gun! And will do something else!

Pragya placed the gun at ground, and she slapped abhi (not so hard)…

Abhi: what’s this? Why you slapped me!

Pragya again took gun and pointed it at abhi’s head! She was stepping forward, abhi was stepping backward!

Abhi: see pragya, i m just 1 piece what are u doing?

Pragya: 1 piece aan? You…. You are so bad, how you thought that you will marry that ghost?

Abhi: Ghost?…. Oh what? You are talking about Tanu?

Prg: Exactly Mister Abhi! You waited for 1 year? But you couldn’t wait for some time more! Yeah yeah, i know you never loved me, Dadi chose tanu? Seriously Abhi? I hate you for this, how you thought to marry tanu! I hate you, i hate you, i hate you!

Abhi started laughing , pragya really got frustrated! And so she turned back

Abhi came near her and said You were scared right?

Prg: yeah i was scared! But i m no more scared! Got that?

Abhi: okay okay gangster , i got that!

Pragya smiled at this, she went over her knees!

Abhi: why? Don’t tell me that you are gonna propose me!

Prg: something like that!

Abhi: see pragya, i should propose you in that way, as that’s how boy proposes girl not the girl proposes boy!

Pragya started at him!

He said okay okay continue!

I won’t say i love you or what! I would say I m no more SCARED! I TRUST you! Saying this pragya got up!

Abhi hugged pragya tightly and said if you would have taken some more time na i would have married Tanu and would have lived happily after!

At this pragya broke hug and said I won’t leave you, wait today i will use this gun!

Abhi started running and shouted Okay but first of all catch me! Pragya started running after him and said Wait…. At a point she got tired and looked up and winked at sky! She said THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD! ……


Guys Overcome your fear, never let your fear overcome you! And This defines you!

Sorry if it wasted your time! Just thought this story previous day so thought to try this!

Stay blessed! ?


  1. Riyashri

    |Registered Member

    Wow!! This was really something Unexpected !!! As soon as I read the Title …….I was sure that this would hav been written by My CrazBle …..
    I was very seriously reading each and every line………….and suddenly when Pragya said hands up Mr.Abhi ….I bursted into laughter and I am still laughing……….
    U r such a Cute Writer………The way u express Every thing expresses U…..
    “Hilariously Hilarious” !!! Lots to go Cute Writer !!Keep Writing…….
    Thanq sooooo much for such A Cute OS !! Stay Blessed Forever CrazBle !!!
    Love u CC !! (Cutie CrazBle)

    • Riyashri

      |Registered Member

      And what did u tell at last …..”Sorry if it wasted your time “………This was the “Joke Of The Day ” !!! Please do read the before line ……
      “Overcome your fear, Never let your fear overcome U !!! This defines U ….”
      So hope u won’t fear that ppl will waste their time reading this update….even in your further writings…….and won’t repeat that line again……
      My CC is such a Lovely Kid !!
      That’s really soooooooooooo sweet of u !!

  2. Maahi

    |Registered Member

    dr ur awesomely awesome …..really great thought hatsofff to uuuu dr ur the best! !! haha prags pointing gun was hilarious nd dr wat u said tht u wasted our time haa u knw wat reading ur writings would b a pleasure fr time itself soo nvr tell tht again its SPLENDIDLY SPLENDID SS!!! UR crazyyyyyy just loved it a lotttttttty haha ghost I am scared of it as it is scaring us frm 14 months of pregnancy!!!! lol but ur amazing to the core dr keep rocking SS


    |Registered Member

    fear ki bachhi kya to likhti hai re tu majedaar dhamakedaar dhuandaar ekdum zabardast dekh English me words nahi mile aj Hindi me utha layi mai aur Haan gun wala scene to ?????? aur pragya ka fear not a matter of laugh Wakai aisa hota hai aur Bohot zyada hota hai mast episode and as I have already declared u r above expectations now saying it again aj gana gaun kya gaa hi deti hoon Ruk
    ladki badi anjaani hai
    sapna hai such hai kahani hai…
    dekho ye pagli bilkul na badli ye to wahi deewani hai…..
    ek aur
    dil kaisa be peer hai …
    kehta hai taqdeer hai
    mai kehti hoon chhod de
    kehta hai zanzeer hai…..

  4. Pavi

    Superb message my dr frnd n somu my fb id pavithra aathis prof pic is of tamil actor vijay holding a guitar

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Somu…..Somu…..Somu……..”Sorry if it is Wasted your Time!”Seriously??? Do u think that so??? Arey Meri Dost, Subah Subah thune itna Badawaalaaaaa Advice Jo diya hei……….You Made My Day………..Aisi hi likhthi Rahna…………I loved it trulyyyyyyyy…………….”GUYS OVERCOME YOUR FEAR…… NEVER LET UR FEAR OVERCOME YOU!” Arey Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Kya Dialogue dha……………Its Simply AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE…………

  6. Maya

    |Registered Member

    Wow superb message! No words to say how superb it was! Yes everybody needs to overcome their fears no matter how fearful they are?? Its such a wonderful msg!?? and for that ??????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Shiya

    |Registered Member

    Somiya whenever i read ur ff i get a big smile on my face …
    Whata grt flow of thoughts..???
    Ur really a superb writer…
    N all ur os or ff gives some message or other thats all really grt…
    Just loved it…??????????????

  8. Pavi

    Hey somu just at afternoon i changed my prof name n pic girl n now my prof name is pavithra pavi n pic is of tam actor vijay holdng a gun placd on his head

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