I m not alone ( part 2)


i frnds…

Sry dears…I ill try to get intresting track…

The story starts wit..

4 days passed…

Raghu call’ed me to his home to dicuss abt swathi case..I entered his home and greet his parents..

Me: gud morning aunty and uncle..(they asked me to stay wit them after my parents death but I developed my own family in NGO…even today they I’ll call me to chk on me wether I m alright…raghu s my only frnd I share wit after my incident..he always stand by me…he s morethan a frnd..I knw tat but i hav no courage to speak abt tat..)
I entered raghu’s room by knocking door..there s no response so I entered into the room which is full of case files..newspaper cuttings etc..
I came near the side table where raghu’s photo s kept which is in nice glass frame..I touched the photo and it slightly moved there s something in back of his pic I pulled out raghu’s pic to my shock there s my pic behind his pic..I got wet in my eye..suddenly raghu enters room frm bathroom wearing only towel around his waist and shocked to see me in hid room and tat too wit tat photo frame..
I didn’t ask him the reason for my photo I just left the room and came to hall where uncle is sitting in sofa..I sat near him in another sofa. …
After sometime raghu came fully dressed and smiles at me..I don’t knw how to react wit him so I just kept mum..
V started dicuss abt swathi case and rajmohan enemies..I got information frm raghu tat rajmohan’s driver was not found after tat incident..
Sometimes later wen I abt to leave raghu’s house I got call frm ashwin tat swathi s out of coma but not out of shock..and ashwin said swathi lost her memory due to head injury..I stared at raghu who asked me wat happened..
I and raghu enters city hosp to see swathi where ashwin s already waiting for us and don’t knw wat to Say to swathi..
I said to ashwin tat I I’ll take care of swathi and i ill take her to NGO for a change…he asked back wat to say abt her family and incident..I stared at ashwin for a minute and said..V cannot change past she lost her memory now I don’t want swathi to remember the worst incident and i left tat place without waiting for ashwin reply..
I entered the hosp room where swathi s kept..I introduced myself and raghu as frnds. .
10 days passed..
I spend most of time wit swathi.. whenever she asked abt her parents and accident I avoided the question somehow..she got discharged nxt day..
I said to her tat I I’ll pick her up nxt day and left to meet ashwin to ask case proceedings and abt criminals in crime..
He asked me to meet in his home because he took leave on tat day because of some function in home.. I entered his home which is normal house wit 5 r 6 room..I entered the hall were a tall man wit age 80 yrs old sitting in the sofa…I greeted him and bends and touch his feet..he said b happy..on seeing him itself v can say he s retired miltary officer..he shouts inside the kitchen were ashwin’s mom(shanta) s working..she came out and smiles seeing me..I also greets her and bends and touched her feet..
I I’ll get blessings whenever I m missing my parents and on seeing my parents aged persons..
she goes to call ashwin and after sometime he comes out..V discussed abt case for sometime…and wen i abt to leave his house he stopped me wit his question..

Ashwin: swara did u said abt happenings to swathi r not..
Me: i didn’t say her..
Ashwin: wat??but yu didn’t say her?
Me: i didn’t want to ashwin… if she want she can know abt the incident on her own..but u won’t say her..
Ashwin: r u mad?it’s important to her knw abt the incident…she want to do her parents last rite..I cannot keep their body for long time In hosp..
Me: sometimes something’s are easy to say but difficult to manage in suituation..
Ashwin: gets angry and shouts..I m gng to say to swathi she s the main high witness I want her to recall everything and say wat happened.. tis case important to me..he holds her shoulder tightly and shakes..
Me: shut up ashwin..jerks his hand away and shouts crying.do I knw the pain of the family dieying in front of ur eyes..dou knw the pain of the rape.. atleast do u the pain each woman go through at tat suituation..I knw all.. because I m also the victim of the same suituation 4 yrs ago..by saying tis I left his home..I don’t knw y u said tis to him which I didn’t share it r recall it after tat incident..
I reached NGO and got into room and i locked the room and cried loudly to myself..after 2hrs I got knock in room saying someone hav came to see me..
I opened my room and i was shocked to see ashwin there wit red eye..

court proceedings and criminals got caught in swathi case..

Hi frnds..
Pls leave ur comments if u don’t like my ff..hav a grt day…

Credit to: Shikka

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