I m not alone ( part 1)

Hi frnds…

Tis s my first ff..my story is based on a girls point of view.the story I’ll b based on domestic violence, rape,murder and some of the challenges of women which is non humanity..

The story starts wit a big building wit a 2 floor and no of rooms for accomdance of women’s who affected by diffrent circumstances…

I (swara) m collecting information of saraswathi constructions and writing down their enemy names..
Someone attacked saraswathi constructions MD rajmohan and family and left them for die..and they also gangraped his only daughter swathi..swathi s the only person in rajmohan family who s alive and in coma. ..this incident takes place 2 days ago..

I hav decided to visit swathi once to knw her detail and her health condition..just then someone enters wit a cup of cofee. ..I smiled broadly at her…she s janaki maa who s like my mom after parents death..I thanked her for coffee and bend to touch her feet she stopped me and said be happy.. she asked wat s the nxt case..I informed her abt swathi’s family and her present condition…
She gets tears in her eyes and says take her here wen she gets well..

I smiled and nods to janaki maa and came out of my room..I hav built this NGO after my parents death.. I hav been in same suituation 4 years back as swathi..my family got destroyed due to my dad’s partner..now he s serving in jail.. I wish swathi also gets justice for her condition..

I came down to have bf..all r waiting for me…now my family hav 150 members..all sat down for bf and i left NGO to meet swathi..

I entered the city hosp were swathi admitted..I enquired abt her condition..for now her condition is getting steady and may b she I’ll wake frm coma within 3 r 4 days…I entered the ICU room were swathi s lying down in bed like a doll without any movements..my eyes got wet on seeing her condition I left the room were I striked into ashwin (male lead )..

Ashwin: oooouuuch sry…
Me: it’s k..wen i tried to go he held my hand..
Ashwin: who r u?? R u related to her?? Ur name??
Me: excuse me…who r u to ask me??
Ashwin: i m ashwin…i m DCP of police..i m handling swathi case..now tell abt u..
Me: ohh sry sir..I m swara..I m cmg frm SRI NGO.. I came to visit her..
Ashwin: oh SRI NGO..k…u r too young but u r managing big NGO..nice to meet u swara. ..anything u knw abt swathi..
Me: no sir not yet..I m leaving..see u later..inform me wen she gets consious….
Ashwin stares at swara wen she left..

I started my scooty to meet raghu who s a detective..v met in cofee shop and discussed abt swathi case..raghu s my school frnd and will help me in all cases to solve to put criminals behind bars. ..yes i took responsibility of all members in my NGO to get justice for them..I never back off frm tat.. and now I m trying to get justice for swathi…
I reached back to NGO to take lunch and reaches factory where all NGO women r working. ..

Swathi’s recovery..ashwin’s family introduction..

Hi frnds..
Pls leave ur comment if u don’t like…I ill end each story (like swathi) within 2 r 3 episodes…and i I’ll start New..
sry if I got u bored…hav s grt day..

Credit to: Shikka

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  1. nice try.Good one.

  2. nice start

  3. shikka…..100 on 10 from me….please carry on…

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