I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 9)

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Marriage day
From morning twinkle’s face is dull, she is not able to decide what she should do….? Wether she shud tell family about kunj… or not? She is blank….. and sitting in her room just then bitoo and shruti enters her room… coming towards her as she is sitting on the bed hugging tuffy….
S: twinkle…. Omg! Uh r still not ready… u r so punctual I thot uh will manage all the things,… but uh r sitting here like this…. (just then bitoo signals her to stop her bak-bak and she stops and looks at him wereas twinkle is still in her own thoghts)
B: (keeps his hand on twinkle’s head) twinkle uh ok na? (twinkle comes back to senses and hugs him and starts crying…..)
T: bitoo bhai…. Can I call uh bhai? (still hugging and crying)
B: (thinks…I always wanted that my princess) ya sure, now ans ur bhai that y my princess is crying? Who is that idiot to make u cry? (slowly composing her from hugging and looks in her eyes which are totally swelled…..)
S: (comes towards her and gives a hug) did uh cried whole night? Now dnt try to tell lie as ur eyes has only complained us…. (she cups twinkle’s face) r uh happy wid this marriage? Wud uh like to stop it? (twinkle is still numb and not replying anything but just listening them….)
B: (angry) has kunj did sumthing to uh? Just tell me twinkle…..
T: (in a low tone) no bhai… kunj has nothing to do with my crying… and I want this marriage…
B: seriously twinkle, if he is not the reason of ur tears then tell me y were uh crying?
S: ya tell us twinkle
T: ummmm…. I was just crying bcoz today is my marriage and I hav to leave my family, sarna family, all my friends and relatives and have to fly-off to New-york with kunj…. I will b missing them very much….. (again starts crying as she is telling lies and the reason is sumthing else but she doesn’t want to tell as its all about kunj character and she cant let anyone think that kunj is not good in character, she decides to change the way he was before with her uttermost love, care and tender)
B: (wipes her tears) uh call me ur bhai na… then trust ur bhai, I will never make uh feel alone in New-york… I and kunj are neighbours over der, so no doubt I will b like a shadow to protect…. Don’t cry ….(kisses her forehead and shruti pampers twinkle’s back in confirmation)
T: hmm… I wont cry now as I have extended my family, including uh both in it…. Haina shruti bhabhi(gives a smile and winks at bitoo)
S: (surprised and blushing from within) ha…. Chaleiye madam, v are getting late comeon…..
They both leave to get ready and bitoo leaves to see other arrangements…..
Bitoo comes to checkon kunj… is he ready or not…. But he finds him sleeping and gets angry…. he pours a glass of water on his face… becouse of which kunj getsup and shouts…
K: (yells) wat the hell is wrng with uh bro? ( gets up from the bed and tries to dry himself with the towel wereas bitoo is still looking at him rolling his eyes) now don’t giv such expressions…. I know I m late and I will b ready in time…. Ask ur twinkle, is she ready for the marriage or not…? (expecting that she wud hav cancelled the marriage uptill now)
B: (still rolling his eyes and speaks as he is not interested) shruti is getting her down in 1 hr…. b ready and comedown soon… (procceds to lev)
K: (shocked) are uh sure she is cuming?
B: (frustrated) do she hav any other option kunj….. rather then having a casanova husband like uh….. (turns to face him) who must hav taken sleeping pills last night as I didn’t allowed her to make-out with that b*t*h….
K: bro plz take it easy….. ok y uh always b angry on me for the girl uh hardly know (trying to cool him down)
B: I m just bearing uh for shruti and twinkle oderwise…. I wud hav just stopped this marriage…. (leaves and kunj is blooged that y twinkle didn’t cancelled the marriage? Then thinks that must because of her love towards me….)
K: feeling pity on uh twinkle….. tu…tu..tu…. Uh hav no idea wat mistake uh hav done… now uh will b in my prison till my last breathe and v will leave for New-york tomorrow early morning…..(smirks)
Marriage ceremony
The grand wedding of three couples at the same time? Wat? how can it happen? How it can b managed? Decorations, cateres, dj’s and specially the brides and bridegrooms? …. People were very much excited how can 3 weddings can takes place and were curious for the same that how can it b managed and balanced properly….. but the best wedding planners are here so y to fear… bitoo and shruti took uttermost care of eachone’s preferences and did the necessry arrangements….. the hall was looking damn beautiful and the mandaps were just like the cherry on the cake……
Kunj, luv and khush are sitting on their places in their respective mandaps…. Kunj is wearing a creamish sherwani with red embroidery….. luv is wearing red sherwani with blue embroidery and khush is wearing blue sherwani with golden embridery….. all the 3 are looking hot and dashing…..
Just then the first bride MAHI comes with some of the girls…. She is wearing red ghagra-choli with matching jewellery and looking damned cute and beautiful……. Girls makes her sit beside LUV…..
Now its time for AMAYA…. She comes with some of the girls….. She is wearing blue ghagra-choli with matching jewellery and looking damned cute and beautiful……. Girls makes her sit beside KHUSH….
All are waiting for her to come but there is no response….. bitoo calls shruti to look at her….. shruti goes to see her….. girls were standing outside her room and the door was closed…. Shruti ask the girls to go down and knocks the door….. thak…. Thak…..
S: twinkle…..(calling her) twinkle its me shruti…. Open the door…. (hell worried) (talks to herself)I need to call bitoo…. I m hell worried for her….. wat if she……
Just then the door opens and shruti looks at her…. she is wearing cream ghagra-choli and red jewellery….. and looking just like an apsara…..
S: omg twinkle uh just scared me yaar….. lev dat(she puts kajal on the back of her ear) uh r just looking like a princess…. Come down every1 are waiting for uh…. (she holds her and brings her down) as she comes down bitoo takes a breath of relief that she is fine…..
T: (comes and hugs bitoo, every1 is surprised… kunj is shocked with her reaction and stands up from the mandap….) bhai plz be with me always… I need uh bhai… (hugs him tightly… shruti comes and composes her)
B: (cups her face) I will b always behind uh as ur shadow… trust me….
T: I trust uh…..
Shruti and bitoo takes her to the mandap and makes her sit kunj also takes his place…. Panditji starts with the mantras… and all the three wedding began and soon they made eachother wear warmala’s then the pheras were taken…. The sindoor was applied and finally the magalsutra was worn by the beautifull brides…. Panditji’s declared the marriages are completed… and the 3 brides and bridegrooms can take the blessings of their elders…. Every1 head towards elders…. And takes blessings one by one…. the bidai takes place and MAHI AND LUV, AMAYA AND KHUSH, and malhotra family heads towards the malhotra mansion…. Kunj and twinkle along with sarna family heads towards sarna mansion…

Bitoo and shruti decides to stay back with leela and rt as they will miss both their princesses mahi and twinkle…..
On the way to sarna mansion (in car)
Kunj and twinkle are sitting on backseats while anand is seating along with
Twinkle is sitting ideal, but lots of things are going in her mind… y has he changed? Is he really changed or just pretending? Will I b able to win back his trust again? do he love me? or like he said yesterday….. he hates me? Oh god! In wat mess I m? plz guide me…. And still continues….. just then kunj keeps his hand on twinkle’s lap and eyes her evily…. Twinkle jerks of his hand in full tashan… to which kunj takes his hand make making a fist and faces window with a angry look… twinkle is shooked away that wat she will do in the room, wen twinkle will b left alone that with a hungry animal like kunj……. Just to give the pause to her thought or must say to frighten her more…. Driver stops the car and twinkle looks out and finds they have arrived to sarna mansion…..


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