I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 8)


Hello lovely ppl…. I hope uh guys liking the track so far… and just confirming it… that if uh guys want I can do some necessary changes…. and tysm to all my readers… just bcoz of uh guys I felt bad that I skip a day without posting the episode….. and looking at ur impatience I remember how I used to b impatient wen uh writers used to take time in uploading ur ff…. and also the silent readers who comment me and surprise me tysm to uh all also… I was also a silent reader till now so I understand uh guys… enough of this thankyou sessions…. Now begin…
Sangeet ceremony
Everyone is sitting and enjoying the melody songs of old ladies and girls dancing on it in a typical way…. Just then the brides come and sit on their respective places with their patner….. just then bitoo announces the function to start….. and

Bitoo and shruti dances on awwaiyee awwaiyee luttt gaya…. From Band baaja baarat….

Every1 claps……. Then some of the boys cousins of the malhotra brothers dances on
Saj-dhaj ke tashan mein rehna from Mausam

Every1 claps……. Then amaya’s and mahi’s friends dance on
chalka chalka re talsi ka paani from Saathiya
Every1 claps…….

Bitoo announces the couples to dance now… all the three couples comes on the stage and starts dancing…. Kunj and twinkle looks at eachother… slowly kunj keeps his hand on her waist and twinkle keeps her hand on kunj’s shoulder… now both began to dance and join the other couples… twinj have intense eyelock…. Still dancing..

Twinkle’s pov
I don’t know y but kunj’s silence is hurting me… from the day he came we didn’t had a talk with eachother… I wanna share so many things with him.. wanna ask so many questions… but he is just numb all the while… even at yesterday night I cudnt meet him… no wonder I will talk to him tonight after the bachelors party as I know he will return soon… as he doesn’t like going to pubs and all… (smiles within)

Kunj and twinkle along with their frnds group entering the pub…. Twinkle dragging kunj from arms…
T: kunj yaar plz come na… I really wanna go in and just bcoz of uh v are also late….
K: like seriously uh wanna go in? in such place?
T: ya I wanna go and uh have to join me too…
(both enters the pub there is loud music played… ppl dancing like mad creatures… while some havig drinks,some are smoking… some couples are kissing and much more…. twinkle looks around the crowd and has a big smile wereas kunj is just having a disgusted look)
K: twinkle look at the crowd, look the way they having drinks, and smoking… omg just look over there… that jerk is almost gonna eat that girl… at such place uh r thinking of enjoying…. Like really…
T: kunj I m not at all in a mood of having ur lecture…. Come lets have fun….
K: fun dat to over here…. Its impossible… I cant tolerate this, I m leaving
T: wat uh will leave me…
K: wat makes uh think so? Uh r coming with me aswell… (drags her and comes out)
T: kunj wait.. look wat will our friends think? They invited us and v backing off its not at all sounding good come lets go and join them…
K: but twinkle out of many beautiful places y only they choose this idiotic place to enjoy? I mean like it makes no sense to b here…
(just then a young lady gets out of the pub fully drunk and comes near kunj)
Lady: (comes between twinj and hugs kunj, while twinj are just shocked) oh my god wat a physic uh have… (rubs his back while kunj feels uncomfortable and jerks her away and hides behind twinkle) I just love uh…. Plz come with me tonight…. I promise uh will have fun….
K: (hidding behing her and wispering in her ears) bachale twinkle muje ye ladki se varna meri izzat lut legi aaj…(save me twinkle oderwise this lady will rape me) (twinkle controlling her laughter.. composes him and makes him come out hidding )
L: wat r uh wispering in her ears talk to me na (in a drunk style and about to fall… she takes the lady a lil away from kunj )
T: wat is ur name?
L: jasssi
T: oh nice name…. uh know jassi , he was telling me that only ….. he also loves uh so much….
(to the lady) uh wanna have him na take…… take him… (kunj widens his eyes)
L: tysm
K: (shocked and afraid) wat r uh telling ha? No ways … hav uh lost it twinkle uh r selling ur own best friend….. (dramatically) how can uh do this to me? nahiii…..
T: just stup up kunj….. (to the lady) come with me… I will drop uh till ur car… he is coming haina kunj (winks at him)
K: ya sure…. (lil afraid)
Twinkle takes the lady to her car and informs the driver to take her home safely… and comes back laughing her heart out…. Holding her tummy…. And kunj frowns….
Twinkle comes infront of kunj sensually and keeps her hands on his neck…
T: come kunj…. lets go in, uh will surely have fun tonight…. (immitates the drunk jassi and both starts laughing badly)
Flashback ends––––––––––

Now bitoo starts dancing on saajan ji ghar aaye from kuch kuch hota hai were as both usha and leela joins him in the song and have a emotional scene with their daughters……
Sangeet ceremony ends……….
At night – bachelors party….
Boys have arranged their bachelors party at pub wereas girls are having their bachelors party at the disco…..
At the pub….
There are only cool boys and enjoying the party with drinks…. Bitoo keeps an eye on kunj that he don’t drink much…. Were as luv and khush are having fun with their friends…. To every1’s surprise the song starts “tu issaq mera…. From hate story 3” and everone be’s stunt to see a dancer dancing and entertaining them…… every1 hesitates but kunj cant resist from letting her prey go…. Ya the dancer was a prey for him and he starts dancing sensually with her…. slowly everyone joins the dancefloor… after sumtime were everyone is busy enjoying the party and having fun, kunj sneaks with the dancer to one of the hotel room….. he grabs her by waist and the girl is also ok with it…. Just they are going to makeout wen……
Dhaaaam….. the room door opens and bitooo shouts angrily on the girl, “get out uh b*t*h” the girl comes out of kunj grip and frown and leaves…. Kunj comes shouting at bitoo, “wat the hell is wrong with uh bro? how can uh just treat her like dat, she was my guest…..” bitoo angryily replies, “do uh have any shame? Uh r worried about her… dat unknown stranger…. Who just sells her own dignity for money….. and wat about that girl who is going to leave her family just for uh?….dont uh feel for her? answer me dammit?” kunj stays quite and frowns… he pics up his shirt from the bed and starts wearing it….. bitoo again starts…. “uh only say always that wat uh give comes along den just keep one thing in mind if in any manner uh cheat on twinkle, don’t forget uh urself is a brother of two sweet angels….. just think about it wat if luv and khush cheat upon on ur sisters….. just think about it….” Saying he leaves…..
Bitoo’s pov : I know kunj uh love ur sisters very much and apart from that uh r a emotional fool, who gets carried away very easily…. I can feel the scare uh r feeling for ur sisters… this will resist uh from getting close to any other b*t*hes hencefourth….. twinkle I may not b ur real bro but… I find a sister in uh, uh r just like an angel to me, I will b at ur side forever…… and definetly change this devil and bring back ur old kunj that is a brothers promise……
Kunj’s pov :
Ya bitoo is right, now I m going to marry and I have to change a lil bit not for that b*t*h twinkle but for my beloved sisters and also for both my maa’s…. and anyways I hav to control myself just for tonight, from tomorrow I will b having my official and permanent roompartner which has to fulfil my hunger…. And as bitoo said wat v give comes around this is the pain I suffered, which uh gave me and I m eagerly waiting to return it….back. Oh poor twinkle… get ready for ur worst life baby doll (smirks)……
Everyone is getting towards the hotel….. from their resp. bachelor’s party….. kunj rides his bike towards the parking lot wer he finds twinkle (wearing a skinfit kneelenght short dress, looking damn hot and s*xy as she is afterall a model) she is facing her back towards kunj as she is busy struggling with the car keys…. And trying to lock it…. Kunj’s inside animal is provoked again and he comes near to her and now stands in front of her to let her notice his presence. Twinkle looks at him and smiles brightly…. He takes the keys and help her to lock the car…. Twinkle takes the keys and starts to walk… just then kunj holds her wrist bcoz of which she stops…. She slowys turns around to face him, but to her surprise he pics her up in his arms…. Twinkle lovingly entankels her hands in his neck…. Both share an intense eyelock wer kunj is walking towards his room…. He enters his room with twinkle in his arms… he puts her on couch and moves back and closes the door…. Twinkle comes to her senses and gets up from couch “kunj… wat r uh doing?” (coming towards him) “y uh locked the door?”
Kunj hold her by her waist and without wasting any time he interlocks his lips with her soft delicate lips….. she stayes shock for a sec… but then she too reciprocates, and hugs him as she was waiting for this from the day she understood that kunj is her love…. But slowly she found weird… and uncomfortable as kunj hands were rubbing and smashing her body parts… in a bad way…. She jerked him away, with a hard push…..
T: (angry) wat the hell is wrong with uh kunj? Wat were uh trying to do?
K: (calmly) wats wrong twinkle… I was just in a mood of making-out, wats an issue in dat?
T: (shocked) wat did uh say? How can uh say it so casually?
K: then wat do uh want twinkle, do I need to shy upon the thing… (sarcastically) or…. yaa I remember like all the other husbands ask for ur permission to touch uh ri8?
T: oh my god kunj…. Y uh behaving like this? I thot v are meeting after 6 long years, v will talk, v will share, spend some quality time…. But uh? (disgusted) Chi…… I never thot uh wud change so much in these 6 years…..
K: now understood wat I hav become, now don’t waste time in ur baak-bakk and spoil my mood (getting close to her)
T: (jerks his hand which was approaching her) are uh out of ur mind? From the day uh came uh didn’t even hav a talk with me…. The way our marriage got fixed I thot uh love me… but now I can sense sumthing else only…
K: (laughs) wat a dramaqueen uh r? seriously hatsoff…. Miss twinkle taneja, uh wud hav slept with many then y acting to b a sati-savitri in front of me….. and anyway uh are going to satisfy me daily from tomorrow then wats the big deal if uh do it today?
T: (she feels pain hearing this, she starts crying) y kunj? Y uh r behaving like this tell me…. This is wat uh think about me? (clearing her tears) yaa uh r just punishing me na….. for watever I did in my past…. Plz forgive me kunj…. I really love uh….. and I know that uh also love me….. haina?
K: (laughs evily) omg…… hahhahaha….. twinkle uh r so funny, uh love me?….. lev dat wat makes uh think that I love uh…..? (pins her tightly to the wall) uh r just an bedroom partner for me and my lust…… (goes close to her and smells her…. twinkle feels discusting and closes her eyes) uh smell so good…. (Touches her face sensually and rubbing his finger on her lips slowly) ur lips are just so soft like rose petals….. (and forcefully kisses her lips… while twinkle still feeling disgusting, she tries to get out of his grip but his grip is too tight…. He now moves his finger towards her neck and kiss her their, and slides her cloth from her shoulder, now twinkle was on a urge of angriness…. She pushes him hard which makes him fall on the bed and twinkle composes her dress….
T: (yells) uh r not the same kunj…. U r a devil who doesn’t know to respect a girl’s dignity….. uh r not less then an animal kunj….
K: (raises his voice and holds twinkle by her hair, bcoz of which she winces in pain and makes her face close to his) ya I m an animal…. A hungry animal who needs a prey to make-out with or else I don’t sleep, ya I a devil who is engaged in smoking, drinking, gambling and wat not….. (twinkle listens him carefully as she finds pain in his eyes now) ya I m not the same kunj as before….. uh wanna know y? (shouts her throut) bcoz uh killed that kunj…… (twinkle is shocked to hear this) uh betrayed me, uh played with my emotions, my feelings, uh broke my trust again and again…. and uh know wat my would be wify…. U r gonna pay for ur deeds…. Every hurt, every pain uh gave… I will return it to uh my love……TRUST ME……..
Twinkle stays blogged wen kunj leaves the room…. This time the trust me was very different for twinkle…. She left the room and went to her room… she picked up her tuffy…. And cried hugging it……. And keeps on murmuring “I want my old kunj back….”

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    It’s really hard for me to digest this new Kunj but some where he is very hurt …the scars on his heart won’t let him to be happy…
    Thnk u soooo much for giving us such awesome ff nd a ff writer like u …love u…

    1. Saby

      Hey sayeeda…. Tysm?
      m so so so so sho shorry…. For making a sweet girl cry…. Plssssh forgive me….?
      And ya plz bear this new Kunj too he also needs ur love and even me….. And don’t worry he is gonna change at last….. Till that I hope uh support me and my Kunj like this only….. Loveuh lots???? I m obliged to hear such words which uh said…. Ty again??

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Saby….the episode was too good….I appreciate ur efforts…..ur story is very hatke……that’s what I like about u….I always wait for ur ff…..awesome episode…..

    1. Saby

      Hey rashi dear…. Tysm? I seriously feel glad wen uh say that u wait for my ff….. Love uh lots and lots more??

  3. Plz post next episode fast you are living every episode in suspense

    1. Saby

      Sohi tysm dear? I hope uh liking the thing that I always keep suspense…. Is my way of writing…..? I hope uh like DAT and the ff will b posted asap

      1. yes I like the way u keep suspense very eagerly waiting for next post

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    1. Saby

      Tysm aamu? and ya don’t worry Kunj will turn good as before…. But it has time…. And yaa I myself didn’t knew I write so well?

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    1. Saby

      Ty meeta? and the epi will b posted asap

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    1. Saby

      Tysm callmenazu….. ? I m glad that I m able to portray the feelings to uh guys…. Which I wanted to convey…. The next epi will b posted asap…. Stay tuned??

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      Omg omg omg…….????
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      And ur words…… They butter me so much….. That doesn’t mean uh butter me…. Don’t take it wrong?
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      I everyday search for the related pic and then update the episode……
      And ya loveuh lozikra??????

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        N innocence of twinki …..?????
        Don’t take me wrong yaar….?????????

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      Tysm joonakanksha.?…. Nice to see uh commenting again…. I that uh must have stopped reading….. ?? uh proved me wrong.

      1. Joonakanksha

        You thought that i stopped reading ur ff…silly girl….
        I had also shared the link of your ff with my frndz on whtsapp…they are also liking it

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      Ur comments r my support…..
      Love uh dear????

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