I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 7)

A big big big wala hug, many kisses to all my readers…… dont take me wrong and pagal toh bilkul mat samajna…. Mere mood asehi swing hote rehte hai so just a part of it…. bas awayiee…. I m too much happy today…. That’s y….. and vese I hope todays twinj’s 1 scene make uh also happy….
And and and guys any1 of uh know TITIKSHA the ff writer of TWINJ THE LOVE TASHAN YEH ISHQ…? If any1 knows her then plz tell her to continue her ff…. I m eagerly waiting for her ff…. guys plz its an humble request….. now continue with the story……

In the evening
Sarna and Taneja family is waiting for the guruji to come… elders are siting on the couch weras all the young hotties standing in grups like mahiya shruti with twinkle wer as both malhotra sons together and kunj with bitoo….
Usha : I toh still don’t believ this that atlast kunj and twinkle razzi ho gaye shadi k liye…. (that atlast kunj and twinkle agreed for the marriage)
Leela : mein toh badi khush hu…. Meri betiyo k liye muje world k best husband mile hai…. Abhi kunj tu muje hakk se maa bula sakta hai…. (I m very happy… as both my daughters hav got the world’s best husbands….. now kunj uh hav all rights to call me maa)
K : ji maa (ya maa) (evey1 laughs)
Manohar : tum bacho ne hi der kar di, hum toh kabse iss moke ka intezar kar rahe the, k kab twinkle-kunj ki shadi ho….. q rt? (uh children only took it so long, we were waiting for this from long back, that wen kunj-twinkle marriage take place….. wat say rt?)
RT : koi nai Monu… der aaye durust aaye…… (nothing monu…. Better late then never)(guruji enters) yelo guruji bhi aa gaye….

Guruji is looking at both the kundlis and everyone is eagerly waiting for him to say….
G : (shocked) asambhav… impossible…
M : kya hua guruji? Kya kundli nahi mil rahi? (wat happen guruji? R the kundlis not matching?) (tensed)
G : inki kundli bohot ache se mil rahi hai, lekin ek vigan hai….(their kundlis are matching but there is a problem)
RT : kya vigan? (wat problem?)
G : inki shadi mahi or Amaya beti k sath hi karani hogi q ki iss muhrat k baad 3 saal tak koi acha muhrat nahi inki shadi k liye….. (they hav to be get married along with mahi and amaya daughter….. bcoz after this wedding muhrat…. There is no muhrat till other 3 years)
Everyone is hell shocked…..
Mrs malhotra : koi nahi ushaji-leelaji kalse shadi k function me twinkle ko bhi shamil kar dege dulhano k sath….. (not to worry ushaji and leelaji…. From tomorrow onwards v will include twinkle also along with the two brides….)

Leela : ha vo kar sakte hai par mehendi sangeet or shadi… par haldi ki rasam to ho gayi uska kya…? (ya v can manage with the mehendi, sangeet and wedding…. But wat about the haldi function?)
Mrs chadda: arrey ushaji samjaiye na leelaji ko subhe se dono ek dusre k rang mein to range hue hai…. Dekhiye to zara (oh ushaji make leelaji understand that from morning they are filled with colour of love only… hav a look at it) ( everyone looking at kunj’s neck and twinkle’s waist wer der is still haldi prints and they didn’t bother to clear dat….) (twinj look here and der in embarrassment)

Usha : leelaji Mrs. Chadda thik hi keh rahi hai… ab mein twinkle ko jald se jald apni bahu bana na chahti hu bas….. (leelaji MRS. Chadda is saying right only… now i m eager to make twinkle my DIL)(cupping twinkles face with her palms) banegi na mere kunj ki patni? Tu khush hai na? (uh r ready na to b my kunj’s wife? Uh r happy na?)
Twinkle : (hugging her) haa maa mein bohot khush hu or mein khushi khushi appki bahu banna chahugi….. (ya mom… I m very much happy… and I will b very much happy to become ur DIL)
Mehendi day…..
Everyone is trible happy bcoz now der are three marriage taking place… wereas bitoo and shruti are feeling hectic as they hav to bring slight changes as there is one more marriage taking place…. Dat to of his best friend kunj…..

Shruti brings all the three brides down and makes them sit….. and explains the mehendi girls the designs they need to put and specially the name…. wereas boys are just standing their and having some talks…. Kunj Is standing with bitoo but his eyes are on twinkle… he is again memerised by her… he is just not able to resist himself from looking at her…. weras twinkle knows this but is pretending she is unaware of the thing and stays busy talking to the girls beside her… aftersumtime mahi notices that the dori of twinkles blouse Is open, shruti takes twinkle to a room… kunj sees that and follows them… twinkles dori was open but has formed a double knot(hope uh understand) wchi shruti is trying to open but fails but still struggling… just then kunj enter’s…
K : (ignoring twinkle and just talking to shruti) shruti tuje vo bitoo bula raha hai, uske hathpe chot aai hai… (shruti, bitoo is calling uh, he has got hurt in his hand)

S : (shocked) kya?(wat?) (about to run but stops) kunj ek kaam kar na teri bevi ki knot kholke sahise dori bandhde plz…. Mein bitoo k paas jati hu…..(kunj do me a favour na, untie ur wife’s knot nad tie a knot properly na plz…. I going to bitoo) (runs from there)
Now twinkle and kunj are only their in the room…. Kunj slowly comes near twinkle…. Twinkle is facing her back and looks him coming towards her from the mirror she is holding her hands in front as she has put mehendi… now kunj is just behind twinkle… both sharing an eyelock from the reflection of the mirror… kunj raises his hand and looks at the dori which is entangled into a duble knot… he slowly grabs the dori and tries to open the knot… twinkle feels butterflies with his touch… kunj bends down to the knot and tries to open it with the help of his teeth… while doing so he purposely parts his lips on twinkles bare back 2 to 3 times…. Twinkles feels his soft lips on her back and closes her eyes to feel his touch… now the knot was open and twinkle feels the loosening of the dori… but she keeps her eyes close… kunj notices this from mirror, he makes the knot and leaves from there silently…. Twinkle hears the sound of the door closed and opens her eyes and finds kunj gone… she remembers the whole incident and blush endlessly….
At night

Shruti and bitoo are in their room….
S : bitoo I can feel sumthing is not right….. I mean the way kunj lied today about uh
B : (cutting her, frustrated) I, myself cant understand that y d hell he is marrying that innocent girl an making her life hell? Shruti uh know na how he is… I mean like drinking, smoking , gambling, and last but not the least the very favourate habit of his sleeping with girls without which he cant sleep….. (stretching words) dammit….(punches the wall)
S : (consened) bitoo… hav uh lost it wat uh did? Stop it… y r uh taking stress…?
B : twinkle is like a small sister to me and even though kunj is my friend, I wont let him ruin her life….
S : uh need to know the full truth bitoo, then uh take any action…. (bitoo is shocked and shruti narrates the past, the history of twinj… kunj notices this and gets in their room…. They are shocked to see him)
K : who told uh all this things? Tell me shruti, who told uh all this things…. That b*t*h… that whore twinkle na?
Just then a tight slap chaaataaak….. ya right bitoo slapped kunj a very hard one which make him bend till his shoulder…. Kunj shockingly looks at his and is numb wer bitoo holds his collar
B : (angry)wat did uh say a whore, a b*t*h…..(yells) do uh even realise wat r uh saying…. That to the one who uh love…. Ohhh sorry used to love.. right.(sarcastically)
K : (cutting him, yells) ya the one I used to love but now I hate her….. hate her till infinity…. (lowers his voice) but wat makes you to slap me for that sl*t…. Does her s*xy figure melted uh away……. (smirking)

Again a chaaaatakkkk….. but now its from shruti….
S : (frustrated, angry) how can uh even judge him…. Like dat… dnt think every men are dogs like uh…(yells) I wont let this marriage happen… v will show ur true face to her…..
K : (disheartened) shruti… I treated uh like my sister and uh also… uh also are supporting her… uh know my past…. Every bit of it is true, she gave me pain till infinity and still uh guys… my buddies are supporting her? (with a heavy heart) uh guys now know y I cant think of getting commited…. I was not like this before… she changed me… she made me the worst of myself….. (holding bitoo by arms) uh only told na bitoo, that shruti brings the best out of uh…. She made uh a responsible person…. But look at me… my dear love wat she made me…. She changed me to a devil who needs to smoke and drink to neglect his pain, a hungry animal who preys girls to fill his hunger….. (kneels down crying)( bitoo and shruti’s eyes turn heavy…. they come to him and hug him which makes kunj strong…. Again… )
S : kunj stop… plz stop crying… v wont stop this marriage, v wont do anything against uh….
B : but v wont even support uh…. (and gets up)

K : shruti I need space (he getsup and walk towards his room)
B : (angry) wat the hell is wrong with uh…. How can uh say that…. This wedding has to b stopped… I know twinkle took kunj for granted but that doesn’t mean he will marry her to make her life hell… and uh indirectly uh r supporting him…. Wats wrong…. (he drags her to the balcony…. And points out to twinkle…. Twinkle is playing with small kids….. in the garden and is having broad smile on her face……) look at her face, look at her innocence, she is still so pure by heart just like those small kids…. I hav accepted her as my small sister… and I wont let ur so called useless bro kunj to ruin her life…

S : (cupping his face) bitoo just relax, I m a girl, I can understand wat all prblms she might hav faced, but v cant even ignore kunj’s broken heart…. And don’t forget THE PERSON WHO BROKE THE HEART ONLY HAS THE ABILITY TO FIX IT AGAIN….. I can sense that twinkle is the only girl who can change him again, but this time to bring the best out of him…..
B : but shruti….
S : (cutting him) do uh trust me bitoo?
B : (without any delay) more den myself….
And they both sidehugs eachother and looks at twinkle’s innocent and happy face……

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