I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 6)

Hey guys…. Did uh like the character of bitoo and shruti as they are going to b there in my ff till the last…. And the family will not b there….. as kunj and twinkle will take-off for NEWYORK after their wedding… ya uh heard it right… their wedding….. wanna know how….. have a look……

The haldi day….
Early morning at 7 o’clock…. Twinkle was supervising the decorations. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue denim shorts till thighs as the function was at 11 der were only few ppl in the hall just the decoraters and our hardworking supervisor Ms.Twinkle…. “bhaiya kaha hai aapka dhyan? dikh nahi raha yeh side kitne kaam flowers hai…. dekhiye…. Aap hi bataye?” (bro… wer is ur attention? Cant uh see this side has so less flowers… look and uh only answer me) Worker say, “sorry babyji hum abhi lagate hai” (sorry babyiji, I will do it right away) they start doing.. twinkle is frustrated “kya sorry bhaiya and hai kaha yeh bitoo bhaiya or shruti?” (wat sorry bro, and wer are these bitoo bhai ans shruti) and turns back and her heel entangles in the flowers mala beside her bcoz of which she looses her balance and rotates and just about to fall…. But some strongs arms holds her…. her eyes are closed in fear of falling down…. The person stares her beauty and is not in his senses to leave her… she slowly opens her eyes and gets surprised…. It was like her dream come true… the time was just stopped for the two of them… they shared a intense eyelock…. But was broke by a voice…. “OMG….. kunj….” ( Ya the person is none other then Kunj…. Bitoo and shruti’s friend as dey met in one of the wedding in new york and bitoo and kunj endup having many drinks together…. And being staying in newyork and being punjabi’s they became best friends in no time….. bitoo and shruti always tried to change kunj’s ill habits but were never able to do so……)
Twinkle and kunj break their eyelock and slowly composes themselves…. Twinkle was on cloud9 and run happily to her room….. kunj saw her running which confused him… and stares her going…
B : (coming towards him) kamine nazar kabhi humare taraf bhi ghuma le… (kunj comes back to his senses and hugs bitoo)
S : (teasing) ha and uske bareme sochna bhi mat, badi achi ladki hai, and tere type ki bilkul nahi hai…
K : (gives a sidehug and smiles) leave all dat guys…. (surprisingly) uh guys are here to plan my sister’s wedding?
B & S : (shocked)(both together) Amaya sarna…. Means ur amu? ….
K : ya guys my lil sis amu…..
Family comes to hall and are happy to see kunj after 5 long years……. Kunj meets every1 and takes blessings of every1…. Just then mahi and Amaya runs to him and hugs him at either side of his arms….. kunj also lovingly hugs both and is happy to meet all of them…. Kunj leaves to his room to fresh-n-up…
Twinkles room,
Twinkle is very much happy and is has a big curve on her lips which is not fading atall… she hugs tuffy very tightly…. (excited) “omg….omg….omg… kunj is back, my kunj is back….” (rotates tuffy in excitement) “he is back atlast after five long years he is back, tuffy did uh hear dat my kunj is back” just den Mahi and Amaya enters her room and observes her doing this…. They both start laughing…. Bcoz of wch twinkle comes back to senses and shies… and both sisties come and hug her happily…..
Shruti and bitoo were just passing by and noticies all this incidence… and finds something fishy about kunj and twinkle……..
Haldi ceremony,
Everyone is happy specially the two beautiful brides… MAhi and Amaya…. They are both sitting and all womens are surrounding both…. and laughing, giggling and teasing both brides….. kunj(wearing yellow kurta and white paijama) comes downstairs and sees her both princesses blushing and smiling… he eyes them lovingly….. just then a hot figure intentionally passes from beside him and she is looking damn hot in yellow lehenga-choli and having a tray with two haldi bowls…. Kunj is distracted by her and keeps looking at her back with an evil eye…(as he has turned almost a womaniser) the girl keeps the tray down… and turn’s back … she is none other then twinkle…. “shagun ki haldi aa gayi” And has a millon dollar smile on her face… one of the aunties asks her teasing her “choti ki shagun ki haldi toh aa gayi… ab teri kab aayegi” she shies and looks at kunj who is still looking at her… everyone laughs…. Everyone puts haldi on both the brides and then its twinkle’s turn wen she is applying haldi on Mahi… kunj is appling haldi on Amaya…. And then both together crosses eacthother and then kunj applies haldi on mahi and twinkle on Amaya…. Kunj playingly covers both brides face with haldi…. As they both does that mahi and Amaya winks at eachother…
Amaya “ kunj bhai just wait… hume bhi jaldi moka milega apko rang ne ka, q mahi?” (kunj bro just wait… we are also going to get chance to apply on uh vry soon, wat say mahi?)
Mahi “vese Amu sun na, jese humari shadi sath me ho rahi hai vese in dono ki shadi bhi sath mein hi karvayege…” (btw listen na amu, the way our marriages are together, the same way v will plan their marriages also together)
Amaya “ha sachi… vese konse wala sath? Sathme alag alag shadi vala ya…. Fhir… ek sath wala…..”[btw wat do uh mean by together…. Together but marrying someothers…. Or…. Marrying to each other] (stretching words) listening this kunj leaves without any reaction and both mahiya (mahi + Amaya) giggles…. Twinkle playfully holds ears of both… “badmaashh…”(naughtyheads) and leaves from there… shruti witnesses this and finds fishy…. And asks Mahi and Amaya regarding the same….. they both narrates the history of TWINJ & their love and friendship… and ask shruti to help in uniting them…….. shruti is shocked… but willingly accepts to help the girls to unite them as she sumwer thinks maybe bcoz of this kunj will turn good as before…. As she also doesn’t like this kunj….
Twinkle comes to one of the room as her hands are full on haldi and gets in to washroom to wash that…. As she came inside she was surprised as she finds kunj over der came to do wash his haldi wala hands as well… he looks at her from mirror… twinkle turns to get out wen she slips bcoz of the water on the floor and kunj manages to stop her from falling…. Kunjs wet haldi wale hands are on twinkle’s waist and twinkles on his neck…. They share a intense eyelock… aftersumtime twinkle tries to break the eyelock and composes herself and stands weras kunj’s hands are still holding twinkle’s waist tightly….. without breaking the eyelock… twinkle is happy from inside but doesn’t shoe and slowly holds his hands from her waist and makes him leave it continuing the eyelock…. And without saying anything twinkle leaves out of the room and shies endlessly……
She comes to the hall followed by kunj… and sits beside mahiya and shruti weras kunj stands with bitoo…. Shruti notices the haldi palm print on twinkle’s waist sides…. Were as bitoo notices the same on kunj’s neck…
S : (teasing) arey twinkle wer did haldi mark came on ur waist? (twinkle and kunj shockingly looks at her waist and remembers the bathroom scene)
B : arrey even kunj is having haldi marks of his neck….. (everyone now looks at both twinkle and kunj with questioning look… were as mahiya and shruti understands the reason and giggles)
One of the aunties : twinkle beta, tuje subhe sirf pucha k tere hatho pe haldi kabhi chadegi lekin tune to haldi khud bhi chadhali or apne saiyaan ko bhi chadhadi…. (twinkle in morning we only asked uh wen r uh going to hav ur haldi… but uh not only applied haldi on urself but also on ur lover) (And every1 laughs watching both twinkle and kunj weras they both eyes each other…)
Other aunty : haa ushaji ab zara bhi der mat kijiye apni bahu ko ghar laneki…. Pyar ka rang bhi chad gaya hai iske upar, ab kiski der hai….. (ya ushaji, now don’t waste any more time… taking ur dil home… even now she is filled with the colour of love, wat r uh waiting for?) (every1 laughs again weres twinkle runs to her bedroom in shyness… eyery1 watch her going and again starts giggling)
Usha : der to bas in bacho ki haaaa karne ki hai, hume bolde bas, hum toh khushi khushi unki shaddi karva dege…. Q leela ji? (v are just waiting for this kids approvement, we will happily get them married…. Wat say leelaji?)
Leela : ji zarur usha ji…. (ya sure ushaji…)
Other aunty : (to kunj) bolde puttar yaha toh bas tere bolne ka intezar hai, parivaar bhi raazi hai, ladki bhi or kaazi bhi…. (speak son, here every1 is waiting for ur ans only, family is also ready , girl also and even priest) (every1 laughs again… wereas sarna and taneja family are eagerly waiting for kunj’s answer)
K : (coming towards usha….) Maa mein twinkle se shadi karne k liye taiyar hu…… (mom I m ready to marry twinkle)
Everyone is surprised and overjoyed and hugs kunj in excitement. Every1 starts gossiping… where kunj’s eyes falls on twinkle who was standing upstairs in the gallery and has noticed the whole situation… they both share an eyelock….. Both families decide to show their kundli’s to guruji in the evening…..

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    1. Saby

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  6. Shamz

    Hey Saby,
    I’m really excited for next epi…..plz torture jald se jald dikhao…..I’m eagerly waiting for his torture…..and today’s episode was awsm……

    1. Saby

      Shamz shamz shamz have some patience aatehi torture thodi karega…. Let her b happy at least….. Baadme toh torture hi hai??

  7. Ohhhh I love this. But I know there is a reason y kunj agreed so easily. He’s lusting. Lol. I’m so excited to c their marriage & their consummation and the beast in him. Good going saby. Please update soon.

    1. Saby

      Tysm ria? I m glad uh guys looking forward……

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  12. Shatakshi

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    N bitoo n shruti…love them

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    awsome saby no words to explain ur ff good joob whats

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      1. Dreamer...arundhati

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      Tysm sidmin…? whoever uh r for commenting ….. I m glad that uh broke ur silence? and don’t wrry now present track is gonna come…. So no need of present and past wala drama…. And tysm???

  22. oh god saby wow bt i did nt undrstood ur 1st episode yr can u pls

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