I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 4)


Hey guys… feeling sad bcoz of uh guys some of the readers have stoped commenting and I feel is the charm gone… I need ur support guys to continue… so do comment….. for all those supportsystems who still are patiently waiting for my next episode…….

Meanwhile in twinkle’s room
Twinkle is alone in her room as all the other family members like leele, rt, mahi are at kunj’s place to bid him goodbye as he is leaving for New york. Twinkle still hopes and believes that kunj can never leave her and will stay back just for her… she is holding tuffy and talking to it…
T : (hugging teady tightly…. In an childing tone) uh only tell tuffy can he leave us? No na… den… v know he cares for me very much, he trusts me very much, he loves me….(as soon as she exclaims love… her eyes flood with tears. And hugs his teady even more tightly)
Just then yuvraj comes there with a fuss and slams her door…. With that noise twinkle gets frighten and looks at him with a confuse face….
UV : how dare uh twinkle…. How can uh ignore me for that jerk. He is leaving us, our life, uh must be happy. But rather being happy uh are behaving as a devdas got dammit.
T : (yells angrigly) UV mind ur language…. Don’t forget who he is to me… and I cant tolerate
A word against him. Do uh get that?
UV : (angryily holds her by arm) who he is to uh? Tell? Tell me…. He is nothing to uh… do uh get that? He hates you and uh must also hate him. don’t forget that he is the only reason bcoz of which your family and friends r not talking to uh frm last 1 week
T : (stays numb and her face becomes pale.) uh r right UV but I lo…..
(uv makes her smell a handkerchief and she fells unconscious. UV lays her on bed and smirks)
UV : twinkle baby. How can uh even confess this that uh love that jerk, that to infront of me. Now uh hav ur preety sleep and the time wen uh will getup uh will b vry late just the way uh r late to knw ur feelings….. hahahaha…… and all misunderstandings which are created by me between uh my baby doll and ur loverboy kunj will remain unsolved forever…. Hhahaha…… (leaves the room)
Sarna mansion
Kunj is taking blessings of every1. And unwillingly they are biding him bye, as they don’t want him to leave the mansion…. Bcoz of his strict order no1 is going to see-off him till the airport. So he leaves from there alone in his car wishing all a goodbye…. he is driving towards the airport but before that he passes from Taneja Mansion and stops the car and continuously looks at twinkles balcony from his car. Bcoz of wind the curtains of the balcony gate were flying but there was nobody seen….
Flashback (In the balcony)
Twinkle is running and kunj is chasing her….
T : (laughing and giggling) kunj stop. Ku……nj…. St..op….(still laughing and running)
K : (grabs her in a hugging position wer twinkles hands are between both of them and kunj arms hugging her) ab kaha bhagegi? Kya boli tu… sabke saamne… muje girls mein interest nahi hai…. Haa
T : (still giggling and trying to free herself from him) ha toh usme mene galat kya kaha? Maa ne pucha tuje k tuje koi pasand hai k nahi…. Toh….
K : (tikling her) toh kya ha… toh kya?
T : (giigling and laughing) ha toh tumne javab nahi diya toh mene socha (acting innocent) mein mere bestfriend ki madad kar du…. (arms crossing kunjs neck)
K : madad haa madad…..? (tickling her more)
T : (coming out of his grip and smiling) ha toh mene galat kya kaha tum kisi ladki mein interested ho hi nahi toh me kya karu? Huhh….. (about to ron)
K : (holds her wrist asap) you r right but uh know wat is the reason behind it? (Takes a pause, comes close to her) bcoz I m more interested in my girl den other girls
T : (lil tensed, faces him) ur girl?
K : (smiling within) ya my girl….. want to know who is she? (cuming close to her)
T : (thinks……y do I always feel butterflies in my stomack wen he is confessing me his love? Omg confess, I cant let him confess) hmmm kunj I know who is…….. she…
K : (getting close to her with amazement and with a bright smile) uh know?
T : ya she is….
K : she is….
T : she……is
K : haa…. Say
T : jassi aunty (kunj is shocked to hear that but twinkle laughs holding her stomach, laughs her heartout and kunj is just lost in her childish laugh)
K : (showing fake anger) twinkli…. Ki…. Bachi…. I wont leave uh today….. (twinkle stops laughing and with a frightened face tries to escape and kunj again starts to catch her)
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––
Kunj comes out of his car and heads to taneja mansion and stops at the garden…
Twinkle is gardening and her hands are filled with mud unknowingly she spreads mud on her face with her hands in order to move her hair which is disturbing her and kunj comes der as soon as he comes he starts laughing looking at her….
T : (making angry face) wat r uh laughing at? Ha tell me?
K : hhahahaahhahaha….. twi…n… hahaha… twin…kle…. Ur face…. Hahaah….
T : (tensed and rubbing her hands at her face) wat happen to my face huh… say?
K : hahaah…. Stop (holding her hands) uh r spreading it more (takes out his handerchief and cleans her face slowly and both eyes eachother lovingly….) tu kab sudhregi? Tera ye pagalpan.. I mean like kab khatam hoga?
T : (innocently) agar mein sudhar gayi toh unka kya hoga, jinhe mere pagalpan se pyar hai…
Both stays numb…and just contining staring eachother…..lovingly
T : (whispering slowly) kunj….. (slowys lifts the pipe beside her with her one hand)
K : (eyeing her lovingly) yaa twinkle….
Twinkle pours water on kunj…..from pipe and laughs…. Kunj is shocked and goes near her and now he is on revenge and makes her wet and both plays with pipe water laughing and enjoying….
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––––
He comes near the swimming pool
Kunj was passing by the poolside “twinkle, wer r uh” and was searching for her…. and soon sumbody from the pool hold his leg and pulled him inside the pool…. And den splashhh……
Kunj was full drenched an his clothes and shoes were all wet…. And looking at him twinkle was laughing endlessly…… “hhahahah….kunj …..” kunj was amazed again in her beauty and her laugh….. dey came out of the pool and sat at the pool corner and keeping their legs in pool water….
T : (smiling) kesa laga surprise?
K : (showing fake anger) surprise nahi shock kehte hai isse….. mera phone bhi gila ho gaya dekh (showing his phone) kabhi toh samajdari dikha…..
T : kya karu kunj…. Koshish toh bohat ki samajdar banne ki lekin khushi humesha pagalpan karne se hi mili….. (making puppy face)
K : (naughtily) acha bachu….. (he pushes her in pool again and he also jumps….
And play with each other over there by splashing water…..
Flashback ends––––––––––––––
Kunj steps forward and opens the gate and enters the mansion….
A wind blows and his hairs flow with the wind… he steps inside…
He comes near the kitchen
Twinkle is cooking…..shocking na… ya she doesn’t know to cook but as it is a dare from kunj she is cooking and the state of kitchen is a total mess….
K : twinkle or kitna time? (controlling his laughter)
T : (busy observing the cooker placed on stove) wait na kunj, its almost completed.
K : (looking the state of the kitchen) ya its just almost finished….(whispering slowing) not food but kitchen (controlling his laugh)
T : (still observing the cooker asks inocently) kunj ye siti q nahi baj rahi hai? Maa ne toh kaha tha teen siti k baad band kar dena par yeh toh ek bhi baar baj nahi rahi….
K : (tensed) wat ? kabse tune chadaya hai cooker stove pe?
T : (thinking) nearly half an hour before. Y uh asking but?
K : ohno……
Just then the cooker’s top flies up as it was not closed properly and whole kitchen is now looking more beautiful with the paint of dal…..hahha….. twinkle and kunj both frightened with the noise of the cooker places their palms at der ears and closes their eyes. Both slowly opens their eyes snd faces and kunj comes near the cooker and finds that the ring of the cooker was inside the cooker….. (girls cooking must b knowing wat I mean)
And seeing that both starts laughing……
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––––-
Kunj now steps to the dinning table
Twinkle is sitting on the dinning table and not ready to eat, kunj and leela are tring to convince her to eat
K : twinkle nakhre mat kar yaar plz khale
L : haa beta… kunj toh bas tuje tang kar raha tha, hai na kunj?
K : haa maa… I mean aunty…. I was just teasing her…. (controlling his laugh… seeing dat twinkle again frown and complains)
T : dekho…. Dekho maa… vo abhi bhi hass raha hai…. Dekho app hi dekho… (pointing him)
L : (beating him in a playful manner) kunj… nahi toh see twinkle he is not…(stretching her words)
K : bachi kahiki…. kitni jaldi tera mood kharab ho jata hai….
T : (making angry face with a pout) mera china wala mood hai kabhi bhi kharab ho jata hai…
K : acha I m sorry (holding his ears and kneels down and makes a puupy face)
T : pehle bolo k mein moti nahi hu….(in an attitude)
K : (still in dat position) ok…. Twinkle tu moti nahi hai….
T : sachi?
K : muchi
Twinkle comes and makes him stand and hugs him and then both hav their dinner with leele’s hand….
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––––

Each and every corner of the mansion makes him recollect each and every moment spent with twinkle and he is in a confused state now at a position to melt…..
He comes near the sofa in the hall and remembers
He comes near the sofa in the hall and remembers twinkle reading novel and kunj laying on her lap and listening the story she is reading
he comes near the temple wer he sees twinkle yawning during the aarti and acting to sleep on kunj shoulder to wchick he jerks away playfully and both laughing within…
He comes near the stairs and remembers wen twinkle was wearing a beautiful sari and was not able to walk in it and she was about to slip from stairs wen kunj holds her in his arms and both eyes eachother lovingly……
All this while wen kunj was busy remembering his memorable moments uv eyes him above secretly and as kunj steps upwards he intentionally moves to twinkles room and makes a lipstick mark near his neck and chest and comes out of the her room barechest…. Holding his shirt In his hand and pretends that he is not knowing kunj is inside…. Kunj is shocked to see him like this and both faces eachother with full tashan… kunj fumes in anger…. And all hatred towards twinkle which were melting again rises and he rushes out of the mansion hurryly…… sits in his car and drives to the airport in anger….. UV SMIRKS and leaves the mansion with an evil smile….

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    Each n every line ws jus superbbbbbbb u nailed it………
    N ws a fab epi yaar really loved it ………
    Don’t b sad for less comments yaar…..
    D way u explained each n every fb remaind me of sidmin yaar…..
    D way u expressed d pain he ws goin ommgg????????
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    Keep loving…….?????????
    Ruladiya yaar yehi song mind me araha hai…???????
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    1. Saby

      Omg…….zikra ty so so so so much for ur love………a and making me understand that comments doesn’t matter……. Uh guys love my ff that is more important for me…. The way uh said an rulayegi kya? Omg…. Uh r damn cute…?????

  2. Actually saby your fanfiction is going really good but please, translate Hindi lines into english so that I will understand. Good job on this epi.

    1. Saby

      Ty riaa…. And I will surely lookup to translate the lines in English….. Its my fault so sorry dear….. ? and thanks for reading even though uh facing promblem of translation…. Love uh….??

  3. Nice one please continue

    1. Saby

      Ty dharti? I will surely continue…. For uh guys

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    Saby really u haved proved that Memories r very powerful. Ctd soon
    Heart touching

    1. Saby

      Ya arundhati…. Memories are very powerful….. I guess I nailed it bcoz I one kind of that prsn who is living bcoz of memories…….?? ur di loves uh???

  5. Purrrrfect!

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      Ty sidmin

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      Ty amamya…. ? for impatience…. I love wen uh guys behav impatient??

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    Lots of love to you..??
    Keep going

    1. Saby

      Ty Alisha….? and wat all zikra said I will keep this in mind…… And next tym no complaints from my side….?? again ty I m glad to know uh guys are really liking my ff and I means alot to me???

  14. Hey i will keep it short.. loved u ff.. .but can i suggest u somethng plzz dnt mind.. like kunj is behaving devil over here.. i want him to know d truth nd regret his mistake fully..
    Nd m an old member of TU
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    Had stopped commenting.. but ur ff made me reply
    Commendable job.. ??

    1. Saby

      Ya komal….. Ty and luv uh too….? the track wch uh wanna have that Kunj shud realise his mistake is not gonna come so soon….. Darling uh have to wait for that bcoz not even his torture has started…..? I hope uh understand……

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    1. Saby

      ya uh r right sayeeda… and as zikra and other lovely pplz made me undrstnd the same so not an issue henceforth….. and tysm dear….

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    Hey I’m late…not just late but tooooo late I guess…but the episode is toooo goooooood…and plz don’t be sad for the comment…… Mr. Ratan Tata once said” Ups and downs are very imp in life to keep us going…because straight line in ECG means not alive….”

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  24. Shamz

    I hope you understands wat I’m trying to say…..actually I loved his quote…..the line says the truth of the life… Even I think there shud be ups and downs becoz it gives u unknown happiness…previously I used to get very less comments but one day my comment crossed 30….and dat day I realized there are many ppl reading my ff secretly… And u’r one of them… 😉 and that day I was very happy to see such a good response…

    1. Saby

      Shams…… Love uh so much dear….. Yah I know wat u r trying to make me understand….. and trust me now I will never be such demanding…. Uh guys support me that matters me more??? and agree that I was always reading ur ff but never commented….. ? but now surely I will do so as I m familiar to uh all….. Lil bit… And ty and love u????

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