I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 3)


Hey guys I m back only for the imapatient ones, yaar thoda to sabar karlo I m busy with my college and job…. Bt never mind I m also just like uh guys…… and ya “SABY DI” kehne wali bachiyo…. Muje indirectly elder bana diya… Sho bad….. I m still a teenager yaar…. Arundhati(dreamer) I m not gonna leave uh for this…. Bt sab muje di mat kaho yaar I mean kon itni beautiful, cutesi, sweetsi …ladki ko Di bulata hai say?….. Jokes apart I love uh all…. Specially sisters over here……… and the imapatient once….. do comment if uh can….. remember guys this is a flashback so I hav to run like a metro…… as she is trying to understand y is he changed so much…. so only the betrays by her are recollected…… AND THIS BETRAYALS ARE THE ONLY REASON Y HE HAS LOST TRUST ON LOVE……
After a week
Twinkle is waiting for kunj to come near the café as dey were going for the shopping. She is very happy as kunj has taken a leave from his manohar(he is working with his dad in his bussiness). Just den a hand comes near her waist and she knows the touch and turns at him
T : UV? Tu yaha? Tu ja yahase kunj aa jayega.
UV : ya baby. I will leave from here just tell me that u love me
T : (tensed) ya I love u. plz now go, before kunj comes.
UV: (grabs her by waist) ok just give me a kiss and I will leave.
Twinkle has many times kissed him so it was not a big deal for her she readily accepts but only bcoz dat he will leav from der. She is not willingly doing it. But as soon she was going to kiss him she saw kunj standing behind her from the rear mirror of the bike placed beside her. before twinkle turned herself to face him he went to his bike angrily and rushed to his mansion. Twinkle saw him going and turned to UV.
T : (angry) y u did this UV? Uh knew kunj was behind me. Den too uh did this. I just don’t want to talk to uh… (catches a cab and rushes to saran mansion)
Kunj room
K : (looking at twinkles pic on his mobile) how always uh make me a fool na? how easily I accept uh and every time uh betray me. (crying)
Twinkle enters his room and is just about to hug him wen kunj stops her and jerks her away. And she falls on bed. She is shocked to see him in this manner.
K : wat do uh think Ms. Twinkle Taneja dat I m a toy for uh? dat every time uh will play with my emotions, with my heart, with ME…? (makes her stand and holds her arm tightly intentionally this time)
T : (crying) kunj look I know, I always hurt uh but I knw uh cant leave me haina… (cups his face wid one hand while kunj is hurting her more by tightening his grip at her arm) aahh… kunj its hurting… aahhhh… (wincing in pain)
K : (tightening his grip more and now on both the arms) this is only physical pain but the pain which uh gave me its hurting here (indicates his heart wid his finger) and wat uh said I cant leave uh… I can leav uh twinkle. I can…..(loudly) and I will. Bcoz dis time our frndshp was at stake but uh again broke ur promise. Broke our friendship…….(very angry)
T : (touching the heart were he was indicating… she is now not in her senses wat to say and crying bitterly) kunj uh give me punishment…. Any punishment.. I will readily accept it but don’t do this to me. Whatever I m saying I mean kunj plz… listen to me…. Uh trust me na?..
K : wat? (laughs crying) wat uh said trust? Like seriously? Hahaha…. (tears fall from his eyes) (jerks her hardly) do uh even knw d meaning of trust…. Lev it. My words never affected uh till today wat dey will affect now? Leave it uh know wat its over between uh and me… our bond, our caring, our sharing, our friendship, my lo……. (stops) and eyes her lovingly…
T : (runs to him and cups his face, still sobbing) te…ll kunj…. wat? y uh stoped? Say (eagerly waiting to hear from his mouth dat he loves her) this time I will not stop uh. Plz kunj tell complete ur sentence….. (kunj again jerks her away this time even harder)
K : (loudly) Its over between us…. (with teary eyes) everthing is over….
Kunj leaves from der and twinkle also unwillingly walks like a deadbody and heads towars her house…… both cries siting on der bed (songs play in bg)
Mere bina tu , Mere bina tu…
Mere bina tu…Mere bina tu
Mere bina, khush rahe tu zamane mein
Ke aaun na main yaad bhi anjaane mein
Both twinkle and kunj cries in their resp… rooms and dozes off….
After a week…..
Kunj is planning to shift to New York and continue his fathers business over der… twinkle is aware of this fact and doing every possible way to win back kunj’s heart…. But with each and every plan of her’s she is been hated more and more by kunj. He is angry on her at that extend dat he doesn’t even like to see her face. Twinkle crys every night and all this while twinkle ignores yuvraj and even fights with him often. Bcoz of wch yuvraj true behaviour is noticed by her slowly and gradually….
Kunj’s room
K : (yells) maa……. Maa…..
Usha(U) : (comes with a tiffin) kyu chilla raha hai? Ye le…(giving the tiffin) ye ladoo banaye hai tere liye. Ye bhi rakh de apne suitcase mein…
K : (packing his stuffs in suitcase) thankyou so much maa (hugs her)
Mahi and Amaya enters and back hugs dem smiling….
K : (breaking the hug) hey uh both here? Did uh bunk your cllg today? (showing fake anger)
A & M : (making childish face) yeshhhhh…….
K : and may I know the reason y uh guys did dat?
A & M : (both hugs him and kunj also reciprocate hugging both dear sis on either sides) bhai don’t leav her…
K : (breaks the hug slowly) Bye… I have to leave for the airport (grabs his suitcase and leaves the room.
U : (to both the girls) y uh always support twinkle, cant uh both see bcoz of her wat is the situation of my kunj, v all hate her and if atall uh both have soft corner for ur beloved dii den keep dat to urslf and don’t irritate kunj with her name. (fumes and leaves)
Sorry guys in anyway I hav dissappointed uh guys then…. But trust me part4 is gonna b many twinj k cute moments…. If uh guys not liking then tell me I will surly make some changes and if uh liking seriously those guys I need uh to b my supportsystem till the end…… do comment regarding the same if uh can…..

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  1. Apoorwa

    it was too good
    and i also hate word diiii
    and i never says it to anyone

    1. Saby

      Ty apoorwa…. ? and nthng much wid the di thing…. Just k I don’t want all my readers to call me di…. Sum ppl its OK…. Uh undrstnd na….???

  2. Mahi

    I really like it pls continue

    1. Saby

      Ty mahi?for still supporting me…

  3. Callmenazu

    luvd it ! post d nxt one asap

    1. Saby

      Ty callmenazu…. And the next part will b asap?

  4. Shamz

    Hey Saby Shamz here…
    Ur the first writer I’m reading it whom I don’t know…..as I read Sayeeda and Ria’s ff only…but ur title attract me so much that I went to read ur previous chapters and came back to this one….I really liked the Kunj in grey shade character…. I was also wanting to write …Kunj in grey character but I’m already busy wid one of my ff…. So I’m really eager to see him in this type of character….hey plz show some torture done by Kunj….I know many reader be miffed with me but this story reminds me of Viraj Dobriyal of Saubhayavati bhava……I hope u show some present scenes with flashback…. It is just a request….. Be happy and keep smiling….

    1. Saby

      Omg shamz….. Tysm for liking my story…. And ya der r gonna b many on our sweetsi twinkle….. But let me cumplete wid this flashback thing…. It will only take sum time……. I hope uh have patience and continue reading till the torture wala part come….. And the flashback is more big….. Nearly hw they landup with the present situation……. Till that….. Plz bear me…. Tysm again…? ur words were very effective and realistic just like ur ff’s

  5. It was good girl I love the separation but how that have to do with twinkle crying for kunj in the starting did he have s*x with her forcefully

    1. Saby

      Ty Jada lord for the comment….. BT seriously I can’t tell any bit of the story now only…. There will b no fun or curiosity if I tell uh….. Plz understand…. I promise ur ques will b answered with my daily updates….. So b tuned?

  6. Too good continue the way thought a
    Agar hum sab suggestions diyai u will be confuse?

    1. Saby

      No…. Actually the story is already prepared in my mind…. Bt I just asked for if uh guys r not liking the track den I can do necessary changes as per ur suggestions…. And Ty pinkistar ?

  7. Hey saby diiii I jus luv u n ur ff omg I mean wht a epi yaaar
    Loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    N do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz no patience hehehhe……???????????bt kya karre can’t wait

    1. Saby

      Ty….zikra…. And love uh tooooo much…..? have patience….. Suna nahi k sabar ka fal mitha hota hai…..??

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    yah I too dont like word DI….btw ur episode was awesome. …

    1. Saby

      Ty tamanna… ?

  9. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Ur’s is far beta dan real tei show lol..
    Keep doing dea..

    1. Saby

      Tysm Isabella for saying this….. Its big thing for me….???

  10. I’m new to this ff so can anyone tell me if Is this Twinj ff or Twiraj ff

    1. Saby

      Maanvi…. Its a twinj ff….. As I m a sidhantian?

  11. Kruti

    Extraordinary piece of writing…just loved it

    1. Saby

      Ty kruti?

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Hy saby…..yaar….ur title is just too amazing……. I always wait for ur ff…..but u can take ur time as u r busy person managing. A lot of stuff together… All the best….ur story is a little hatke…. That’s what I like about u….kunj character…. I’m in love with this kunj….?????

    1. Saby

      Ohhh rashi darling?…. Tysm for liking it so much and also undrstnding my situation….. The title wala thing is my creation?

  13. nice episode saby but if there is nothing left as kunj said and he left then how can he and twinkle get married to each other.and now I mean these are flashback scenes so as in your first episode does twinkle too loves kunj?are yaar too many suspense looking forward for next episode please post soon.

    1. Saby

      I understand ur curiosity to know each and everything…. But I can tell only 1 thing…….
      Stay tuned……?? ty lover for ur impatience….. I just love it


    pls continue

    1. Saby

      Ty ayesha for commenting…. And ya I m surely continuing asap

  15. Shatakshi

    Hey Saby
    The episode was really Amazing
    U know…ur writing is very expressive
    Which sometimes I miss to do
    But really I just love ur ff
    N u know…its ur mistake that we readers r asking for more episodes… Koi ittna aacha likhe ga to yahi hoga na…
    Loved it????

    1. Saby

      Love uh yaar…. Uh r motivating me more…. In this….. And I will try to post asap…… ??? tysm

  16. Priya tripathi

    Awesome love this plz update asap

    1. Saby

      Tysm priya?

  17. Amazing…… fab….I’m really loving ur ff a lot …Ur tittle ; storyline ; Kunj’s grey shade character… everything is out of world..
    Each episodes create an ample curiosity to know what will happen next…

    1. Saby

      Ty sayeeda…. I really need uh guys to support me like dis till the end of my ff…. And m sure uh will do so…. I will giv my best…..?

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    loved it dear ur ff is too good keep it up

    1. Saby

      Ty fatarajo?

  19. Dreamer...arundhati

    Saby… Is this fine dear…. Lol
    Sorry if u didn’t liked it but anyway superb epi
    I really like this track saby so plz continue with it.
    Loads of love to u and ur ff saby

    1. Saby

      Ty arundhati uh showed up… I was hell scared that bcoz of my words uh are hurt… So sorry spare me I m very Immature uh see…. Vese I told DAT it an teasing manner…. I hope uh undrstnd that….. And uh can surely call me di as I only permitted uh too do so….? uh di is sad sorry if hurt uh in any manner….

  20. hey no saby u r osm pls continue pls yr amazing i jst hp sidmin unite

    1. Saby

      ty baby and surely i will cont. dear

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