I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 26)

Leap of 3 years…………….
A set is shown… some shooting is going on… a girl wearing a hot white gown is facing her back on the stage…looking gorgeous… she is none other then twinkle…. she is surrounded with few backdancers… the theme of the set is dark, mysterious… with black and red combination dresses… there is a red coloured royal chair on the centre of the stage… a boy is sitting wearing a mascarreate and shiny black shirt and pant…….
the song starts…… the girl turns and starts lipsing

Tu hai lajawab, tere jalve hazar
You are exquisite, You have an impeccable amount of charisma
(moves her hands at the chair sensually standing behind the chair)

Mera bhi patha hai, mein na manu kabi har
You also know that I never give up
(leaves the chair and comes in front of the person… pointing her own self from top to bottom in sensual way)

Teri meri duniya mein be hisab pyar
In our world, there’s an infinite amount of love
(rotates and leans at the person on the chair)

Main hoon ek angel aur devil mera yar
I’m an angel and the devil is my partner
(sits on his lap and the boy holds her by one hand… points herself and then the boy)

Tere jaissa duniya mein koyi bi nahi
No one like You exists in this whole world
(getsup and comes in the centre and dance… she points at the boy and then gives a no wala gesture by her fingers)

Jisse doondti nazar lage tu hi hai wahi
You’re the one that my eyes are searching for
(Puts her hand on her head and acts as searching for someone wala look… then at the boy pointing him)

Pariyon ki rani hoon main sabse haseen
I’m the queen of angels, I’m the loveliest one
(streaches her hands asif she is flying)

Par tere bina kick muje milti nahin
But I don’t get a kick (energy/excitement/adrenaline) without You
(shows the no gesture by her fingers and dances)

Tere bina kick muje milti nahin,
But I don’t get a kick without You

Tere Bina, Tere Bina, Tera Bina…
Without You, without You, without You

Je menu yar na mile te mar jawan, Je menu pyaar naa mile…. Je menu yaar na mile te mar jawan, main mar jawan
If I don’t find my beloved/partner, then I’ll die… If I don’t find love, then I’ll die… If I don’t find my beloved, then I’ll die
(the boy stands and start dancing along with her)
The song ends and then director yells….
D: cut….. wow wat a shot TWINKLE… amazing… and uh too Sid… this song is going to be the best album song of this year… great work… meet uh at the premiere… guys packup… (he leaves) {who all thot the boy is kunj? Tell me in comment}

The couple moves to the greenroom… the boy removes his maskeratte…
S: oh god twinkle how uh do it so well… uh were just so steamy… I myself only know how I controlled myself…
T: stop doing drama sid…
S: (keeps her hand on her shoulder) comeon yaar twinki, itni hot co-star mili hai… kon try nahi marega… (come-on twinkle, I hav got so-hot co-star… who will b not try to get her) (winks at her)
T: (smiles) wahi nahi marega… jisko mere hatho ki pitayi nahi khani… (that person will not try, who don’t want to get beating from me)
Twinkle starts beating him and he runs in the whole greenroom.. while twinkle catches him….. just then a girl enter with a phone in her hand…. She is twinkle’s PA… jasmin…
J: mam… (she looks at twinkle who is holding sid by arm and beating with the comb, sid seating in the chair and twinkle half leaned on him to beat him.. both stop laughing and composes them)
T: yes jas… tell
J: mam… sir tried uh calling many times. He has asked me to tell uh to call him as soon as uh get free… (she handovers the mobile to twinkle)
T: (concerned) omg… my jaan is relly going to be mad at me… (looks at the phone) oh shit 17 missed calls…. (turns to sid) its all bcoz of uh stupid… (fakes anger and leaves out of the room)
S: (yells… looking at twinkle going) hey what did I do… stupid grl…
Jas starts moving out of the room but sid holds her hand…
J: sir plz leave my hand (trying to escape from his grip)
S: no I wont… uh know jas… how much I love uh… y dnt uh accept me… it hurts me
J: Its ur problem not mine… (jerks his hand and leaves the room and sid punches his hand on the wall)

Twinkle is on phone…. Standing in the corridor….
T- hello mele malaayi chaap
he- huuh…bolo
T- sorry yr….mai kyaa karu pura din se bilkul bhi time nii mila baat krne ka….I’m so slly baby
he- toh btaa toh skte th nah….phone kuy off kiya??
T – ary yr…..battery kb khtm ho gyii ptaa he nii laga….
he- subha bhi off thaa
T – hmm…..subha galti se off ho gya tha baby
he- nhii sudhroge nah tum?
T – ab Maine kya kiya?.
he- pta hai…..pura din se preshan ho raha tha mai…pta nii kaaha hogi kyaa kr rhi hogi kuch baat toh nhi ho gyi…ye wo… par nhii….tumhe toh koi fikkr he nii hai nah
T – slly nah baby
he- rehne do bas tum
T – ab aise kroge apni rasmlaayi ke sath?? huuh???
he- wo toh Milo tum…btata hu kaise krunga
T – abhi bta do nah…kyaa krne ka irada hai mele malaayi chaap ka?
he- kaah jaaunga tumhe
T – shrm toh aayegi nahi nah?
he- mai apni rasmlaayi ko kaahunga…..shrm kaisi
T – hmm…..pitoge
he- meli rasmlaayi…usspar sirf mera haq hai…
T: (blushes) acha…. (A voice is heard from the room, twinkle gets frightened) kunj talk to uh later… bye… (yells turning to enter the greenroom) siddddd…….
K: I will kill this sid one day… (ends the call)

In the greenroom
T: sid are uh ok… omg wat uh did… dnt tell me uh punch the wall…
S: its nothing twink…
T: just shutup ok… (yells) jasmine…. Jasmine… (jas comes running and stays blogged looking at sid’s bleeding wrist) jas plz bring the first-aid box…
J: sure… (she was about to go wen)
S: no need jas… Its actually my problem that I m hurt… I can handle my ownself… (rushes out of the room)
T: (watches him going) god… wat type of person he is… 2 yrs of this project and I m still not able to undrtand him… (takes a pause) come jas we must leave)

Both leaves home… SARNA MANSION
Twinkle with jas enters the mansion discussing about sumthing…. But stops at the door looking at a small, 3 years girl running in the the hall… and mahi catching her… and vihaan and shruti giggling looking at mahi’s condition…
M: aarohi plz comena… we have to get ready…
A: no…. no… no… I want purvi…
V: (cupps her face) baby… purvi is cuming na, we will meet her at the function only
A: no mamu… she is not coming chachu told me…
S: we called her just now… purvi is coming with amaya and khush (purvi is daughter of amaya-khush)
A: (makes a cute pout) pakka… na mami?
T: pakka my jaan…. (aarohi looks at twinkle and a broad smile appears on her face)
Wanted to end par kya karu yeh kambakth dimag hai k rukne ka naam hi nahi le raha…
Kya karu mein….. kya karu?… iss DIMAG ka kya karu… mein kya karu…. Mein kya karuuu….
So so so so so srry q matlab?
Srry bcoz I m not able to reply on ur sugar se bhi zyada sweet and mere tuffy se bhi zyada cute COMMENTS….
I m feeling guilty as I m not able to reply on ur comments bt I knw uh all undrstand me…
And lagta hai or ek epi jhelna hoga muje?
Hayee… yeh kesi lut lag gayi… lag gayi…. Zamane k liye humko likhne ki lut lag gayi….
Love uh all….. and do comment and shower ur love as humesha…..

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  1. Sayeeda

    Shukr hai Allah ka ke tumne post toh kiya… But I’m sorry for commenting late….

    Episode was amazing… Awesome… Loved it…..

    Love u

  2. Fan

    Hey saby gald u didn’t end it abruptly..the epi was super..u know when i saw ur ff in the main page i was literally jumping with happiness..sorry for commenting late but i was out of station n i didn’t have any access to internet..love u loads ?❤

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