I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 24)


(warning: not for kidooos…… read on ur own risk….. dnt bash me afterwards)

Kunj is in his studyroom, working on his laptop and having a conversation on phone….
K: (on phone) ya Mr. Richard, we will surely attend ur party… it will be a pleasure to be ur guest
(suddenly a voice a falls in his ears…. “kunnnnj” his jaws get dropped is amazement…. He looks at the figure infront of her… and gulps in…. and disconnects the call)
K: (stammers and getsup from the chair) twii…. Twin… kle
(twinkle is standing near room door streching her hands at the entrance… she is wearing a skinny black knee length one-piece, with a deep neck exposing his assets and looking damn s*xy…. She moves sensually towards kunj… wereas he is still gulping in… and has a eyes wide open to watch such a sensual look of his angel…. Twinkle comes near him and now they are very close to eah other…. Twinkle entagles her hands on his neck and wisper in his ears softly… “how m I looking kunj?” kunj is speechless he is numb watching her actions… twinkle face him and moves her finger sensually on his forehead then eyes, them cheeks… finally the lips and then…. Her finger starts rubbing his lips causing his hormones go wild…. Twinkle’s gaze is locked on kunj’s lips and still rubbing her lips….)
K: twink….
T: (cutting him) kunnj… tell na? how m I looking? (saying this he gives a soft peck on his lips, the action was so sudden that kunj didn’t understud wen it happened… now her one hand is touching carassing his hairs at back….and other hand is moving sensually down his face near his neck) say na kunj…
K: twinkle… wat r uh upto?
T: (gives a naughty smile) don’t uh know kunj wat I m upto? (her hand slids into his shirt and rubs his body…. And leans her head on his chest and starts kissing him and within no time she unbottons his shirt)
K: twinkle….. (closes his eyes and enjoying her touch)
T: hmmm… (still busy kissing his chest, his abs)
K: (holds her by arms and make her face him) i said stop it twinkle… (and walks out on the study room)
T: (thinks… not bad kunj… uh hav so good hold of controlling urself… let me raise ur hormones more… and smirks)

Twinj’s room
Kunj gets in his room….
Kunj’s pov:
Wats wrong with her… y she behaving like this? I have to control myself… I want her to trust me first and then… ohgod… I m still surprised no shocked with her behaviour… she is looking damn hot and s*xy… and each movement of hers provokes me to have her… I have to maintain distance frm her… oh god…. Wat to do?
Idea, I should go for a bath… till that tym she must have slept… great

Kunj takes out his clothes frm the wardrobe and keeps it on the couch and he hears twinkle footsteps and he escapes inside the bathroom…

Twinkle comes inside the room and looks around the room…. And finds no one there… she notices kunj’s clothes on the couch….
T: aww so my darling is escaping frm me? (smirks)

After 20 minutes….
Kunj is in the bathroom…
Kunj’s pov….
I think now she must have slept… as there is no voice of anyone’s movement… let me go out then… oh shit, I forgot to take the clothes… never mind I guess she must hav slept uptill now…

Kunj wears a towel and comes out…. Ohh god… the handsome hunk just in a towel, showing his abs and body which is drenched In water…. He enters the room, And is shocked again…. His eyes falls on twinkle, wearing his shirt and lying on the bed… twinkle standsup on the bed and calls kunj near her with his fingers…. Kunj is no more in his senses now… he slowly moves forward…. Twinkle comes down of the bed and turns her back and slids down the shirt… thw shirt falls down and twinkle is in two piece wearing only her undergarments…. Her hot figure is looking damn seducing and the butterfly tatoo on her back near her waist line highlights her boldness more… kunj within a fraction comes close to her and backhug her… and starts kissing her neckbone… twinkle smiles at his behaviour and slowly moves herself to face him…. Kunj stops kissing her neck and lets her face him… and both have an intense eyelock full of passion, desire, love….. kunj comes more close to her…. now no distance is between them… twinkle is breathing heavilly and her gaze is locked on his lips…. Kunj looks at her gaze… and smiles a bit and locks his lips with hers… and within no time… twinkle strted sucking, kissing, biting his lips… while kunj was kissing her less passionately this time… as he was busy enjoying the new shade of his wild angel with a smile…. And his hands exploring all her body…. And her curves…..
Just then …. “ouchhh” kunj pulledout from the kiss… and moves apart. his lips were bleeding… “twinkle are uh planning to chew my lips or wat?” twinkle looks at his lips bleeding and her gaze eyes turn down in embarassment. Kunj smiles at this from within and comes near her and holds again her frm waist and wisper in her ears with a smile, “I have named uh well jungli billi (wild cat)” twinkle pushes him away, bend down and grabs the shirt and wear it making a miffed face. she replies, “ and uh r not less then a hungry dog” and she giggles and start running in the room while kunj run behind her to catch her…
K: “ohh…. So I m a hungry dog, huh….” Both are smiling and running in the whole room…
T: (laughing and running on the sofa) look…. Kunj… uh shud accept wat u r… hehehe….
K: (tries to catch her wrist when she escapes) wait na… I will show uh now…. (follows her to catch)
Now twinkle is standing on bed… and laughing…. She says, “hwwwww…… wat uhh will show huh… kunj?” (Giggles)_ Kunj was standing near the bed…. he pulls her leg and with a fraction she falls on the bed… and within no time kunj gets upon her…
Twinkle is numbed… both are lost in each others eyes…. They are having an intense eyelock…. Twinkle carcasees his head…. With one hand and rubs his back with the other hand… making him come more close to her… the drenched body of kunj is on top of twinkle, making twinkle wet… kunj tucks her hair behind her ears…. And give a gentle peck on her cheeks… Twinkle closes her eyes and feels butterflies in her stomach….

Twinkle’s pov:
Oh god stop this butterflies… y they only get my stomach to fly…. Y m I feeling I provoked him very much… and maybe he will b unstopable now… oh damn… I m shivering with his every touch… his fingers are touching my whole body sensually and his lips sucking my neck… ya I m enjoying his touch bt everytime I get close to him, I remember the tortures he did on me… and I get scared…. Y m I always so confused? I like his touch… infact love his touch… but the gentle one… I m scared to his wildness…
Pov ends–––––––

Kunj looks up straight into her eyes… and after sumtime, his grip from her body lossens and he starts gettingup from her… twinkle notices this and hold kunj’s wrist… he is half standing and half on bed…
K: twinkle… plz leave my hand… uh r not comfortable… (Getsup completely frm bed and stands down)
T: no kunj I m… (Stands behind him) y will I do this things wen I m not comfortable… say?
K: coz uh thot this is the only option to make me talk to uh, as I was miffed with uh… (Twinkle is stunned as he is thinking right…. Kunj turns and holds her by arms) I even got carried away… but ur eyes made me realise that uh are still uncomfortable with my touch…
T: (cuts him) no kunj….
K: twinkle plz dnt lie… I know uh are still scared by me… by wat I did to uh… I m really sorr…. (twinkle cups his face and kisses him… and push him on bed and comes on top of him…. She covers themselves with the bedsheet and make love….)

Next morning
Twinj’s room
Whole room is messedup as they were running and catching eachother remember… the bed is messedup and the lovely couple sleeping in eachothers embrace…. kunj is sleeping showing his back to the ceiling and twinkle facing the celing. His head is digged in twinkle’s neck and his lips touching her neck… his hand is around her waist on which is twinkle’s hand holding his and her other hand is around kunj’s neck… they are almost sleeping in a hugging position…. still covered by the bedsheet… the sunrays falls on them… and twinkle makes faces as her sleep is disturbed… she opens her eyes and her eyes fall on kunj, she shies remembering her boldness last night. She finds her hand is beneath kunj and she slowly tries to slide her hand out… bcoz of the movement kunj wakesup and move a bit away from twinkle and rubs his eyes… twinkle doesn’t make eyecontact and looks other side, while kunj smiles remembering her last night and again digs his face in her neck and wraps her tightly in his arms…. To which twinkle makes a hww wala look….
K: (smiles within) twinkle dnt uh even try to do that, otherwise today I wont be able to control myself…
T: (beats him playfully on his back and blushes)
K: by the way I didn’t know my wife can be so seductive…. (Teasing her…. while she bites her lips)
T: kunjjj…
K: wat twinkle? I m telling the truth only na? uh knw uh were on fire yesterday… I didn’t knew being miffed with uh has so many pluspoints….
T: (controlling her blushing) kunjjj…. leave me… (he pushes him and tries to getup wen kunj makes her fall on bed and leans halfly on her)
K: wats wrng twinkle? Let me tell uh na… how much I enjoyed last night…
T: besharam (shameless) (pushes him hard on bed and runs inside the bathroom wearing his shirt)
K: oh damn! I love her…. (and spreads his hands on bed with a broad smile on his face)

After sumtime…
Twinkle comesout of the bathroom wearing a cream bathrobe… drying her hair… she finds kunj sleeping on bed with a broad smile… she smiles looking at him… just then “knockkkk…. Knockkkk” many knocks were there… twinkle opens the door partly… the ppl were non other then mahiya…
T: wat happen? Y uh guys banging the door?
M: then wat we will do di? Huhhhhh… (lil anger)
T: wats wrng mahuuu, amuu wat happen to her?
A: not only her, we all are miffed with uh… (Anger)
T: (tensed) but wat happen my princesses?
Mahiya: we are goning.
T: (confused) wat?
Just then shruti comes….
S: let me tell uh twinkle… mahi – amaya uh guys head towards the car, go (they both leave)
T: wer are they leaving shruti?
S: (smiles) they are going for site-seeing with a tour-guide… they were waiting for uh bt from last night uh guys didn’t came out of the room so they are lil upset with uh
T: little?
S: I mean lil more….. (pats her shoulder) come down, the breakfast is ready….
T: ya… (she closes the door and went towards the bed and pats on kunj’s back) kunjjjj…. Kunjjj… getup
K: ummmm…. (sleepy tone)
T: kunjj getup yaar plz…. Our princesses are miffed
K: (sleepy tone) must b miffed with uh not me…
T: means uh dnt care if they are miffed with me? (pats him) kunj getup yaaar (irritated tone)
K: (turns and holds her wrist and pulls her on him, she leans a bit upon him) is this a way to wake ur hubby?
T: (tashan) ya… this is only the way
K: (holds her by her waist) I expected sumthing else… sumthing like last night…. (unties her bathrobe)
T: dnt uh knw expectations hurt….
K: is that so… (slides his hand on her bare belly… while twinkle widens her eyes and jerks him away… to which kunj smiles)
T: (getsup and ties her bathrobe) kunj plz getup now… we are very late…
K: someone used to tell me, that I dnt know to wish mrng and look nw who is being saduuu (makes a sad face and walks inside the bathroom)

After sometimes he comes out of the bathroom and notices twinkle applying eyeliner… she was wearing a sky-blue crop top and a long white skirt… making her belly visible.. kunj was memerised with her looks but controlled himself and started wearing clothes… twinkle looks at him… and pouts… kunj rolls his eyes looking at her pout…

Kunj’s pov:
Yeh or uske moodswings… humesha mein hi iske nakhre uthav?? Kabhi mirchi jesi tikhi ho jati hai toh kabhi samose jesi namkin… kabhi jalebi jesi sweet to kabhi karele ki tarha sadii hui… or muje sadu bulati hai… kal raat ko toh bada pyar aaraha tha mujpe… aaj ek kiss deti toh kya jata uska…. Kal raat k baad laga k subha toh subse achi hogi par isne toh pura mood-off kar diya… dekhta hu ab kese manati hai muje…

Twinkle’s pov:
Ufff!! Again mene usse gussa dila diya… oh no! kal raat ki baat pe itna sabkuch karke pataya tha toh again ek naya issue create kar diya mene… oh god! Firse siyappa…. Mere mood swings ekdin muje le dubege…..
Ek baju mahiya naraz hai dusri taraf yeh saduuu….. Ab kya karu???????????

Screen frezes on twinkle’s tensed face and kunj’s miffed face….

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  1. Awesome epi yaar…loved twinkle’s bold look

    1. Saby

      Tysm sidfan?
      It was just a try from myside….
      I m glad uh liked it

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi saby!

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      Tysm fan….
      And ya… Same pinch…
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    but why so late
    i realy missed you soo much
    now dont be laate and atleast try to post evryday
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    1. Saby

      Tysm mishu?
      I missed to Jaan….
      And will try to b as early as I cud….?

  4. Shatakshi

    Awesome saby
    Loved it to the core
    Loving this new kunj n yes of course the bold twinkle❤❤❤

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      It was just a try to make sum changes…
      And I m really glad to see the response ??

  5. Affaa

    My beautiful gorgeous sis…
    Warning was amazing…but no one will dare to bash this pataka…
    Wah wah fantastic…I loved each and every scene superb…kya baat hai yaar…The way you write superb…I love your ff a lot…not bcoz your my sis…bcoz your storyline is fab…
    Keep rocking…
    Chummm Di loves you soooo much…

    1. Saby

      Omgggg my chummm di??
      Oh itne sare compliments yaar…
      Beautiful… Gorgeous and pattaka ..???
      Zarur me yeah Sab hu…
      Or akhir kese na hou… Apni chumm di par Jo gai hu….
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      Ty ty ty solo much again…. That u love my ff sho much…. Bt I love ur ff more??
      Love uh toooooo….much ???

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    And those last pov-s of twinj were so damn lovely that my harmones r not in control to see what’s up nxt in ur store

    1. Saby

      Tysm kruti??
      I seriously try to do new thngs in my ff to make it interesting bt enup doing sumthng similar only… I m glad uh liked it….
      And I will try to keepup to ur expectations darling???

  7. Rashiverma2199

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    Baki i love u more than Kunj loves Twinkle???

    1. Saby

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  12. Sayeeda

    Saby …..aaj main koi meri jaan nai bolungi ….kyuki main tumse namaz hon ….bahut bahut naraz ho nd tum mujhe nahi mana paugi ….

    Areeee madam kahan chali aap …sunke toh jaiye ke main naraz kyu hoo …ye sahi hai jiski galati hai wahi reason nai sun rha hai …..
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    1. Sayeeda

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    2. Saby

      Meli sayuuu ko kya hua???
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      Ye kya baat hui…. Jaan na bolne ki wajha kya hai????
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    Love u ☺️

    1. Saby

      Tysm saira?
      I m glad uh liked their romance
      Yeah and many more gonna come in next epi….
      Love uh tooo darling??

  34. Ria

    Hey Saby,
    I’ve already told you everything I guess. Anyways, the episode was really superb. Loved the bold Twinkle. Aww..the last POVs were so cute. Ab Kunj ko bol ki shaadi ki hai toh jhelna toh usse hi padhega?? tikhi mirchi, Namkeen samosa, kadvi karela aur aur yaad nahi second last wala. Waiting for another ruthna-manao mission.
    Love you loads.?
    You know who’s this but still, let me tell you again.
    Your Riu??

    1. Saby

      Awwwww my riu…. ???
      Ty ty ty ty shoooooo muchhhhh
      Ha tune muje sab already bol dia hai….
      Bt then too ur comment brought a smile…
      See ab feeling like Hayeee koi toh roklo…
      And tuje namkeen yaad hai, tekha yaad hai, kadva yaad hai…..
      Tu meetha kese bhul sakti hai its jalebi jesi meethi…. Nvr mind… I undrstnd…
      Mein bhi toh ff k titles bhul jati hu?
      Another ruthna manao mission k liye me too excited… To post…. Let’s c…
      Love uh toooo much…???

  35. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous romantic epi…loved it

    1. Saby

      Tysm purnima?
      I m glad uh liked it

  36. Omg omg omg….. the writer seems in a great romantic sense lol….. extremely its amazing…. the use of words pumped up lot of loveliness… good going saby… love you

    1. Saby

      Tysm shan?
      I didnt knew i cn write sumthng like this…
      I was just a try yaar….
      I m glad infact to much happy witg the response….
      And love uh tooo deardear?

  37. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Saby

      Tysm kavina?

  38. Baby

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    S Stunned by d episode
    A ur ff was Angelic lyk a bride dressed on her wedding
    B ur ff was always Breathtaking d romance pain love passion was always dere in ur ff
    Y di maaf krna Y se toh mein kuch nhi janti hahaha but u r amazing di luv u sooooooooooo sooooooooo.




    aapko pta hai na ktna tbhi bta deti hun



    1. Saby

      Ty ty ty shoooo much baby?
      Baby ur comment was as cute as uh….
      Seriously I m having a broad curve on lips….
      That’s bcoz of ur comment…
      Caush the way uh described the letters I loved it baby…. Yes the letter ‘y’
      It has no meaning in my life bt though,
      It is inseparable from my name….
      The epi….. Ummmmm….
      It was just a try from my side to write sumthing like this… I m glad uh liked it…
      Love uh took baby????

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    1. Saby

      Tysm priya?
      I will try too keep everythng well btw love birds….
      Will post next epi asap

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