I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 2)


Once again a big thankyou to all of uh…. For reading and appreciating me…. I didn’t expected this much…. but I m glad actully very much glad that I m also a part of TU…. Speacially dreamer(arundhati)…. Without any futher delay…. Just for the impatient ones….. guys please bear this part2 but surely for my story I had to do this…. lets begin….
Twinkle is waiting for UV in d café. She is sitting on a table and continusly calling UV on phone. Just den he enters and kisses her cheek from behind and comes in front of her.
T : (rubbing her cheek wer he kissed and yells) how many times I hav told uh to control urself and not to do such things in public.
UV: (smirking) wat to do baby wen I see uh I get out of control (looks at her dress evily) and on top of dat uh wear such hot dresses… just to provoke me more…
Twinkle makes an disgusted face and standsup to walkout of d café. But uv holds her wrist.
UV: again uh started being angry? I was just kidding baby….. look at me once (cuping her face and making her eyes to meet his) wat happen tell me?
T : (looks in his eyes to understand. Thinks….is der really a bond between us or I m just being wid him bcoz he makes me feel special with his expensive gifts and surprises. Y I m always confused?) v had fight together just bcoz of uh (in a childish way making a pout)
UV: (entangling his hand on her waist) of my baby… see I m srry for that (holding his ears)
T : (smiling now) its ok…. Uh dnt need to do dis.
Twinkle narrates him everything dat happened and asks him wat to do now? To her surprise uv askes her to stay quite and appreciates her dat she told kunj dey r gonna hav breakup… and makes her convince dat dey will continue der relation secretly that she can continue wid her frendshp and relation both at d same time… listening dis she gets relieved dat UV understands her and is glad to hav UV. They spend some time together and proceed towars der resp. homes….
UV pov: I know twinkle dat uh and kunj love eachother but my plus point is dat uh r unaware of d thing dat uh love him and not me. And dat idiot kunj will always lack behind to express his love and remain a poor friend till I get myself wat I want from uh (smirks eveily)

After few months…….. kunj was happy dat twinkle kept her promise and brokeup as he was now not getting any any chat of hers with UV. So he left checking on her social accs. Being best friends dey both use to roam about, go for dates and spent lots of quality time with eachother….. in a way slowly twinkle started ignoring UV and now dey use to meet once or hardly twice a month. And always kept fighting as UV was jealous to know dat she is ignoring him for kunj and use to worry “usse kahi pata na chal jaye k vo kunj se pyar karti hai mujse nahi……… otherwise all my money to buy expensive gifts to her and surprises will go in vain……………… i hav to separate dem at any cost”
Uv plans and calls her at hotel wer kunj is already present for his companys meeting. He manages to collide with kunj intentionly while talking on phone. And acts to call twinkle “twinkle baby plz wait na …. I m just coming in a blink of a eye….. I knw I knw baby u want me beside uh…… ” smirks and goes and slowly mutes his conversation and gets inside d hotel room. Kunj listens this and he is angry. and goes behind him to punch him hard…
He is very much angry and just slams d door and catch holds of yuvraj collar and he is just about to punch wen sum voice is heard “ kunj” from the girl lying on the bed….. kunj looks at d girl and to his surprise she is none other den twinkle…. Kunj is hell shocked and loosen him grip from UV’s collar and his eyes become heavy on seeing twinkle in dat state… she was in halfly dressed wearing her jeans and a br* on her upperpart… she was trying to cover her upperpart with the bedsheet…. Her eyes also turns heavy and starts to cry…. And widout realising wat she is not wearing her t-shirt she holds kunj from breaking down…. But kunj was dishearted, cheated all emotions were occupied… he was now turned pale and as soon as twinkle comes near her, he shrugs her away and twinkle fall on bed with pain… she turns around to stop kunj but till den he was left…. She clears her face and wears her t-shirt and runs behind him….. all this while UV was enjoying the scene… and smirks “I m so sorry twinkle par kya karu me aese nahi karta toh tu kunj se dur kese hoti” and laughs eveily…. “ur poor bst frnd doesn’t even knw dat nthng happened between us, and uh hav just got hurt on ur back, which was done by me ofcourse…. I m eagerly waiting for having uh but soon will happen…. Get ready baby doll…….hahahaha…”

Kunj every time used to trust her, believe her but dis time all the limits were crossed he rushes to d car and rides away… twinkle runs behind him but it all was vain he has left… his eyes were filled with tears and also was very angry. he reaches his room In frustration he smashed his phone on wall. The scene of twinkle in dat state wid UV was flashing in his mind. He was not able to control and not even able to accept the truth dat twinkle can do this to him…. And he breaksdown cring whole night. He sleeps near bed sitting only…
As soon as he wokeup in morning he sees twinkle sleeping in couch in an siting position. He eyes her lovingly as it was his dream to see twinkle wen he opens his eyes… he hoped dis to b his dream only but to his surprise it wasn’t a dream she was der in reality… bcoz of d voice of the door she wakesup and finds kunj leaving d room… she runs and backhugs him. He was very much angry this time. And makes her leave him and closes the door. And turns facing her but doesn’t make eye contact… twinkle looks at him and removes her t-shirt and turns back allowing him to look at her back… kunj was shocked to see that she had a big cut on her back, it seemed dat blood has dried on her cut itself. It was not even dressed and the cut was not been even touched… as soon as he sees dis he rushed and brings firstaid box and starts dressing her cut. He finishes firstaid and turns around and just about to lev wen she says wearing her t-shirt “dis was d only reason y I was in dat state yesterday. UV was just helping me in doing firstaid. Uh misunderstood the situation” she turns him around and makes him look in her eyes. His eyes were having mixed emotions. He says “i need time leave me alone” and slowly takes her hand out of his wrist and moves out of the room. He was relieved dat nthng happened between them the way he thought and it was just a misunderstanding. But d ques. Strikes how was UV wid her? he comes and sits on the sofa. And is still thinking…. Solving d puzzle of his life. Just den twinkle comes downstairs clearing her tears “kunj I m leaving. Bye” she eyes her but he doesn’t listen or reciprocate and makes himself busy wid the tv. Just then Amaya (kunj sis) comes from her room. And sees kunj ignoring twinkle.
A : wats happen bhai aap bhabhi se… oops I mean dii se baat q nahi kar rahe? (teasing manner and giggles) are uh guys on a fight mode… just like flight mode?
K : (in an angry tone) stop giggling. No one is joking over here and y dnt uh mind ur own business. (gets up and heads towards his room. While twinkle looks at Amaya who is sobbing now)
T : (cupping her face with her hands) amu baby don’t cry. Look he is in a angry mood dats y he shouted on uh. And uh remember na who he is…
A & T : (starts smiling and both says together) Mr. khadoose saran…
Amaya bid her bye and goes to her room wer as twinkle was angry on kunj for his behaviour with Amaya. So she gets to his room and kunj was facing opposite showing back. She quickly holds his arm and make him face her.
T : (harshly) wats wrong with u? y uh behaving like this?
K : (pins her to wall very tightly. She feels the pain on her arms bcoz of his anger) uh asking me wat’s wrong? Let me answer uh, u r wrong. Wat u r doing is wrong. Infact wat u hav done is wrong. Do uh even know dammit d pain which I m feeling right now. No uh dnt hav any idea. Now I just want 1 thing and that is to end dis relation wid urs bcoz without pain I m not getting anything in dis… I m leaving ur life no need of your fake promises… uh promised me u wont hav contact with dat bastard and like a fool I believed in uh. And den find uh with the same guy again dat to in a state….. lev dat just want to lev uh bas….(leaves her and turns back)
T : (feeling pain not on her arms but in her heart. Pain was not of his angry attitude but of the words dat he will leav her… she was crying and comes in front of her and hugs him tightly.) kunj plz don’t say this uh know I cant imagine my life widout your presense. I m dieing from inside just bcoz of the words uh spoke… look I m so so so soory for my every mistake. I promise I wont repeat it. Plz don’t leave me. I will die…
Till now kunj was trying to loosen her grip but she was hugging him very tightly and as soon as he hears the words die he jerks her and cups her face
K : never ever tell like dis twinkle. U r my life and i cant see uh in pain.(And hugs her tightly she also reciprocates)
T : kuuuunj I was wid hi…m bco…z
K : (cuts her) I don’t want to knw anything but just promise me… no wait (grabs her hand and keeps on his head) swear on me dat uh will never ever meet him
T : (jerks her hand) kunj uh knw dat uh r d precious thing of my life and I never swear on any1. I wont.
K : ok den swear on tuffy (twinkle looks him in confusion) tuffy bcoz dat is d symbol of our friendship, right? as uh always say.
T : (with hesitation) ya I swe…ar up…on tuf…fy (doesn’t make eye contact)
K : (holds her hand. Bcoz of which she looks at him) this time if uh repeat the same mistake… MARK MY WORDS I WILL LEAVE YOU (echos) BCOZ DIS TIME OUR FRNDSHIP IS AT STAKE….
T : I wont let this happen kunj
K : I trust you (twinkle eyes him lovingly at this sentence…)
AT night (Twinkle’s room)
Lying on her bed and hugging tuffy the scene flashes in her mind now and den the words echos in her ears…… MARK MY WORDS I WILL LEAV YOU
She ignores UV’s calls and messages and hugs tuffy more tightly and sleeps…

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  1. silent reader

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  6. Wht arjun bijlani wow lov him by the way……. Saby u write vry well I like the way u have started without much intro

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      I didn’t wanted my readers to know each character from starting only… So no intro…. And ty pinkistar?

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