I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 19)


Last time bohot bak-bak kiya tha na…. So this time ekdum shhhhhhhhhh
And before starting thankyou so much guys for ur support…. Love uh all so much….???

Kunj is leaving the house with his lugguage. And Jenet is also there….
Kunj cried whole night remembers twinkle and didn’t sleep…. A person can easily notice that from his eyes…. So to cover his eyes he was wearing shades.
Twinkle came running and saw kunj with janet and luggauage. Again she was hurt.
Kunj didn’t saw her bcoz he was facing his back. But janet saw her and she started with her drama..
She went close to kunj and backhugged him. Bitoo and shruti came. And witness this…
J: oh kunj… I m so very happy atlast we are going on a long trip that also to london…. I m too much excited…. Thankyou so much darling that uh heed attention to me. thankgod uh got free from ur so called wifey… atleast now we can have our time, like we used to have before….
(All the while kunj is numb and listening to her nonsense talks in an not-interested way… but bitoo-shruti and twinkle takes it the other way around….)

Twinkle starts crying and shruti consoles her…. while bitoo starts clapping in sarcasm.
Janet leaves kunj and kunj turns to the voice and find bitoo clapping and twinkle is crying, he again gets sad as again he made her cry….
B: wow kunj… wow! Uh are just awesome. The way uh were telling that she is ur twinkle…. I thot uh will realise that what is her worth in ur life… but no, uh r just so Self-obsessed that nothing is visible to uh…. (turns to twinkle) look twinkle… look at ur husband, for this guy uh were scared na? uh cried whole night for this animal… this heartless creature… who is planning trips with his PA…. to roam london….
T: bhai plz… don’t say like that… he was promised me he wont have any relations with any1 other then me…. (kunj stares twinkle at this statement and his glares becomes blurry bcoz of the tears)
B: stop it twinkle, just stop it… don’t uh remember the plane incident how in front of us, in front of uh, he was making out with that airhostress…… after knowing his true face do uh still trust him?
T: more then myself……
(Every1 stays surprised…. Twinkle is just able to feel the pain inside her heart that she cant live a single minute without him…. And she is just doing all this for herself… just herself…)
K: (thinks…. How can uh love me so much twinkle, after all that which I did, ur love is making me feel more guilty and just for that I m going to london, i will stop all my ill habits just for uh, I m having an appointment in the rehab to get rid of all my ill habits…. I have to go… but the tears of ur eyes, I cant see that also… I m so confused what to do) I have to go… I m getting late…
(Shruti and twinkle stays blooged that even after having this drama he is talking about leaving)
B: (starts laughing) hahahahah….. good… hahaha… I expected that only…. Come twinkle lets leave… I think now uh got ur answer that whatever to do, whatever uh feel, whatever uh think…. Ur husband is not corcerned of….. (holds her by arm and was about to move when they here a sweet voice…)

M: didi…… I missed uh so much (hugs her tightly (she is our mahi)
All are surprised to see mahi….. just then amaya, luv and khush enter with the luggage…. Servents help them in the lugguage.
A: oh god mahi… I told uh to wait na…
M: (breaking the hug) stop complaining amu…
A: (hugs twinkle) hi di…. Oh bhabhi… (teasing her and breaks the hug)
M & A: bhai…. (they both run to kunj and hug him as usual, both on his either arms) bhai we missed uh so mch….
M: ya and twinkle di also…
A: ha… bhabhi mein to aapse katti hi hu…
T: (confused) y amu?
A: wat y? after marriage uh just forgot us….
M: chod na amu, dikh nahi raha… kunj bhai mil gaye na unhe…. Ab hume thodi miss karegi…
Twinkle: (teary eyes remembering how kunj took her phone where as kunj eyes feel with guilt again) its nothing like that amu… mahi, uh toh understand… can I forget my lil pricesses?
M & A: no… never, and we will not allow also …. Hehehe (both starts giggling giving high5 to eachother) vese how was our surprise?
T: (to mahiya) very nice….

They all sit and have lots of talks….. bitto composes his anger seeing mahiya…. Janet leaves.
T: luv, khush… I m really very sorry
L & Kh : for wat di
T: for my jalli sisters… they dragged uh all the way to newyork for ur honeymoon and that also to spend time with us…
L & K: no di, its allright
M: ya di… uh dnt wrry about them, they are habitual now..
A: ya di the way uh rule my poor bhai… we rule them… (gives high5 to mahi) wat is this luggage doing here? Look how much uh harass my poor bro, that vo ghar chodke ja raha hai… (teases)
(twinkle and kunj look at each other with pain in their eyes)
B: guys uh have fun, come shruti we will leave… (getsup but mahi holds his hand)
M: plz bhai… don’t leave us…. (bitoo is blanked) I mean to say that uh also stay with us na, I promise uh will like our company. (turns to shruti) plz shruti… (while shruti is numb and looks at bitoo) twinkle di bolo na bhai ko to stay
T: bhai plz…..
B: ok…..
All : yeah…..
Again they have their endless talks…. Mahiya & luvkhush are not aware of the situation…. But unknowingly they tackelled it… bring smiles and laughs to every1 with their sweet and funny talks…. Twinj and Bitruti (BITOO+ SHRUTI) act to be normal infront of them.

In the evening
L : guys we are staying here for 1 week….. so kunj bhai, bitoo bhai…. Take ur leaves from ur resp. works…. Bcoz we wont sprare uh guys listening ur work excuses…..
Kh : ya and we have made a long list, that we gonna do…. And have lots of fun…
M: and uh 4… (indicating twinj and bitruti) uh have to bear us…. For this whole week
A: and join us too…. Did uh get that?
Twinj and bitruti: yes mam……. (and all laughs… kunj is memerised watching twinkles innocent laugh)

At night after completing dinner
M: luv wat r uh doing?
L: cant uh see struggling…
A: stop it yaar, I mean from last half an hour uh both are struggling to play the projector.
M: ya that only, uh both are just hopeless
Kh: arrey but….
B: (cutting him) can I help uh guys…
L & kh : ya ofcoure / sure
M: (keeping hand on bitoo’s shoulder) see within no time my bhai will play the projector…
A: ya… bitoo bhai… plz headon
(bitoo fixes the projector… a big screen is shown)

Every1 comes to the the hall with confused look and look at mahiya… while they both having cute smiles on their faces….
M: (holding a mike) hello… hello… mike testing…. Hehehe…. (acting) ok so uh all must be confused right?
A: (joins with a mike too) we are here to show the childhood memories of our lovebirds… twinj
M: are uh guys still shocked… kunj bhai- twinkle di… this is the small gift of ur chilhood memories sent by our dear parents to uh…. They have also told, that uh guys must not be remembering the things as uh were very small and young at that time.
A: and even we have to guess who the person shown in the clip is… bcoz we too don’t know… so lets begin…. I m too excited….
L & kh: bitoo bhai play it…..
(bitoo plays the clip in projector and every1 settles down and eyes the clip very keenly)

The clip————-
A mansion is shown…. And the scene is moving upstairs and landsup to the room where it is written ANGEL on the door… the door opens a cute lil princess of nearly 3 yrs is shown sleeping with a teaddy and soft toys surrounding her… the room is very attractive.. having cute interior with drawings of cartoons all over the walls… and has a combination of pink and white… the camera zooms at the girl sleeping with the teddy…. The girl is damn cute… bubby face, chubby cheeks, pretty look, adorable dimples…

M: amu who this girl could be?
A: arey dumbo? Oviously twinkle di… as it is their gift
M: oh ya….
(every1 is lost in the clip)

The clip continues————-
Then the girl slowly opens her eyes… the person holding the camera.. wakes herup…… “angel…. angel… wakeup baby… he is waiting for uh…. Angel wakeup….” The girl wakesup and put her toungue out and bite it in a dramatic way… “oh no….” “ya baby getup fast” she getsup and strts running downstairs the camera follows her….. she comes near a room, the door has a tag written DEVIL. She gets inside the room and see a 4 year boy sitting on the bed with a sad face…. she goes to him and hugs him “happy birthday bhai”

M: what the hell, bhai?
A: ya that only… twinkle bhabhi, uh used to call kunj bhai as BHAI?
M: like really
S: shutup guys, and watch the clip

The clip continues————-
The girl hugs the boy, “happy birthday bhai” “no Angel, uh again wokeup late, see it is 11 and uh are coming now to wish me? I m miffed with uh” “sorry na bhai see I m holding my ears also” (with a cute pout) “ok I forgived uh” and they both hug eachother…. With smile…. Just then the door smashed hardly… and the screen shows a 4 yr boy standing at the door with a miffed face.
And shouts, “ angel, uh again wished him first, and not me” the girl standsup and runs to him and drags him to the other boy…. Both boys face eachother with tashan…. The girl stands in between and holds her ears… “ sorry to both of uh, plz forgive me…..”
Boy1 : no need to tell sorry angel
Boy 2: no uh need to tell, bcoz uh didn’t wish me uptill now
Girl: oops… sorry and happybirthday
Boy1: no need to wish him angel… uh r my sister, wish me
Boy2: no, uh r my friend, uh will wish me.
Boy1: no… me
Boy2: no me….
Boy1: angel is mine…
Boy2: no she is just mine….
Girl: (keeps her palms on her ears and shouts) mummma….. devils started fighting again……..

M: devils?
A: ya… ab ismese kunj bhai kon hai
L: arrey dusra bacha kon hai?
Kh: koi bhi ho, but abhi kaha hai… bcoz uh both are the only sisters, then who is this boy?
L: is this the same clip mahi, wich leela ma gave uh?
M: ya luv, this is the same clip….
S: guys its better we keep watching the clip, maybe at the end of the clip our doubts will b clear
B: ya exactly

The clip continues————-
Trio kids playing in the garden…. (sorry guys uh r also confused I guess so I will name boy1 as bro and other as friend)
Bro: angel…. Come here see we will play that… (showing see-saw)
Frnd: no angel come here… we will play that… (showing ladder and slide)
Angel: no… leave me both of uh…. I wanna play in the swing….
Bro: ok I will make uh swing come…
Friend: no I will do that….
Bro: no I will do..
Girl: devils stop fighting
Frnd: I m not a devil. Stop calling me that
Girl: uh both are, bcoz uh keep on fighting.
Bro: angel come we will go home.
Friend: one day I will take my angel away from uh (to the boy)
Bro: I will never allow uh
(angel stands quite with a sad pout on her face)
Friend: (to angel) angel uh will come with me na?
Bro: angel will uh leave me and go?
Girl : (makes a confused face) I don’t know…
Frnd: no angel say yes… I will take uh to my place… v will stay together
Bro: no she is my sister, she will stay with me only… haina angel?
Angel: I don’t know, I want to stay with both my devils….
Devils: no…… me…. no… me…..

M: oh god wats all this? I thot we could see cute romance between our childhood lovers, but this is all fighting..
A: shutup mahi, they are kids, how can uh expect romance…
L: ya that only mahi…. And I m still confused who is this boy
Kh: guys atleast look arourd once… twinj and bitruti lost in the clip… so keep urself mumb

The clip continues————-
Angel is sittng in her room with a sad face and frnd comes
Frnd: look angel, wat I brought for uh?
Angel: chocolates (gets excited and grabs it) we will have it together ok?
Frnd: ya that’s y I brought it to uh, first promise me… that uh will stay with me when we growup
Angel: (thinks) hmm… but devil… how we will stay together?
Frnd: arrey angel … uh r so silly … we can
Angel: (with confused look) how?
Frnd: wen we will growup uh marry me, the way mumma married to puppa… then uh can stay with me…
Angel: ha that’s right. (gives million dollar smile) now we can have our chocolate
Frnd: ya sure…
They both eat chocolate… as they are small kiddies… they spread the chocolate on their lips and they looking damn cute. Just then bro enters….
Bro: sorry angel… I m late… see I brought choco…. (fumes watching them with chocolate faces) devil what are doing here?
Frnd: don’t call me that, only angel can call me that
Angel: bhai, devil brought chocolate for me… see (shows the finished wrapper of the chocolate)
Bro: (to the boy) Y uh brought chocolate for my angel? who are uh to her?
Frnd: I M THE DEVIL OF MY ANGEL. And angel is mine… haina angel?
Angel: (looks at bro) i love both my devils…. Mumma….. (she runs out of the room yelling)
Both boys fumes and show eachother tashan….

Twinkle remembers unclear images again and the clip revolves around her head again and again… and each word echos in her ears…. She feel giddy… and faints… shruti watches her….
S: twinkle….. bitoo…. Look at twinkle….
All: twinkllllleeeee…..

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