I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 18)


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?Mysteries to unfold……..
?Kunj and twinkle’s misunderstanding created by UV to be revealed
?Mystery man who met twinkle and bitruti in the restaurant
?Kunj didn’t want to reveal his marriage and the mystery girl
?Twinkle sees blur images of kids
?Twinkle faints…. Is she pregnant?
Twinj’s room
Twinkle is lying on bed and doctor is inspecting her…. while kunj is tensed. Just then bitoo rushes inside the room followed bt shruti….
B: (to the doctor) wat happen to my twinkle? doctor is she ok?
K: bitoo let her inspect… have patience
B: uh just keep ur blo*dy mouth shut…
D: (cutting him) will uh both carry on with ur fight out of the room, bcoz the patient is disturbed by uh both…. (both fumes at each other and stay quiet) I said leave…. (both agrees and leaves… shruti was just about to leave wen the doctor stops her) mam plz wait, I need to talk to uh…… (they both talk which is muted…. Doctor priscribe some medicines and leaves… bitoo and kunj ask her but she ignores them, and leaves… kunj gets frustrated and gets in the room)
K: wat the hell was that… she didn’t even tell me anything…. (holds shruti) shruti wat happen? Is she ok? She must have told uh ri8… tell me tinkle is ok na…
(kunj is about to cry…. When he gets a tight slap…. Chatttak….. shruti slapped him)
S: (sarcastically) uh r asking me wat happen to her? is she ok or not? (kunj is shocked) don’t be shocked kunj its all bcoz of uh…. Uh r terrible kunj…. uh force her to bed daily… that to without her wish…. (kunj feels guilty and awkward hearing this from shruti and his eyes turn heavy remembering all his torture just then bitoo comes near him and hold him by collar and punch him hard that he falls on bed near twinkle’s feet…. Twinkle gets concious and slowly opens her eyes with difficulty… but all were busy fighting. Bitoo holds kunj and make him stand and he was about to slap him when kunj holds his hand …..
K: bas bitoo…. Enough… she is my wife… I have all rights on her
B: she is my sister. And I cant allow any rascal to ruin her life
(shruti finds twinkle concious and motions there and make her sit on the bed as she was not able to do that… boys still not aware of the fact… are still fighting)
K: twinkle is mine bitoo
B: twinkle is not ur property kunj….
K: who the hell are uh to tell me that?
B: twinkle is my sister do uh get that…..

They both are fighting when twinkle again sees some unclear images…..

Twinkle feels dezzy when shruti yells
S: will uh both stop fighting…. Twinkle…. twinkle (pats her face slowly) are uh ok?
(both looks at her and finds twinkle awake…. And rushes towards her)
K: twinkle… are uh ok…
B: twi…
T: (to bitoo… ignoring kunj) bhai don’t take stress, I m ok…
S: (gets up from bed and shouts at her) no twinkle uh are not ok….
T: no shruti I m… trust me…
S: stop acting twinkle… have uh ever thought of urself? Ur body…. I can’t even imagine that took pills daily that uh can’t get pregnant….
(takes a small pause) Just entertaining ur husband is not the only responsibility of urs, got dammit
K: wat r uh saying?
S: ya kunj she has been taking contraceptive pills to prevent from pregnancy…. Bcoz of the overdose of those pills she is ill and has turn so weak….. And all thanks to uh…. Uh didn’t bothered to look at her difficulties….
T: (she doesn’t make eyecontact and closes her eyes stopping her tears to flow) shruti plz… stop…
S: y twinkle…. y r uh stopping me? did uh stopped (pointing kunj yells on the top of her voice) this beast, this devil, ur beloved husband…..? no na….. then y stopping me now….
(comes close to her and cupps twinkle’s face with her palms)(with a conserned and low voice) look at me… twinkle listen to me… (twinkle faces her and looks straight into her eyes) twinkle doctor saw ur wounds… how cruely your body has treated by this animal…. U are weak, ur body cant tolerate this daily… have pity on urself…. Uh love him but he cant love uh back…. Cant uh see he is all surrounded with his so called revenge….
K: …shruuu…ti (stammering)
S: (yells)just shutup kunj… I don’t want to hear a single word from ur mouth…. (standsup and moves to him) is this the reason uh wanted to marry her….? is this the reason uh wanted me to support uh? Uh was hurt… I thought uh need twinkle to heal ur pain… but uh… uh gave pain to her, uh hurt her again and again…. daily that to like this….. chi… I have seen the worst in uh kunj, but never thot uh will do something like this to her…. have uh forgotten this is ur same angel for whom uh cried for every night….. she is ur same angel for whom uh build this palace, the same girl for whom uh rejected proposals of marriages…. She is ur same angel, whom uh stalked for whole 5 years. And she is the same angel, kunj for whom uh were even ready to give ur life away…..
(Twinkle is stunned to hear all this and she gets teary-eyes but sumwhere happy to hear that kunj never stopped loving her… all this is just his aggression but somewhere he still loves her…)
S: yes twinkle he attempted suicide just for uh… the day when he came here… within 1 or 2 week he got the news that uh have slit ur wrist and attempted suicide… and ur case is critical…. That day he dranked whole night because he knew sumwer he is only responsible for uh behaviour and then tied a rope on the fan and hang himself just then we reached in time and got him out of the rope…. We had no idea who he is/ and for what he did that, we just had came to meet our new neighbour and found him in this condition… from that day we take care of him…. Slowly I came to know about his angel… his only love…. He was hurt and this made him to slowly emerge in smokking, drinking and ….
Twinkle starts crying and now is unable to stop her tears…. Kunj is also sad and controlling his tears to flow…. Bitoo had enough now… he walks towards twinkle and makes her stand by her arm…
B: twinkle is no more staying here…. I cant take risk this time…. (he takes her out of the room while twinkle walks with him like a deadbody…. Kunj is now not able to control his tears starts flowing down her eyes…. Shruti notices him crying but ignores him and follows bitoo…. Shruti and bitoo heads their home with twinkle and makes her sleep in the guest house… because of the effect of the medicines she dosses-off but Kunj cry endlessly throughout the night on his sins with a guilt….

Next morning
Twinkle is wakesup due to the sunrays falling on her…. she getsup and find herself in an unknown place, then she remembers what all last night happen and now she is in bitoo’s place… all of a sudden she gets scared remembering something and getsup from the bed and run towards her house… she runs from the hall… bitoo and shruti were in the hall discussing about the new project…. And vitnesses her going and follow her….

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  1. Saby di….ab raha nhi gaya….18 episodes se padh rhi hu aapka ff….ek din comment nhi kiya maine….haan haan mujhe joote chappal sab manzoor hai….par aap itna acha likhte ho ki main aaj control nhi kr paayi….control ki intehaan kehte hai ise….aapke baare mein main kuch kahu na kahu….everybody knows u r a born writer. Aapke ff mein pyar hai, dard hai, kahin na kahin khushi hai, I mean kya nahi hai? Aap kahan se laate ho itna talent? Thoda mujhe bhi chahiye….hehe….aaj se main aapki fan hui….aur aapke fan club ki president banne layak main hu nhi….18 episodes se comment jo nhi kiya….pr vice president bana do aur kuch nhi chahiye. Ab aap jaante ho aapki story padhne ke baad main aapko love u kahungi hi kahungi pr kya karu aapse zyada aapke ff se pyar hai. Koi jaldi nhi hai di, aap apne projects karo, shanti se karo, phir hi post krna. Koi aapki kahaani nhi bhul rha. Tab tak ke liye alvida and love u???

    1. Saby

      Ladoooo…… Darling I m in delima…..??
      Is this uh…… Oh god pinch me ….???
      Drama nahi kar rahi……??
      Sachi muchi………. So happy to see ur comment……??
      Arrey ek comment karneme itna time lagata hai kya koi…..?
      Kis cheez ki Der thi yeah bata pehle….??
      Just pulling ur leg….. ?
      Vese same wali pinch…….???
      Puch q??????????
      Huh….. Batau yaa nahi…..?
      Chal bata hi deti hu……?
      Dekh chilana mat… ?
      Mein bhi tere sare OS ki diwani hu…. ?Chahe vo twinj ho ya swasan…… ?
      I have loved it to the core but never ever commented……. Sho shorry…..?
      Love uh so much darling……?

  2. twinjfan (tamanna)

    yaar aisa kyun karti ho…mai apna project cmplte nahi kar pai…just open the tu n saw ur ff bt thought to read it afterwards but I couldn’t cntrl myself….yaar maine socha ki ek baar padlun uske baad karlungi us devil…devil nahi…devil mera kunj hai isliye so project is YUVI…haan tho kya bol rahi thi main haan..ke apne science project ko baad me karungi lekin tumhare ff padne ke baad im nt able to cntrl myself…yaar mai ro rahi thi…or rone ke baad muje thora time chahiye apne aap ko cmpose karne ke liye aur tumhare ff ki dunya se bahar aane ke liye…so ab mera project incmplte hai…aur dnt frgt that I lv u n ur ff both…

    1. Saby

      Oh god…….. Taani…..?
      Darling so so so sorry……?
      Muje sachi nahi pata tha k mere ff ka jadu kis haad tak hai…. ?
      Muje toh srf laga tha k tumlogo k comments ka jadu chaddhta hai…?
      Dekhna mera haal bhi there jaisa hi hai…. ?Kal cllg me accounts ki test hai and me yaha sabko comments k reply dene mein bsy hu…. Kya karu tumlog meri jaan ho….?
      And yeh cllg meri Dushman…..?
      Luv uh darling??….. Again sorry …… And best of luck for ur project….. ???

  3. Affaa

    Baby baby you speaks a lot really hahaha….soooo big speech haa…but I was enjoying while reading your speech…yaar if I’m amazing then you…I think fantastic writer right…really you told nah your sweet no yaar your more than sweet…and your ff marvellous…you each episodes touches my heart…I think I should study something from you…
    Ya Allah your superb…I loved it…Please continue soon love you take care…

    1. Saby

      Offfo….. Di itna kaha bolti hu…….
      Dekho aapne meri bolti band karva di….
      Kya bol rahi thi mein……
      Ohgod…… Ooops I mean thakgod….
      Yaad aagaya……

      Affaa Di…… Thank you somuch????
      For ur comment?
      For ur best wishes?
      For ur love?
      For ur………. Ur……. Arrey ha that only

  4. sidhants diehard fan

    Wowwww di loved it hwwww u forget me chalo its ok anddd todayss epi was blockbaster loved it to the core and glad that oir sweet simple kunj is coming back….

    1. Saby

      Manu…… So sorry I forgot uh…..
      I hope uh don’t mind……
      Plz maaf kar dena warna see
      I will also cry like did crybaby twinkle….
      Fir tumhe Kunj ki tarha quilt feel hoga….
      Better tum muje maaf kardo…..
      Smile karte rahne achi lagti ho…..
      Thankyou so so so much?????

  5. SidMin

    Loved it Waiting for the next

    1. Saby

      Tysm sidmin?

  6. Apoorwa

    saby darling today in your style
    sho sho sho shoooooooooo sorry but i love your ff and you too
    abour today’s epi i am left with no words
    marvellous word is nothing in front of your ff
    it’s incompareable
    worthy of trillions of oscar
    when ever i read your ff title it make me remember of devil angel song of movie kick
    you make me crazy for this ff
    you know if this ff will be directed on tv
    then you would became more popular than obama ,bill gates and many more
    and will be having more fan following than rihana
    saby dear could you please tell me your posting schedule so that i will visit tu on that specific days
    and this network arggggg!
    at last meet you soon
    and one quote ” just remember that the devil was the most beautiful angel in heaven, so don’t allow beauty to fool you”

    1. Saby

      Dear ty so much…..
      Oh my god…..
      Seriously….. Ways all this?????
      Don’t get scared just kidding….
      But seroulsy…. Oscar???? TV show??
      Whatever uh said each word means a lot and lot more to me….
      Love uh darling so so so much?

  7. Hey Saby !!!
    I am new to your ff …………… and I must say you have very impressive writing skills ??
    The epi was absolutely fabulous…….. ?
    Will be waiting for ur next epi

    1. Saby

      Ty so much Naina?
      For commenting
      For liking my ff
      Will post it asap

  8. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Perfect writer ?
    Hatsoff lol
    Ur work is also sth meaningful to me..
    I alys enjoy reading ur ff..
    I luv u & proud of ur job ?

    1. Saby

      Tysn Isabella?
      Love uh darling……
      And I m glad to give uh guys the best the I could…..

  9. Apoorwa

    se i have taken lappy for science work and iam addicted you ff like karan arjun zayada old ho gaya na
    to second example like a teen to smart phone
    please take out some time for your cute se badtameez nakrebaaz but pyare readers also sweetheart
    love you to square of infinity
    muah !

  10. Amazing content in the story snehal…. really wonderful…. just touched with your ff…. love your ff snehal…. waiting badly for the next ff….. nd coming to the earlier comment… you only showed me the way to find you lol…. i mean just got your name… nothing more than that….lol…. you looks quite cute too…. same like the story…. beautinesss is overloaded….. love you snehal 🙂

    1. Saby

      Ohhhh shan…. Ok I got it…
      And dear…..
      Ty so much for ur comment….
      Keep supporting?
      Keep loving the FF?

  11. U r a fab writer saby coming to the epi it was awsum cute lovely u express all type of emotion in ur ff like love hate revenge pain betrayl kya kahu tmhre h fanfictin k wait krti hu k kb tm next epi uplod kroge daily i wait for ur fanfintion i jst loved it post next epi soon waiting for ur ff eagerly dsperatly nd love u nd ur ff

    1. Saby

      Omg sidmin…..
      Actually I guess I should understand uptill now that many of uh are crazy for my ff…
      But still I feel happy wen I hear this….
      I m so soory that I make uh wait so much…
      I can’t even give uh a perfect timing wen I upload coz really this week busy with cllg stuffs like projects presentations and test….
      Plz keep supporting….. Loveuh dear

    1. Saby

      Thanks kavina?

  12. Sameera

    Wow yaar just superbb hats off to u what an epic epi love u ??? post next epi soon.

    1. Saby

      tysm sam…..

  13. hai saby i accidenally read your ff and fell in love with it obviosly i went 55 pages back to read it from first ,you r an amazing writer
    previously i used to read every f on twinj not leaving a single one but as i hv to concentrate on my carrer i left it in middle even stopped my ff in middle but still now i am big fan of twinj especially with tu bcoz it makes impossible things possible makes many friends all over india
    but i want to give u a small inf as a medical student that
    contraceptives are regulary used by many ppl for long periods (single tablet a day)is not harmful instead u can continue that her ill health is due to repeatd torture by her devil

    1. Saby

      Tysm sudha for commenting….
      And I m a finance student…. No idea of wat hell I mentioned…. About her weakness but I mentioned it that it her body is treated cruelly , she is having stress and upon all those the pills…….
      Bcoz off all this mixture she is I’ll…. I concluded sumsumthng like that…..
      Tysm to make me know that…. I seriously had no idea of that thing just cookedup the thing….

  14. Shreya098

    saby what a bang on epi….just loved it..
    u r amazing writer??
    kunj is changing….that’s great
    but poor twinkle?
    soo many mysteries to unfold…
    bs ab mjse aur intezaar ni hota…jldi jldi update kro….

    and soo sorry for the super late comment…

    aur haa take ur time ….mai to bolte hi rhte hu??

    1. Saby

      Shreya….. Ty somuch?
      Ur late comment ka late reply….
      Cant help it…. Abhi just dekha mene….
      I m glad to see uh sounding happy….
      That kunj is changing…..
      Keep smiling…. I will try to cont as such….

  15. Baby

    omg amazing saby di soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssssrryyy fr cmnting sooooo laate jisse marna hai maro bt kya karun studies oh god sir drd ho gya hai hahahaha sbse jyada shor mchati hun mein ff jldi post krna di pls asap or sbse late cmnt krne bhi meyi aati hun hahaha pka aaj toh aap muje kitna bhi suna lo mein kuch nhi khungi haha sooooooooooo sry di n yah bout d episode it ws very emotional of an amazing rtr hv ritn it so how cn it b bad luvd it di n yah agn pls contine asap

    1. Saby

      Baby…… Tysm ???
      Jaan mera bhi haal much Teri tarha hi hai….
      Cllg walo me jeena mushkil kar diya hai…
      Projects plan karte karte upon that cllg and job….. Such a hectik day…..
      So mein tuje achese samaj sakti hu….
      Love uh ?????

  16. Krystal_Krysiee

    behn nothing to say…….jst one thing post asap hehehhee dont wrry in ur nxt epi uh will be tired of reading my cmmnt…..thats y saving my energyy dear epi was lyk always awwsum …… stay blessed …love uh

    1. Saby

      Ty krysti???
      I just love ur name much??
      I know i hav told uh this but kya karu??
      Love uh darling so much…..???

  17. sidhants dieharder fan

    thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkyouuu so much di love u and ur ff to the core and its ok i dont mind and and and plz dont cry……..

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