I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 17)


At night
Twinkle is waiting for kunj sitting on the couch and watching songs on the tv and just then he enters with 4 girls…. Each one just sticking around kunj now and then… twinkle boils in anger looking at them. Kunj smirks…. He is not at all drunk this time and all in his senses
K: (acting to be drunk) come… come….. s*xy ladies. V will walk to my room (and motions lil bit towards his room)

T: (hell angry) wat do uh mean by ur room? Its my room too
K: (stops and faces her) ohh but as far as I know uh yesterday only shifted ur stuff to ur room and v seperated our rooms na? (acting to stumble and make her feel he is drunk)
T: (holds her and shoees the girls away) hey whoever uh girls are just vanish away, he is my husband.
Girls frowns at her
T: (still holding kunj in a hugging position) didn’t uh heard me? (yells) I said get lost.
Girls leaves… and twinkle makes kunj stand on his feet as he was falling on her…
T: kunj….. (pats his back slowly) kunj uh ok?
K: (still acting) hmmm
T: lets eat come… (kunj jerks her away)
K: be away from me, wait…. Wat ur panditji told uh? Remember….. be away from ur husband so y r uh not obeying him?
T: look kunj, uh r not in ur senses, come… lets eat.
K: I had my dinner with those se*y chicks… (acting) arrey were are they? Wat were their names? (acts to think)
T: (boils in anger) ok thik hai. Come lets go to the room. (she takes him to his room with her support, all thewhile kunj is just acting)

Outside the room door
K: stop twinkle, y uh send them away?
T: stup up kunj, uh promised me. that uh will not have any relation with other girls
K: ya twinkle I remember, but uh know me. I don’t get sleep without….
T: (cutting him and makes disgusted look) ya ya I know….
K: than y r uh doing this…. See I seriously want to stay loyal to uh. But uh are only playing games…..
I have to call them, plz twinkle understnd….. (acts to call)
T: (snatches his phone and cuts the call) i will stay with uh.
K: but what about panditji twinkle?
T: its ok…. Now come and sleep.

Twinj room…
Twinkle makes kunj lie on the bed and turns to leave when he holds her wrist and shows her his shoes…. She understands and removes his shoes. And lies beside him on bed…. Facing opposite side.

Just then she feels kunj coming close to her. she gets scare and closes her eyes tightly to act she has slept…. Kunj pull her close to him sleeping and backhug her… and places his hand on twinkle’s tummy and touch her rolling his finger around her tummy in a circular motion, which gives spine to her whole body… this is the only touch of kunj which twinkle likes… this cuddling and the touch of his fingers rolling in circular motion making small rounds on her tummy… her eyes are still closed and now she breathes heavily and feels his touch.
K: do uh like me doing this to you?
T: (not in her senses) yes
K: uh cant stay away from me?
T: yes
K: uh love me?
T: yes
K: uh fooled me?
T: yes (come back to her senses and widen her eyes that what she just answered)
K: (turns her to face him with a sudden jerk) uh fooled me again haina?
T: (frightened) no…. no kunj, i…. I …
K: I will show uh now…. (he gets up and pulls her up and drags her to bathroom)
T: kunj plz leave me…. kunj plz… I promise I will never ever lie on uh… plz kunj
K: no twinkle, uh again proved me right, that watever I am doing with uh, is what uh deserve
Kunj opens the bathroom door and enters dragging twinkle inside and tears her clothes away from her body….. while twinkle is embarsed again and tries to cover herself behind the curtain in the bathroom…. While kunj undresses himself and pull her out of the curtain and pin her to the wall and starts smashing his lips with hers very hardly…….. and torture her

After an hour
Kunj is done with his torture and come out of the bathroom wearing a towel and heads towards the balcony smoking…
Twinkle is crying inside the bathroom and after few minutes she getsup with lot of difficulty and grabs kunj’s shirt which was there on the hook and wears that… as she was not in a condition to walk till her room and get something to wear, and she cant even call margret to bring as she feels the situation is so akward…. She walks out of the bathroom with lots of difficulty and lays on bed like a deadbody…
Twinkles pov
I m so stupid. I thot he is changing but no he is still the same……
within no time she dossesoff….

Kunj gets a call and as soon as he sees the name, he throws the cigarette and attends the call.
K: amu darling I missed so much… how are uh and how is….
M: (cutting him) haa only missed amu and not me… huh…
K: no mahi baby… atleast let me complete my sen… I was going to ask about uh only…
A: bhai she knows that, just teasing uh…. See now she is laughing…. (guys the call is on speaker and amaya and mahi both talking with kunj)
K: I know my princesses will never change… how are uh both? Both of uh are happy na?
A: no. we are not happy….
K: wat?
M: ya we are like twinkle di?
K: (gets shocked and get tensed) wat r uh saying?
A: arrey bhai y getting tensed, twinkle bhabhi k jese means…..
M: (cutting her) v are ruling our husbands….
A: the way twinkle di must b ruling uh….
M: she must be really very happy…. Afterall waiting for uh for 5 long years and then getting back her love its means a lot yaar…
A: ya and uh don’t know bhai how much she used to miss uh and daily used to talk with tuffy abiut uh….

M: by the way jiju…. Does she still sleep with tuffy? (teasing tone)
A: ya bhai… tell na…? (giggles)
K: (all the while he is numb to hear about twinkle and stay quiet) both uh naughtheads… sleep now.
A: ok bhai… and ya listen… bhabhi ka dhyan rakhna plz…
M: aarey amu, do uh doubt on my jiju… uh silly girl…
K: don’t worry I will take care of her, uh both also take care of urself… ok?
A & M : ya sure bhai/jiju

Kunj disconnects the call…. Each and everything which amaya and mahi told revolves around his head and he feels recollects all the pain which he gave purposely to her…. he feels guilty and walks inside the room. He stares twinkle… this time his eyes doesntnt have lust but guilt… he goes to his side of the bed and sleeps… staring her…..

Next day
Twinj room
Twinkle is sleeping wearing kunj shirt and kunj is only in his shorts and sleeping peacefully… kunj’s is sleeping on his front asin facing the bed and his hand is on twinkle’s tummy in a way asif he is hugging her… whil twinkle is sleeping straight and facing the ceiling… just then sunrays falls on twinkle’s face and gets up and finds kunj so close to him and looks upon his hand placed on her tummy…. She has no expression on her face… she lies like that only with blank face

Twinkle’s pov:
Kunj I don’t want to hate uh… y r u doing all this things..? I m not able to face uh I feel so guilty that I m the cause of ur behaviour… I love uh so much kunj but not this one, the one which was with me years ago…. I still love uh…. But I m not atall comfortable with uh, I don’t feel the way I used to feel when uh used to be with me before…. I don’t know y but I feel disgusted with ur every touch…. I want my old kunj back but I m not able to decide what to do? Oh god I m so stressed…. Plz give back my old kunj…. (Twinkle turns around and faces kunj…. and look at his face lovingly) uh look just like a baby while sleeping, I m glad atleast this thing is not changed in uh. I m feeling like kissing uh…. But uh r not my kunj u r a devil…. I will wait for my kunj and then only I will kiss uh and even reciprocate ur kiss like yesterday… (she pouts cutely looking at him remembering the kiss)

Just then kunj moves and open his eyes…. And notice his hand is on twinkle, he looks at her face as he expected her to be sleeping but gets surprised to see her gazing him with a pout, twinkle comes to her senses and look here and there… kunj takes his hand and gets up from bed and takes cigarette from his drawer and heads to the balcony smoking. While twinkle opens her mouth in amazement.

T: subha hui ne k chalu….. oh god plz help me, I don’t want to hate him… y uh giving me reasons to hate him?
She walks towards the washroom for having bath. Kunj finishes his smoking and notice twinkle is not there and…. He knocks washroom door…. Twinkle gets shocked and tunsoff the shower and hesitately say
T: ya… who’s der?
K: wat type of question is this twinkle, obiviously its me only na… lev it open the door
T: wat?
K: wat do uh mean by wat? (firmness in his voice) I told to open the door
T: (gets scared) no I wont open
K: twinkle don’t uh remember the deal? I said open
T: kunj plz I think uh had enough last night…. Plz spare me kunj…. I beg uh
K: (smiles listening to her innocent talk) so uh r arguing with me… I think uh r aware of that I have many options, if uh don’t want me to stay loyal to uh… then its ok….
T: no kunj………

(she opens the door and before twinkle could cumplete her sentence he locks his lips on her soft lips… and continuing he locked the door with one hand, twinkle was only wrapping a towel around her… twinkle doesn’t reciprocate but stays there… kunj pullout the kiss and watch twinkle from top to bottom and drag her inside thew shower and turns on the shower and comes very close to her… both are drenched in the shower… twinkle feels this time the kiss was gentle and gets surprised and looks in his eyes in amasement… twinkle is not able to understand… both are just holding eachother inside the shower and staring each other… and doing nothing…
Twinkle can feel the love in his eyes now, she is happy from within but also confused, that what she is thinking is true or not? And if it true then y he forcefully came inside…. While kunj is just observing her cute and innocent and lastly the confused face…. Kunj slowly comes close to her lips and lock his lips with her expecting she will respond, this time again twinkle feels the soft and gentle kiss but she is confused and doesn’t respond…. Kunj aparts his lips and watch twinkle still confused. He closes the tap of the shower and gets out of from there disappointed….

Twinkle’s pov:
God what is happening? Today I didn’t feel like protesting. I didn’t felt any agression this time. His eyes didn’t have lust. He was not looking like forcing himself on me. he was feeling me. his touch was so gentle. His kiss was so gentle. He didn’t do anything else even though me being in this state. Y? how? Wat happen to him all of a sudden? Is he changing? And wat if he is not? Oh god I m so confused always…. (she turns back and faces the mirror and she recollects the kiss and she touches her lips and blushes endlessly.

Kunj’s pov:
Wat hav I done? I m not able to control myself when she is infront of me. Last night only I took oath that I will not harass her but again, I did… dammit… (he punches the wall and his hand starts bleeding) I was not in control again. How to control myself? (he turns around and stands infront of the mirror and touches his lips…. And remembers the kiss…. This time she didn’t protested, she allowed me to kiss her… maybe because she is getting habitual of my torture…. Oh god what have I turn into… I m feeling pity on my ownself. I wanted her to respond…. To kiss me back but she didn’t… that’s the proof that she is started hating me and just bcoz of my rudeness he allows me to do watever I want to…..
Just then twinkle comes out of the bathroom In a towel as her clothes are shifted in the adjacent room. Kunj looks at her and gets memerised by her look. Her wet hairs make her look more attractive. Kunj comes into senses and remember his oath and break the eyelock and look here and there and heads towards the door to hide his feelings. Twinkle sees his hand bleeding and gets shocked
T: (runs to him and grans his hand) kunj… wat happen to ur hand?
K: (doent make eyecontact) nothing, leave me
T: (twinkle fumes and drags him to the couch and make him seat and brings firstaid box) uh know what I just hate uh. But cant see uh like this…. (kunj gets teary eyes listening that what he thought was true) I mean I m ur wife and I cant neglect my duties towards uh just bcoz I hate uh… (twinkle finishes his firstaid and looks at him and she finds him staring at her… they have an intense eyelock twinkle observes kunj’s guilt and she also feels he is crying… but she is still confused that is she feeling is true or is just an another shade of kunj?)
K: uh told me that uh love me than now how come uh hate me?
T: (gets teary eyes) after all this torture do uh still think I m a fool to love uh? Yes I played with ur emotions. Yes I ignored ur love…. But for that uh gave me the punishment by leaving me for 5 years…. Those 5 years…. How I managed without uh, I only know… uh have no idea what all things I suffered from…. Uh never looked back and today uh want me to love uh….?
(kunj gets sad hearing her and leaves the room… twinkle watches him going and tears flow from her eyes endlessly)

In the evening
Twinkle is cooking in the kitchen and doorbell rings… margret opens the door.
T: (from the kitchen) margret…. Wat happen?
M: (from the gate) mam there is a travel agent.
T: (comes to the hall) travel agent? Y?
M: (gives her a cover) i don’t know mam, he gave me this ticket and told he was told to deliver here
T: (takes the cover) ok. Uh go look at food.
Twinkle goes upstares and enters twinj room and opens the cover and find kunj’s plane ticket to london. She gets shocked and just then kunj opens the door and gets in and find twinkle having ticket in her hand.
K: (doesn’t make eyecontact) wat are uh doing in my room?
T: (stiffness in her voice) wat? ur room? Its also my room, dammit (comes close to him and hold him by the arms) wat is this kunj? (showing the tickets and starts sobbing and tears start flowing) y uh going to london? R uh again leaving me? (throws the tickets and hugs him) kunj plz don’t leave me. plz kunj don’t do this to me again… watever uh want uh can do with me. I will never protest but plz don’t leave plz kunj…. I will die….. (cries bitterly)
K: (all the while kunj was just glued on the place, he didn’t respond her hug but was feeling like heaven in his arms) (in a low tone) twinkle leave me….

T: (she tightens her grip more) no kunj this time I wont leave uh…. Uh only said na… I m only yours then how can uh leave me and go like this…. I will not allow uh to leave….
K: (tries to comeout of her grip) twinkle look just leave me for once… listen to me..
T: (twinkle loosens the grip and and faces him and clears her tears) say
K: (hesitates) twinkle look I have to go…. (before he could complete his sen. He was stoped by a kiss…. Yes twinkle was kissing him… but this time kunj was not responding, was shocked but was enjoying and feeling her love kissing him… he was just lost in her kiss when he notices twinkle has unbotton his shirt and now she started kissing his body with tears in her eyes…. Kunj understands the reason and hold her by arms and stop her)
K: (gets teary eyes) uh don’t need to do this twinkle…. Plz don’t make me feel more guilty…. Plz twinkle…. Plz….
T: ku……n….nj (she feels giddy)

K: (surprised) twinkle….. twinkle…..
(twinkle faints in kunj’s arms…. Kunj lies her on bed and call doctor….. Margret informs bitoo & shruti…..)

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