I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 14)


Days passed with kunj’s n number of torture…. And twinkle helplessly bears all the pain, just in a hope that he will change back…. She is not allowed to go out from the mansion… other then at bitruti’s place. She is home-prisoned…..
Next day
Twinkle is sleeping were as kunj’s is disturbed by his phone…. He see’s 30 missedcalls from janet. He calls her and gets to know they are having an important meeting whcich he totally forgot… he hurriedly move towards bathroom and gets himself a bath…. Aftersome time he comes out of the bathroom and watches twinkle still sleeping…. He smirks…. calls Margret to bring hot coffee. She brings within no time, and leaves. Kunj gives a devilish smile and keeps the mug on the table beside twinkle. He grabs her hand and leaves it on the the mug, bcoz of her hand the mug falls and twinkle hand get burn bcoz of hot coffee spilled out… she getsup shockingly bcoz of the burn and winces in pain…. “ahhhh…. Uhhh..” and blows her hand. Kunj is almost ready uptill now.
K: (taking his lappy bag) oh thankgod my wify is awake, I thot I have to leave without wishing uh goodmorning… (comes close to her leans at her and plants a sudden kiss on her lips and bites her and stands) now my morning became good… (winks at her and leaves)
Twinkle blows her hand and makes a disgusted face…

Twinkle’s pov:
Oh god! How can he do that? Did he purposely did that? Ya he did it purposely only… she feels sad. How can my morning be good when uh r so changed kunj…. I don’t even have my tuffy to express my pain with, I miss uh tuffy.

She getsup and freshenup with lots of pain in her hand and comeout after sumtime wearing a ankle length jeans and a pista green crop top, and a scarf is tied on her neck and sits on the couch and is applying ointment in her hand just then bitoo and shruti enters her room as it was wide open. Both composes and sits on couch on her either side. And gets concerned…
B: (holds her hand) wat happen to ur hand twinkle?
S: ya twinkle wat happen to it, its has turned so red… (just then she notices the spilled coffee on the table and call out margret to clean it. And turns to twinkle) is this bcoz of the coffee?
T: ya shruti bymistakely it spilled on my hand… I m ok. (showing her hand) look I applied ointment also…. (margret cleans and leaves, shruti follow her)
B: (cupps her face) uh r ok na? uh r not facing any problem na? with kunj or anything else?
T: (thinks… I cant tell uh anything bhai, sorry but I have to lie) ya bhai I m all ok

Meanwhile shruti have a talk with margret
Margret tells she saw twinkle crying and wincing in pain, and kunj forces himself on twinkle opposing her will. And also tells about the kitchen scene which she witnessed with her own eyes… she added that time also twinkle was not at all responding infact making disgusted faces and tears were rolling continuously from her eyes, asif they are not making love but he is raping her…. even today morning when Sir asked me for the coffee, she was sleeping peacefully how this coffee spilled and how she burnt her hand I hav no idea… shruti listens to her and thanks her and tell her to keep her updating.
Shruti returns to twinkle.

Twinj’s room
Shruti rushes inside the room and hugs twinkle very tightly, twinkle is surprisecd but also responds. As she wanted a hug to less her pain… bitoo comes and pats on twinkle’s shoulder and twinkle leaves shruti and hugs bitoo… while twinkle and bitoo having bro-sis moment.
S: uh know bitoo, ur chotti has started keeping secrets from us. (bitoo looks at her with confused look were as twinkle is tensed and they compose themselves from the hug and stare shruti) ya she is hidding her pain from us… (she removes twinkle’s scarf from her neck and saw a swallen part having a wild teeth print over there. Twinkle closes her eyes by remembering the pain she goes through, bitoo notices this and his eyes turn heavy and he gets a back with shock as he understood very well what pain twinkle must be facing)
Twinkle stays numb and opens her eyes and tears flow out endlessly and her eyes are red till now.
S: (cupps twinkle’s face) how can uh stay numb, y didn’t uh protested? Uh cud have told us, not bitoo if uh r uncomfortable, but atleast me… uh didn’t utter a word and suffered through all this pain… for wat twinkle? Y uh did this?
T: (holds shruti’s hands) bcoz I love kunj… kuch bateein aise hoti hai jo dilme rahe to acha hota hai…. (and she cries biterly breaking down on the floor on her knees….) I love him, shruti… I cant leave him…. (still crying and sobbing)
Bitoo turns angry and even feel sad for twinkle and looks at her with teary face… shruti in notime leans down before her and hug her consoling her….

Trio composes themselves, twinkle sitting on bed thinking deeply, while shruti sitting beside her and she is also thinking and bitoo walking in the room and thinking…. All of a sudden
B: (shouts with excitement) idea….
Shruti and twinkle have a glow on their face and walks towards him
S & T: wat? say… fast (both girls looks at bitoo with hope)
Bitoo tells them the idea which is muted… hearing the idea bitoo and shruti haves a bright smile on their faces as they got a solution of their problem… while twinkle is tensed and walks lil away…
T: no, I cant do that….
B & S: but y?
T: I don’t know but I cant.
S: arrey but…..
B: (cuts her by placing his hand on her shoulder and indicates her that he will handle) shruti is she the same dramaqueen which we met in amritsar? or some other? Remember how she made us listen to her everytime…

Shopping of (mahi+amaya) mahiya’s wedding…
Shruti, twinkle and bitoo roaming for hours in different malls and finally finishes the shopping and twinkle is hell tired now and not in a mood to walk…
T: oh god bitoo shruti… how much we have to walk more, I m hell tired
B: just lil shopping remaining as mahi just called me and told to bring orcets in place of roses as luv is having allergy so… we have to go to fhoolmarket…
T: (hell shocked) wat? but its too far and we are roaming from morning and it almost 3 now
S: oh twinkle… I wud have suggested uh to go home as uh r tired but he are new to the city so we need uh and v cant deny mahi’s wish…also
T: (makes a childish pout) ok…
They again start to walk and twinkle feels dizzy… bitoo notices her and holds her on time before she fall down and hlods her in his arms..
B: oh god shruti… wat to do know…
S: I think she is tired maybe bcoz of that she fainted… lets take her back home…
B: ya… uh r right
Bitoo along with twinkle is his arms and shruti holding all the shopping bags heads towards the car and instruct driver to drive straight home…. Shruti continuously pats her face, inorder to make her concious but she doesn’t respond…
B: driver drive quickly….
D: yes sir, v have almost reached…
Hearing this twinkle widens her eyes and getsup with a jerk… with a bright smile.
T: thankgod atlast we reached….
Bitoo and Shruti stays blogged and show fake anger as they underestood it was all her drama to drive back home…. And twinkle winks at them naughtily with her tougue out… (imagine… how cute she will look)
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––––––

T: I know but I m no more that twinkle, I m weak now….
S: u r not at all weak twinkle, uh r strong and uh can do this
B: we are there with uh… just like ur shadow…
T: (hesitates) bu….t
B: do uh trust me?
T: more than me (hugs him smiling and trio hugs)
B: (Composing themselves) ok now we need to go… and exacute the plan. bye and tc…. (kisses her forehead, while shruti pats her back in an expression of supporting her and both leaves)

In the evening
Kunj comes back from the office and is glued itself on the entrance… he sees twinkle (wearing a red sari with pallu on her head and maching jewellery) is sitting with panditji and a havan is taking place at the centre of the hall while the servants are also sitting there… he is confused and has a big questionmark on his face…
K: what the hell is happening?
T: (smiles within and getsup starting her drama and runs to kunj and stops from touching him and put the pallu again on her head as it was slipped, while he notices that how she was approaching him and all of a sudden she stopped) kunj ji thank god uh returned home safely… I was very worried for uh..
K: (makes confused face) wat? worried? Kunj ji? Wat r uh saying…? And wat is all this nonsence? And from wer uh found this pundit in newyork?
T: (omg… I told bhai not to do this… oh god wat shud I answer? Plz save me bhai…) vo… obiviously I will b worried for uh…. Uh don’t know anything panditji tell him… wat uh told me? (turns to the pandit and joins her hands in praying posture and makes a pleading face, while the pandit winks at her)
P: ya sure… kunj come here…
K: how uh know my name? and ur voice, I have heard uh before (thinks)
P: (thinks… oh god, I hope he doesn’t catch me) no beta, I don’t feel like I have ever meet uh…
T: (cuts him) kunj ji I only told ur name to punditji, don’t ask ques plz just listen to him, its really very important.
K: (approches twinkle and raises his hand to hold her arms before panditji comes in between them and twinkle hides behind pandit) wats all happening over here… (angry tone)
P: uh cant touch her..
K: wat? and y not? She is my wife afterall
P: ur and twinkle’s marriage were not fortuned on the date uh married, it was fortuned to be after 3 years, but uh guys married and did a big mistake… and that’s y till 3 years uh guys have to stay away from each other… uh cant share same things atall… uh cant touch each other and even uh have to sleep in different rooms…. Otherwise uh or twinkle, one of uh will be dead in this 3 years
K: (shocked) wat? I don’t believe in such nonsense
S: (enters) no kunj, he is right, I confirmed with the priest over here and also calledup leela aunty and usha aunty regarding the same… they also suggested uh to accept the fact, otherwise they will take twinkle back to amritsar
K: noways… twinkle will not go anywhere, she is mine and will stay with me only.
T: (touched by his words, smiles within….wat an idea bhai, I loveuh for this) ya kunj ji, we have to do this… I am very sad see… (showing fake tears) I don’t want to leave uh and go back, plz accept to stay away… plz
K: (thinks and is hell tensed as the matter has flowed all the way to amritsar to his family and finds no other option then agreeing) ok I agree each and everything. But don’t send her to amritsar
(the trio is happy listening to that but continues their acting)
P: (to shruti) ya then lets take twinkle home
K: wat? y will uh take her to ur home?
P: I mean to say lets take her to shruti’s home… not mine dear (pats his head playfully)
S: (gives death glare to pandit) y but punditji, kunj has agreed everything then y to take her to my place?
P: ya oh I forgot, no need….to take her to your place… I should leave… (he comes to twinkle and cupps her face with one hand and wispers to her) stay happy like this only my angel, ur bhai is always with uh…. (twinkle nods in approvement and gives a million dollar smile to him. He leaves)

(ya guys uh all r guessing right…. The panditji was no one else then the protective bhai of our angel that’s BITOO)

S: (smiles at their bond) margret… help twinkle mam in shifting her stuffs from kunj’s room and show her the other room ok?
M: yes mam
S: hmm… (to kunj) kunj….. (more loudly) kunj….
K: (still thinking deeply) ya shruti tell…
S: wat r uh thinking so much, its better she is allowed to atleast stay with uh, otherwise even though marrying uh have to stay distance away… do uh want that?
K: (irritated tone) its ok… (leaves to his room still thinking)
Twinkle and shruti hugs eachother…
S: omg… mere buddhu ka plan is working, I thought it wont work….
T: hawww… how can uh doubt on my bhai.. I knew his plan will surely work… (with attitude) akhir bhai kiska hai….
S: bas… enough. Come to the land, don’t fly so much… huh… (faking tashan) I m leaving twinkle stay blessed… (kisses her forhead and leaves)
Twinkle was about to turn when
S: twinkle….
T: ya…
S: do change ur attire, 80’s heroine also look modern infront of uh…. (winks and rushes out of the mansion and twinkle smiles at her… )
T: ya kunj kya haal bana diya hai tumne iss model ka? (looking at her dress and feeling pity for herself) but I will make uh to allow me wear those by ur own… just wait and watch… If uh r kunj then I m also the great twinkle tan…. Oops huh… twinkle kunj sarna… (with attitude)
[dekha mera kunj sach hi bol raha tha k vo jab khush hoti hai toh attitude dikhati hai, dekho abhi koi nahi fir bhi kitna aakad dikha rahi hai… jalli kahiki] **********************************************************************************

Hey lovely people…..
pata hai gussa ho kya karu sat-sun itna barish me bhegi, itna chillout kiya k mon ko bimar ho gayi….. so so so sorry….. and post bhi kese karti? Kuch tha hi nahi dimag me…. Headache k alava….. dekho ab iss chotisi, pyarisi, cutesi, beautifulsi ladki ko maaf nahi karoge to sachi janta maaf nahi karegi…… 
Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much………… for all ur lovely comments…. They are precious to me, each means a lot to me…. Uh guys don’t know I read ur cute cute comments it infront of my mum (only the comments guys) and the way I express her she says me… “pagal ho jayegi jaldi” …. But uh know guys I have already became…. Uh guys and ur cute comeents drive me crazy…. And don’t uh ever think that I must be scrolling it…. Stupid zikra maru tuje aesa sochne k liye… and ha maaf karde frnd nahi di bas…. Hass rahi hai toh ek long sa comment karde…. Missed uh darling…..
Suno…… ruko……
Last but not the least….. I love uh all and pata hai kitna miss bhi kiya……
Wait wait wait…. Aapne miss kiya k nahi?
Kiya? How will b I knowing?
Simple let me know through ur cute comments…. And how was the epi…. Seriously dimag ko 1st time likhne k liye stress diya qki kambakth sath hi de nahi raha tha…………
Now final wala buhbye……………………………………

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