I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 13)


Next day
Twinj room
Kunj and twinkle both are sleeping very peacefully… kunj is in his denim shorts with naked body.
And twinkle sleeping wearing kunj’s shirt… now it has become her habit… what else she will do… ab biwi hai… itna toh hakk banta hi hai… wait a sec guys let me tell uh guys that they are sleeping on the same bed but both on their either side of the bed and not even touching each other a bit… there sleeping positions looks same as two like poles of a magnet repelling from each other….
It is 7 in the morning and Beep…. Beep….. the alarm starts ringing… kunj is very punctual and serious about timing and specially about office. He gotup and found twinkle sleeping showing her back towards him… he ignored her and went for jogging, after sometime he returned and found her still sleeping, he again ignored her an went for bath…. He came out having bath and and found her still sleeping peacefully, he ignored her as he was getting late for office and dressedup himself in his office attire….. it was almost 9 now and kunj was just waiting for her to wakeup but she didn’t moved or motioned a bit…. Kunj was continuously gazzing her back from the mirror as he was combing his hair….

Kunj’s pov:
Oh god just look at her its almost 9 and and she is not even in a mood to change her position…. she is still a sleeping beauty… She is still the same, she has not changed a bit…

Twinkle is having her beautysleep on her soft bed hugging her tuffy… just them dhuuuum… the door got smashed hard, still no effect on her… and kunj comes inside…. And sits near her on the bed
K: (shaking her) twinkle….. twinkle,…. Uthja…. meri sleeping beauty….
T: (still in her sleep) ummmm
K: (still shaking her from shoulder) twinkle its 1 o clock and uh are still sleeping…. Plz getup otherwise every1 will leave us… and we will miss the roadtrip.
T: (still sleep) uhhh… (pulls the blanket and covers her face)
K: stop it twinkle getup yaar plz…. Thik hai uh have ur beautysleep over here I m going for the roadtrip (acts to standup which he don’t want to)
T: (holds his wrist and pull him down, bcoz of the jerk he falls on bed beside twinkle, her eyes are still closed but she is awake… holding his arm tightly) don’t uh even think of leaving me…
K: (stil on bed sleeping next to her) then wat shud I do?
T: sleep like me (she hugs him and keeps her head on his chest)
K: (smiling in his heart) oh god twinkle… hav some shame, getup from me
T: no I wont, y shud i?
K: bcoz uh cant sleep like this with me, I m not ur teddy
T: shutup khadoose. Tum mere sab kuch ho and (opens her eyes and sits a bit and watches his face) wait a second wen uh lie on my lap that is ok? And today I did then I cant… y that so?
K: vo… voh..
T: see uh don’t have any ans… (again sleeps on his chest while kunj smiles on her madness) just lemme sleep kunj
K: (still sleeping) twinkle…. Plz getup… I request uh
T: y?
K: cause my heart is beating fast and I think it will burst if uh don’t getup from me.
T: (twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach and gets flowed away in the flow) I just love it wen ur heart beats fast… I love the rhythem they make…
K: wanna know for whom its beats?
T: (comes back to her senses and getsup with a jerk as she understood that he was going to confess his love) oh god, we are very late…. I m going for bath… wait for me I will just be asap…
Twinkle walks off the room and gets into the bathroom in a jiffy…. Kunj is smiling at her madness…
Flashback ends––––––––––––––

Kunj’s pov:
Uh always knew how much I love uh but uh played with me, my emotions, my feelings, I wont bear uh this time…. Today uh are also on the same place wer I was 5 years back….. today uh are loving me, like I used to and today I m playing with uh like uh used to….
(his thoughts get disturbed when there is knock on the door)

K: whoes there?
M: sir its me, margret
K: ya come in
M: sir uh r getting late for ur office, and george (driver) is waiting for uh
K: (looks at twinkle and thinks… I m late today bcoz of uh, I will not spare uh) ya tell him I m coming.
(he takes his bag and slas the door and rushes down)

Just then the sleeping beauty has a cunning smile on her face and she gets up streaching her hands… “good morning hubby“ (talking to kunjs photo on the table) so sorry that I was awake so early but wishing uh now, but what to do, uh khadoose have become a devil na, so I have to save myself from uh so acted as I m still sleeping” (holding the photo to face her and talks to it innocently with a pout) “uh know, when uh sees me, I feel like uh almost gonna eat me, and I feel so scared that cant do anything and aaaahhh oooucch…. (wincing in pain) look how uh treat me… stupid, idiot, duffer, nonsense, mental…. urgggh I don’t know badwords also…. Hmm…. Plz plzz god show me some way to get back my kunj… vo khadoose chalega yeh devil nahi….. plshhhh….”
Knock… knock….
T: ya come in
M: mam! shruti mam has told uh to get ready, she wants uh to join in her shopping
T: ok, tell her I will be der.
M: sure mam and she has told to give uh this (gives a bag, she takes it)
Margret leaves and twinkle getsup for freashing up….
She looks at the bag and opens it… it has a s*xy cream mini skirt till her thigh lenght and a violet backless top… and a note inside it…
Twinkle plz wear this, as uh are seriously looking as a aunty in ur sari wala attire… just kidding uh
Plz yaar don’t forget urself… uh are the famous model and this is what uh wear a boring sari?
And zyada nakhre kiye na sachi usha aunty ko call kar dugi that tu yahape voh boring sari pehenti hai… and uh know wat she gonna do…. Cause unhone khud kaha tha don’t wear this stuffs which uh r not comfortable in….
And and and….. no buts atall, I m not listening to any of ur excuses uh hav to wear that…
Cause I cant see uh in sari with me in a shopping mall that to in newyork…
Urs jalli bhabhi (shruti)

Twinkle gets a bright smile on her face and gets ready. She is just looking awesome as always…..
Ohhhh not awesome… just stunning and too hot. She puts light makeup, grabs her clutch, bids bye to her teddy, and heads downstairs…
Shruti is waiting for her in the hall…. She looks at her
S: just look at urself, uh look so s*exy in this and even uh r so comfortable in this…
T: ya shruti… thank you so much
S: no… I should thankyou, that uh came back to ur zone… like seriously tell me what made uh wear those sari’s wen even usha aunty permitted uh to wear modern wears… and even uh are having ur moderns wears also with uh, now don’t tell me NO coz I myself hav helped uh in packing…
T: wooo…. (thinks… how to tell uh its all bcoz of ur loved bro, I don’t want to expose myself a bit infront of him, oderwise really he will eat me up whole and sole)
S: arrey… wat vo…. Tel me….
Just then bitoo enters…
B: mam if uh r done then can we leave plz…. Ur driver is waitig for uh (indicating himself as driver)
(both the girls smiles) oh god… shruti ye tere bajume kahi vo famous model Ms taneja to nahi… (dramatically)
T: bitto bhai…. (making a cute pout and hugs him)
B: (hugs her back) thank god uh ok, warna muje laga k bebe se pehle tu buddhi ho jayegi…
T: (shocks and widens her eyes and does her fav expression) awww…. wat….
Bitoo runs from there and twinkle runs behind him to bit him playfully….
Shruti: (thinks.. I pray uh be happy like this only always…)

The whole day goes and twinkle is just enjoying with bitruti (bitoo + shruti). They went for shopping, then lunch, then for movie in the evening and again had dinner in a restaurant. its around 10, they are waiting for the dessert in the restaurant…

T: bhai, when will the dessert come?
B: it will come baby… have some patience…
T: no I m like zikra… I don’t have patience…
S: wat who zikra?
T: don’t uh know her, she is also a model and one of my friend too… uh know shruti, we girls are always told to keep distance from strangers but tell me if we will keep distance from strangers then how the hell we be friends…. And uh know this modelling carrer made me meet so many nice ppl around the industry… uh have no idea… they are all just fab…. Mahi, Sonali, Sayedda, Sohi, Lover, chahek, Ariya, Aruu the dreamer, Shatakshi, Tamanna, Radhika, Srija, Callmenazu, Joonakanksha, Fatarajo, Apoorwa, Kruti, Aashi, Baby, Loveleen, Priya, Dheemahee, Meeta, misha, Sudhika, Rashi, Sam, Jenny, Isabella, Pinkistar, krystal, arifa, sameera, shamz, maanvi, jaya, ayesha, sara, kai, dolly, tasha, happiness, jwala, sayeeda, riaA / ria / riya, smc, purnima, kiara, dharti , mannat, sana (aamu), figo, kavina, lovely, simran, afaa, alisha, komal, amii, chandra, poorvi, romaisah, bulbul, sidmin…… and so many…. As uh know industry is so big… and ya how can I forget him our photographer abhinav he is just too good in arranging parties after every project (she names them all with cute and a million dollar smile)

Bitoo and shruti with a open mouth in amasement
S: like seriously uh remember so many ppl… that uh are literally naming them all…
T: ofcourse I do… they just more worth it… I met them in at different places at different modelling projects… its said model have wars between them but not in our case…, we all praise each, push each to do more good and congrats each other wen achieveing success…. Uh know shruti they all are just so pure by heart…. Just like me what say…. (winks at shruti)
B: uh are right… a person who is pure by heart feels all around them are just like them….
“its not true, she doesn’t think like that when it comes to me… “ voice comes from the table on her back, the man getsup…. He is wearing a blue jeans with white t-shirt and black blazer. He is looking handsome… but saying his he getsup and leaves the restaurant. Twinkle turns and finds him leaving… bitruti also shocked to hear what he said… and finds strange like that…
T: who was that?
S: god knows and y did he said like that?
B: ignore him the dessert has arrived… come lets have it….
They all complete it and getsup to leave…. Wen suddenly a hand approaches twinkle’s waist. Twinkle turns around and looks to the person he is kunj in his office attire… bitruti also stops.
K: hey my wifey over here… that to without me?
T: (with tashan) ya… so do I need to take permission from uh?
K: (pressing her waist) ya ofcourse uh need to…
S: what did uh say….
K: nothing sis… (looking at twinkle) just teasing my love… (twinkle giving tough looks)
B: (makes not interested face and holds twinkle’s wrist and walks) come we need to go…

Approching towards the parking––––
bitoo walking with twinkle and kunj walking with shruti…
S: so how uh r here?
K: came for a business meeting, it was late so decided to have the dinner… wat about uh guys?
S: wat to do, wen uh have no time for ur wife, atleast we need to take care of her needs. So had a dayout with her…. Enjoyed alot
K: ya that’s visible with her attitude
S: what uh mean
K: wen she is happy she is on cloud9 and shows lots of attitude…
S: kuch bhi
K: u don’t believe me, look by urself only (approching her) hey wifey letss hav ice cream
T: (rolling her eyes) no need I just had a dessert.
They reached the parking… bitoo opening the cars door, twinkle huming a song and standing there.
Kunj infront of her…. shruti standing at some distance and laughing at them.
K: twinkle lets have a nightwalk, uh love na?
T: (looking at her nails) ya I do, but not in a mood
K: wat? Not in a mood?
Now bitoo sits in the car at the drivers seat, twinkle seats adjactent to him with door open and legs out, kunj holding the door wide open and standing there and talking to her)
T: (looking at hrself on the cars rear mirror) ya not in a mood…
K: ok then, come we will go in my car…
T: (widening her eyes) wat? Ur car? Its mine too
K: (shocked) wat? Explain me how?
T: (getsup from the car and stands infront of him) look I m ur wife, so jo tera hai(pointing him) vo mera hai… (pointing herself) get that? (with attitude) now tell whos car it is?
K: (streacting the word) ours, now can we proceed?
T: ya sure…. Bhai I m leaving with him…. Bye shruti…. (gives a flying kiss)
B: ok baby…
T: (to kunj) get my bags from bhai’s car… (walks gracefully to kunj’s ooops no twinj’s car showing lots of attitude)
K: (looks at her going and then looks at shruti, who is not able to control her laughter now…) saw now?
S: heheheeheh…. Ya…. Hehehe! Kunj, ur wife is a big dramaqueen…. (hugs him) bye… (gets into the car and waves at him and the car rushes away and kunj smirks…)

Twinkle is standing beside the car and busy in her mobile… when he comes and backhugs her… his one hand on her belly and and the other moving sensually rubbing her hand… and his face rubbing her cheecks from behind… twinkle is feeling the butterflies this time and is lost in his assese… kunj drags her at the backseat of the the car and she gets into senses that what he is upto… twinkle protests but he doent stop and makeout in the car…. Just then twinkle’s phone rings, its her manager, guys she is a model to manager to hoga hi… Twinkle feels embarssed and just feels yukkk… she is very much angry and feeling disgusted… before she could take her phone grabs it. He composes his clothes and gets out of the car… taking twinkle’s phone…
K: so this is the phone, which came in between us… (twinkle is still composing herself and her clothes) now nomore it disturb us… (he bangs the phone at the floor)
T: (comes out and shouts at him) y uh did this? It was my phone…
K: (giving cunning smile) wat did uh said? (acts to think) ya… jo tera hai vo mera hai… so I slamed our phone and vese bhi when we both are one body, one soal then y do we need two different mobiles…?
T: have uh gone crazy? How will my manager contact me… he was going to talk to about the new project.
K: wow great… means I did it in the right time… seriously what a mind-blowing timimg I have…
T: wat do uh mean by that
K: (shouts at her) I mean that uh r no more Ms. Taneja… U r Mrs. Sarna… and I wont allow my wife to expose herself to the world… DO UH GET THAT… (holds her by hairs) never getout of the house without asking me, that to in this clothes… (straching his words) m I clear?
T: (cries) hmm…..
Hope uh guys liked… so sorry if anyone is hurt by me in any way…. I tried my best…
And and and I hope my feeling that I love all my readers are expressed by twinkle well…. Let me know if I missed out someone…..
Lights….. check
Camera…… check
Comments… check
Suggestions… check
Complaints solved…. check
Replies….. check
Readers arrived…. Check
Are they smiling….. arrey are they smiling…. Not check…. awww  

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