I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 12)

Tysm for all your lovely comments…. Very much happy looking at all ur cute cute comments… Wanted to say more but the episode is big… I think I shudnt bore uh with my talk… arrey wait wait one last thing loveuh all sho sho sho much… bas itnahi…. Abb chalo…
Twinkle looks at the massive palace type bunglow with the name plate… “kunjvihar” twinkle steps forward wen bitoo holds her hand….
B: twinkle we are just beside uh, dnt feel lonely and just make a call if uh need anythi…..ng (streching the words… twinkle nods in yes. Meanwhile kunj instructs the servants to take the luggage inside… and leaves inside the mansion…. Twinkle follows him….. shruti takes bitoo to their bunglow…
Twinkle enters the mansion and observes kunj going to his room upstairs… while the serwants were still starring her….
T: (hesitates) hello i…m twinkle (just then shruti enters)
S: (adds) kunj’s wedded wife….

Servant’s are shocked to hear this and they look at each other…
S: twinkle let me introduce them to uh….. (pointing to the same driver who drove them home from airport) he is george the driver…. (pointing to a fat, cute teddybear type lady in midaged) she is margret she is the cook as well as the caretaker of the house, he is piter the laundry boy…. And…. {The introduction session carryon and eyery1 wishes twinkle congratulations for the marriage… twinkle hav sweet talk with them and seeing her smiling shruti leaves from their and instructs Margret to take care of twinkle and inform her if she needs anything….)
Twinkle is walking in the mansion and looking at each and everything…. Just then kunj comes out of the room and shouts… “if ur inspection is over then can uh plz comeup to ur room?” twinkle get frighten remembering wat he said and with hesitation she climbs the staircase… “ fast twinkle, u r not a 5 yr old baby that u r taking so much time to climb” he opens the door of the room and gets in… twinkle also get in and look at the beautiful interior of the room having balcony just like kunj’s amritsar wala room… she is looking at room wen suddenly a hand comes and landsup on her tummy… ya it’s again devil the kunj…. He backhugs her, and his fingers are rolling round and round on twinkle’s tummy…. She closes her eyes… he bites her earlobe… she gulps in
T: kunj…. Plz leav me….

K: y twinkle? I have not even started and uh r telling me to leave…. (smells her neck)
T: I thot uh r done with me….
K: (turns her around facing him and gives openmouth kisses on her neck) oh twinkle how can uh think dat… me and over with uh never…. Atleast not in this life… (slides her blouse from her shoulder and continues kissing her) twinkle uh hav no idea how much uh drive me crazy…. I just cant control myself…. (pulls her pallu of the sari out from the blouse were it was tucked…. And bends down on his knees and kisses and sucks her naval)
T: (with pain) then wat were uh doing with that airhostress?
K: (stops and standsup in anger pins her to wall tightly with his arms) who are uh to ask me? Huh…. Don’t forget that I don’t love uh….. and uh r just a bedroom partner for me…. (bangs her head slowly with a jerk and leaves….. but soon twinkle holds his wrist and makes him face her)
T: (yells) the bedroompartner uh r talking about is ur legally wedded wife and not anyother sl*t uh must have slept with….. (streching the words) do uh get that MR. Kunj Sarna…. And I hav all rights to know what my husband is doing on my back…. Uh are not a bachelor any more, uh r married to me and uh have no right to sleep with those sl*ts…… (streching the words) do uh get that kunj….
K: (calmly) omg twinkle, feeling jealous for ur hubby? (touches her face sensually) btw the chick was very hot……. (smirks) But nothing in front of uh…. But wat to do…. Uh were not allowing to me to have uh, so I was left with no option other than having her…. (carcassing her hairs on the sides of her ear and winks… twinkle makes an discusting look) leave all that lets have a deal wifey…..
T: wat deal?

K: I will not have any relation with any of those chicks but then uh hav to satisfy me daily widout doing any drama…. Uh will just handover urself to me… and not protest…. Wat say wifey?
(twinkle is stunned, not able to understand wat she should reply?)
K: do uh want me to stay loyal with uh? (leaves her and sits on the bed)
T: (hesitation) yaa…
K: fine then accept the deal…. (comes towards her, holds her by waist and leans at her ear) comeon twinkle even though uh protest I m gonna have uh… its better if uh accept the deal, atleast I will b loyal to uh (bites her earlobe and then sucks there)
T: (in one breathe with eyes closed) ok I accept…..
K: (moves away from her and appretiates) that like my girl…..

Just then a knock at the door and kunj yells (introducing Janet kunj’s PA)
K: whos der?
J: (opens the door) sir its me urs janet…. (winks at kunj and walks to him very sensually… kunj leaves twinkle and goes near her… wereas twinkle is fuming in anger looking at her and is also sad to accept kunj like this)
K: ohh good mrng se*y…. did uh missed me?
J: ofcourse I did sir…. (places her hands around his neck) wat about uh?
K: ummm… not at all (jerks her hands from his neck)
J: wat? (shocked) wat do u mean?
K: I mean uh can leave….
J: (on a erge of anger) wat is this kunj? I m not undrstanding wat uh mean
K: (calmly) I mean I m married and just now promised my wifey to stay loyal with her… so maintain distance, as I m ur boss….
J: wat? (looks at twinkle from top to bottom wearing sari and having traditional indian look… till now twinkle has composed her sari and blouse) uh r leaving me for this bhenji… oh no ur so called wifey…. Uh gonna regret for this…. I warn uh
K: (goes near twinkle and hugs her?) my life is full of regrets, I don’t have any prblm adding one more… (still hugging, janet fumes and leaves banging the door hardly, twinkle is numed all the while… she is surprised to see kunj giving her a place of wife….. breaks the hug) haina twinkle, is my life left with anything else then regrets? (twinkle is still numb… while kunj caresses her cheeks) regrets of being ur friend, being ur support, being with uh in ur ups and downs like a shadow, being ur guide…. And many more…. And the biggest regret to….. trust uh, to believe uh and to love uh like a fool……. (twinkle’s eyes turns heavy…. She eyes him lovingly wearas kunj is in angry mood now… saying this he felt all that pain again and he walked off out of the room angrily)
T: (to herself) kunj I know sumwer uh still love me… and I will make uh realise that…. I promise….

In the afternoon
Kunj enter’s home drunk not in his senses…
K: (yells) twinkle…. Twinkle….
M: Sir she is in her room sleeping… her body was paining so I gave her sleeping pills so she is resting…
K: ok uh go….. (climbs the stairs and enters room…. Twinkle was sleeping very peacefully…. All of a sudden SPLASH….. ya kunj did that…. He splash a jar of water on her face and she woke up… with a sudeen shock….. she was frightened and tried to dry her face with her hands only….
T: (stammering) wa…t ha…ppen ku…u..nj
K: how can uh sleep without me huh tell …..
T: wo….h ummm… ku….u…nj…. vo mein
K: stop that twinkle… I hope from now uh will keep this in mind ok baby?
T: yah
K: come make me eat….
T: (widdening her eyes) wat?
K: I didn’t had my dinner yet… I thought uh will make me eat with ur hands like before…. Remember

Kunj is sitting on the study table and completing his office work and is busy in laptop….
And twinkle is forcefully making him eat
K: twinkle leave na yaar… its ok if I skip my lunch… nothing will happen…
T: no… it matters me, uh do ur work na, I m not disturbing uh… I m making uh eat and uh can do ur work… so simple….
K: no its not simple, I m not able to concentrate, uh leave na twinkle…
T: no no no and no…
K: y r uh so stubborn
T: as if uh r not
K: less then uh
T: that y telling k don’t argue…. Chalo have this (and makes him eat wereas kunj eyes her lovingly)
Flashback ends––––––––––––––––––

Kunj and twinkle come out of the flasback and proceeds towards the dinning area….
Twinkle brings plate from kitchen and sits beside kunj and makes him eat…. He eats… both share intense eyelock…. Kunj’s dinner is complete…. Twinkle takes the plates inside the kitchen and begins to wash it as she doesn’t want to go to the room…. Kunj waits for her to come, but she still stays there… kunj gets impatient and enters kitchen and finds twinkle doing nothing… she gets scared and widens her eyes looking at him…. Kunj comes near her “ wat uh thot if uh don’t come out, I wont enter in?” before she speak, he grabbed her by her hair tightly and smashed his lips on her… twinkle was trying to loosen his grip from her hair as it was hurting her but his grip was very tight…. Kunj stopped and parted his lips away from her… shooked her with the grip of his hand on her hairs… “uh made a deal twinkle, that uh wont protest remember?” twinkle started crying, kunj added, “ oh no not again, stop flooding ur crocodile tears yaar” twinkle is blank… “let me have uh twinkle, oderwise I hav to call janet” twinkle cleans her face and gulps in. kunj understands and starts again…. he pushes her near the kitchen platform and starts removing her sari and throws it of the floor and gets close to her and kisses her lips and his hands are rubbing twinkle’s every part of her back… she is feeling disgusting but she cant protest as she cant even see him with any other girl… so she stays silent… just then margret enter and is shocked to see twinkle in blouse and her sari lying on floor and kunj on his wild avatar asuasl… she feels awkward and turns back wen twinkle notices her and push kunj away bcoz of which he also notices margret….
K: (to margret) wat r uh doing here?
M: sir …. I came to arrange the kitchen… I m sorry
K: its ok. V will leave uh can continue ur work…. (grabs twinkle from her arm and drags her to the room…. Twinkle is shocked the way he was so casual about the thing….. as soon as they entered the room kunj again started with his wildness…. He closed the door within a fraction and was close to her again kissing her….. while twinkle is just making disgusted faces which he observes as his eyes are open while kissing just to see the pain on twinkle face… he parts his lips away and hold her by waist)
K: uh know twinkle, I hav slept with many s*xy chicks but I don’t understand y uh give a strange desire to me….. even though uh don’t reciprocate I just enjoy making-out with uh… oh god twinkle y r uh so memerizing… this is the reason y even though I hate uh so much cant stay away from ur body… saying this he leaves to the balcong and lit his cigaratee and smokes… twinkle looks at him and tries to control his tears and just stands their numb… kunj comes close to her and give the cigarate to her and ask her to hav it..
K: take twinkle, dnt shy
(twinkle doesn’t take it, so kunj catch holds her by arms and forcefully inserts the cigerate in her mouth and unwillingly she has to blow… but she endsup coughing… kunj laughs at her and takes the cigerate back and blow the smoke on her face….

K: I don’t believe this twinkle, uh hav not atall changed… uh r still the same… u r still a kid…
(twinkle is still coughing and go to the table and drinks water from the jar… she was facing the wall and drinking as soon she found some smoke occupying the room… not the cigrate wala but sumthing else…. She turns back and gets shocked… tuffy(teddy) was on the floor and it has got fire… it was burning and kunj stays their smirking at twinkle…. Twinkle rushes with the jar and stops the fire but it was all at wain…. The teddybear was allmost burned…. She cries taking the halfburnt teddy while kunj is very much happy to see her cry, her pain….
K: (wipes her tears with sarcastism) oh shit! Twinkle how this happen? This was ur fav. Toy na….? no I guess I m mistaken… ur fav toy was not this teddy but me…. (holds her by arms and gets her up from the floor) Great na the place which I deserved that is to sleep with uh daily uh gave it to this toy while the place which this teddy desesrved that is to play with, uh did it with me… (bites her lips and backoff) but now no more playing with toys…. Nor this teddy and nor me…. now only playing mature games…
T: (clearing her face from tears looks straight into his eyes and shouts) which mature games uh r talking about? The ones which uh r playing from years….. 1st to ignore me from many years… and getting into all this ill habits, not trying to clear the mess the misunderstandings between us… after so long meeting me but not uttering a word, and readilly excepting the marriage… then trying to get physical a day before the wedding and expect the same from me, then forcefully making-out with me… without understanding that I m not comfortable with it… then making me embarassed infront of the maid… then burning my teddy for no reason and acting as uh don’t know wat it matters to me and all this while behaving casually…. Is this ur mature games?
K: so wat uh want me to do?

T: (cupps his face) just look itno my eyes don’t uh see the love for uh, cant uh see the hope in it that uh will change as before….
K: (jerks away from her still making the eye contact) just look at me twinkle I m now as same as ur UV. Uh always liked, ohh not liked infact loved bad boys na… see for just ur love i changed into bad… not bad the worst… uh know I m known as a devil but still uh will remain my angel and now I hav uh all for myself….. no1 else can even think about having uh…. Uh r only and only mine….
T: kunj do uh love me? plz tell me…
K: no twinkle how can I love uh… u love me…. I fu*k uh…
Twinkle stays blanked…. Again the night ends with kunj’s n number of tortures……

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  1. Very nice episode saby

    1. Saby

      Ty bulbul?

  2. SidMin

    feeling really bad for Twinkle waiting for the next episode

    1. Saby

      Tysm sidmin? next epi is posted

  3. Kruti

    Fabulous epi saby…….I just can’t express out my feelings …u r amazing

    1. Saby

      Tysm kruti?

    1. Saby

      Ty kavina?

  4. Ohh my god ? U r stunning writer . I have no words to say . U sealed me up .. Just mind blowing ??? . Just keep updating regularly.. I eagerly wait for ur ff . Lots of love . Keep writing as many mind blowing ff as u can ??

    1. Saby

      Tysm kiara….?
      Glad to hear uh wait for my ff

      1. Hey saby m sorry. Everytym u used to write u love my name and I can’t even reply sorry actually I was every busy . Everyday I used to only read and comment n forget to reply …. Thanku so much ??? my pleasure u lyk my name ??

  5. Awwww saby diiii ab kya kahu mai…?????
    I have nt enough of words to describe it yaar….????
    U always do that y y y?????tell me na…..!??????
    Ab kya comment karu…….
    Can u plzzz tell me how to describe such amazing epi. …..
    Jus tell me once plzzzzz…ok….enough of me…Ik kuch zyada nai hogaya.,…????
    Bt m in love wid ur writing n ff tooooooo…..yaar….?????
    Wht to say…..?????
    I I seriously don’t have enough words to describe it…… Yaar…..
    M madly truly deeply amazinggggggggly in luv wid ur ff n u…..???
    Sach me kya kahu????
    Kuch bacha hi nahi yaar…..?????
    Bus fab fantastic osmmmmmmmm amazing superbbbbbbb wonderful tooo good best n wht nt yaar….???????????????????
    Jus words r nt enough to describe it yaar……???????
    To to tooo gud…..loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much……?????????????
    M really addicted to ur ff nw i cant wait….??
    Plzzz yaar itna acha likte ho ap…?????
    Loving it….????kunjs new shades omggh twinkles posessiveness towords himm…. Was jus superbbbb….?????
    Bas ek hi kaam kardo bas jaldi se post kardo yaar….
    Kitna tadpate ho????????
    Mujhe maaf karna yaar sich big comments ik mai bahut bak bakbak karti hu par kay karu?….
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    Bie biee biee luv u to d moon n backkk….
    Luv ur ff to d core…….

    1. Again a big commenypt sry…???
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      Love uh lots more??

  6. Directionert91

    ?????????isnt kunj tooo wild….

    1. Saby

      Ya he is… But will turn good soon….

  7. Ria

    The episode was amazing but, feeling so sad for Twinkle.. but, I’m loving the uniqueness of the story.

    1. Saby

      Tysm ria?
      And me too feeling bad for twinkle…. But I assure uh next part uh will not feel so bad for twinkle….
      And thanx for liking the story??

  8. Saby? Omg. I love your fanfiction but dammit, kunj is making me sick. I’m visioning sidhant & I hate it. You’re doing a fabulous job but please clear this misunderstanding soon na. Or at least make twinkle throw the same antics back at him. I hate seeing her helpless in the crybaby state. If he wanna take her by force let her turn come when she’ll take him by force. Vise versa na. All in all beautiful writing

    1. Saby

      Tysm riaA?
      Plz don’t hate Kunj….. Its just a shade of him?
      And I agree with ur suggestion and will make necessary changes regarding the same…..??

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Osm…….just amazing…no words to describe….

    1. Saby


  10. Saaby its awesome. Please its a request dnt make twinkle wear saris as shes a model . Make her wear modern clothes. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz its my one onone request

    1. Saby

      Tysm chehak….?
      For suggesting me and I will try to do it…
      And I hope next episode give uh the reason y I m making twinkle wear sari’s….
      Stay tuned….

      1. Saby I luv ur ff alot butplease make twinkle wear modern clothes. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz shes leaving in NY nd make janet angry on twinkle nd she do smthing to her den kunj ka pyaar nd janet ki haarl

      2. Nd in front of ur name it shows author nd others it shows registered member. How cm can u plz tell which special setting u did

    2. Saby

      Dear I have no no idea at all y it shows that…. Trust me I have not noticed it uptill now…. I found it just now wen uh told me

  11. Ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tysm.. As always just fabulous…
    Waiting for the devil to change..yaar tum hamesha mujhe surprise karte ho with ur episodes..
    Once again thank you so much…
    Loved it to the core??

    1. Saby

      tysm priya?
      And if uh think i always surprise uh….
      Den wait for the next episode…..
      Uh will b more shocked…..
      Warning in advance???

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Saby….really awesome episode… Loved it…kunj devil avatar is fab….

    1. Saby

      Tysm Rashi?
      For supporting me and my devil Kunj???

  13. U take off my eyes how did u write such good episode plzz tell me?
    Feeling bad for twinkle but enjoying kunj wild character hats off yaar just love u
    I can’t express have no words to comment just loving it most day by day ???
    Plzz do cont asap

    1. Saby

      Tysm sam?
      I myself have no clue how i write…..
      Its uh guys who made me know how i wrte….??

  14. Nice episode

    1. Saby

      Tysm dolly

  15. Omg feeling pity for twinkle yrr she is very innocent ? but still m loving this devil kunj.. Wait to c wht next m. Hope they’ll b together soon. N clear their misunderstanding.. Dude plss upload soon coz m jus addicted to your ff. Loved this new story.. Waiting for kunj realisation n breakdown that he did wrong with twinkle

    1. Saby

      Tysm amii…?
      Everything uh mentioned is just going to happen but will take few epi…..
      I m glad uh liking the story
      And my devil Kunj….

  16. Callmenazu

    luvd it saby post d nxt one asap

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  17. Fan

    Awesome epi…hope kunj realises his mistake soon…

    1. Saby

      Ty fan?
      And ya he will realise it soon

  18. Thank you Very very very very very very very muchhhhhhhhhhh……….. For this ff i m deadly fanfan you. Ap ko to koi serial ka writer banna chahie

    1. Saby

      Tysm dharti?
      And ur words were very big….
      I have no idea wat to comment on that
      Like seriously serial writer…..?
      No comments….. Loveuh lots?

  19. Joonakanksha

    As usual mindblowinv
    No wrds to describe it

    1. Saby

      Tysm joonakanksha?

  20. i was a little bit saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad for teddy but you are owsome + mindblowing keep it upand plz try to post 2 3 everyday btw love it

    1. Saby

      Tysm misha?
      And I wud love to post it but I have a very busy schedule…. So can’t keepup to ur expectations…..

  21. Saby, I’m in love with your ff!!! It’s amazing and you’re a great writer too! Cheers 🙂

    1. Saby

      Tysm Maya?
      Ur words mean a lot to me

    2. Saby

      Sorry I mean jaya…. Sleepy uh see…. Plz don’t mind

  22. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Omg its amazing ?

    1. Saby

      Tysm Isabella uh showed up
      I missed ur comment

  23. Sayeeda

    Sorry today no words to describe how much extraordinary ur ff is ….it’s said na sometimes silence speaks a lot which words can’t communicate …so I prefer to stay silent today..

    1. Hey didu where’s ur ff dea …????
      Ik u will b busy bt atleast try …..
      Majormissing# for ur ff….????????
      Plzzz b back soon….????????????

    2. Saby

      Tysm sayu….?
      Ur silence is speaking more louder than words….???
      Keep supporting…. Love uh dear

  24. Shatakshi

    Mummyyyy….yeh ladki kya likhti h???
    God?!! Like seriously???…u convey the emotions so well
    Its really Awesome
    I imagined sid in such avatar…n trust me it was damn interesting…
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

    1. Saby

      Tysm satuuu…..?
      Glad to know I portrayed it so well that uh were able to imagine as such….?
      Love uh dear???

  25. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    Amazing. ..mindblowing…master piece. …I can’t explain hw much I liked it ..I loved the kunj’s wild avtaar. ..I m happy that kunj will leave other girls as I cn only imagine him with twinkle …I feel jealous…hehehe. ..plz do cont asap..I used to read ur previous episode till u post ur next episode. …if I hv to define ur ff in one word than its TWINJ. ..I love twinj sidmin like mad n I love ur ff like mad….

    1. Saby

      Tysm tamanna?
      I didn’t knew uh speak so much….
      Just kidding…?
      Love the way uh expressed ur love towards twinj and my ff……
      Love uh lots…..

  26. Dreamer...arundhati

    Saby…omg…I can’t believe this!
    U r wonderful…I was literally at the verge of crying at twinkle’s state and kunj’s condition.
    U r doing a wonderful job.
    Ctd soom

    1. Saby

      Tysm arru?
      So so so sorry to make a lovely girl cry…
      And ur supports means a lot to me….
      Love uh darling??

  27. Osssm epi saby plz post the next epi asap

    1. Saby

      Tysm aashi?


    hw to explain u ya so much loveable episode

    1. Saby

      Tysm ayesha?

  29. Amazing epi………

    1. Saby

      Tysm ayushi?

  30. Amazing..
    One question
    Is it still flashback

    1. Saby

      Ty zakuu for commenting
      Darling the flashback is over and its present now….

  31. Amazing episode saby….hope kunj will change soon,madly waiting for ur next ff…

    1. Saby

      Abhinav…. Tysm ?
      And stop ur madness…. Next epi is already out der

  32. Affaa

    Sorry sorry for being late…I was bzy so yaar I hope my sis will understand me…yaar epic was ethnic yaar really how you’re doing this always…words may be less to appreciate your really yaar hats off to you…keep rocking like this love you lots…be blessed…

    1. Saby

      hey affa di wer were uh…. missed uh so so so so much…..
      and tysm…. love uh lots and lots more
      keep supporting
      missing ur ff…. eagerly waiting for it…. do post it asap

  33. sidmin lover

    Nice episod

  34. omg saby quite painful bt amazing

    1. Saby

      Ty baby…

  35. Jwala

    awesome. . no words to describe yout ff.. this is the only ff I’m reading rather than my favourite pair swasan.. I really loved your story.. it forced me to read it.. and I love this so much.. great going dear.. I’m loving it . but I never watched tashan isq.. but I love your ff

    1. Saby

      Tysm jwala?
      Whatever uh r doing like reading my ff even though its not ur liked pairs….
      Its seriously appritiable…. Ty ty tysm dear…
      I will do my best to entertain uh…..
      Uh can imagine swasan in place of twinj then uh will be in the flow….

      1. Jwala

        no problem dear.. I can imagine kunj and twinkle itself I know them. . but I don’t watch any show than swaragini.. and I’m glad that I got an outstanding story to read.. you are really amazing. . Please post next part soon.. god bless you .. tc

      2. Saby

        Tysm dear…. And epi 13 is already uploaded…. Uh can have a look….

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