I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 11)

Hey lovely people…. Please bash me, I need that… how can I just test my readers patience…. Seriously vely vely vely shorry…. And all the writers over here, sho sho shorry that I was not able to comment on ur mind-blowing ff’s and all the new commers also… uh all are doing good keep it up…. All silent readers try to comment yaar… we all writers need appreciation… plz understand yaar, we are not payed over here… ur comment are only our hope to motivate us more… so do comment…. so sorry if uh felt bad…. And ya… every time a silent reader surprises me with their comment… but this time I really got shocked… dude yeah I m talking about uh only ABHINAV…thankyou so much for commenting dear… guys seriously I didn’t knew boys to have a habit of reading… that to fictions… seriously boys reading the ff then let me know… kuch zyada to nahi ho raha hai na… ff mein? Coz I hav no idea… about a boys feelings… just trying to potray it…. Last but not the least…. ff writers, commenters and silent readers love uh all…. Lets begin
Next day
Kunj is sleeping peacefully on his bed while twinkle is sleeping near the railing of the balcony…. The sunrays falls on her because of which she gets up and comes inside the room…. Her eyes fall on kunj who is still sleeping. She stares his innocent face, just then the torture of last night flashes on her mind and she angrilly takes her clothes… purposely making lots of noise and gets inside the washroom…

After sometime she comes out of the room and finds kunj still sleeping… now she ignores him and sits near the dressing table, she wears a sari and puts light makeup to hide her sadness and pain. She is about to tuck her pallu wen she notices the lovebite on her neck or can be said as hate mark actually…… she touches it and winces in pain…. Kunj gets up and he sees twinkle wincing in pain and smirks looking her in pain… he gets down from bed and hugs twinkle from back….
K: goodmorning twinkle! (smirks and looks at her surprised face from mirror) how was last night…?. (touching her tummy wid his hand) I hope uh enjoyed…. (kisses her neck on the exact place of that hatebite, twinkle closes her eyes in pain) omg twinkle plz uh hav to get habitual to this now…. Bcoz I m damn crazy about uh and I wont bare uh for a minute in New-YORK…. (Twinkle widens her eyes)
T: (still in that position) muje tumhare ishq ki aadat hai kunj…. Iss junoon ki nahi…. (I m habitual to your love…. not ur madness) (kunj loosens his grip and makes her turn facing him and holds her tightly by her arms)

K: toh aadat daldo twinkle qki tumhare naseeb me ye junoon hi likha hai….. (then make it a habit twinkle, bcoz in ur life this madness is only written…. ) (leaves out of the room in anger)
Twinkle cries looking at kunj going….
In the hall (sitting on sofa’s)
Bebe: kunj… uh came. Wer is twinkle? Bitoo and shruti are waiting for uh from last half an hour….
Bitoo: wer is twinkle kunj?
K: she is coming… (just then twinkle comes down with her suitcase… bitoo helps her in coming down as she was wearing a sari and uncomfortable to walk)
U: arrey twinkle… wat was the need to wear sari, wen uh r uncomfortable in walking in it?
T: maa its ok, I m fine…
U: ok but from now uh r going to newyork so no need to wear these over der ok… uh can wear what uh want to… I trust uh (cups twinkle’s face and gives a peck on her forehead)
M: (hugs kunj) v will miss uh both so much….
Rt, leela, manohar, usha, bebe, anand, nikki and ishan…. All bid them bye… and twinkle, kunj, bitoo and shruti heads towards the airport in their resp. cars……
Bitoo’s car
B: Did uh saw how kunj reacted today, he didn’t even helped twinkle in carrying her suitcase down….
S: I know bitoo… but let us give sum time to them to solve their issue by their own…
At the airport…

Twinkle and shruti are sitting on the waiting zone, bitoo has went to buy some cupcakes whereas kunj is busy flirting with the airhostress… twinkle observes this and feels bad… her tears flow and before it flow down she wipes it and continue talking to shruti…. Bitoo observes this and goes near kunj and drag him towards shruti and twinkle.
B: I bought some cupcakes come hav it…
K: this was the reason dude, like seriously? Uh drag me for this?
B: yes kunj and even v are getting late…
K: missed the hot chick man…. Never mind lets leave…. (leaves)
Bitoo cluthes his fist in anger, shruti holds his fist in assuring him to chill…
Bitoo, shruti also leaves with twinkle….
Kunj’s pov

I m enjoying this very much twinkle… ur every tear makes me feel so happy… I did it purposely afterall uh must b aware of wat kind of person uh r married to? Smirks

In the plane…
Kunj and twinkle are sitting next to eachother and bitoo and shruti are sitting together were as one man is sitting with them…
kunj places his hand on twinkle’s lap… twinkle jerks his hand away with a frustrated look…
K: oh twinkle, uh look so hot wen u r angry… (holds her wrist, she is trying to escape from his grip) comeon twinkle after last night I thot uh must b comfortable with me, but no uh doesn’t seem comfortale at all… wats wrong baby… (leans towards her lips)
T: kunj plz behave… v are not alone here

K: oh god twinkle, y are uh worrying of others…?
(just then the same airhostress comes)
A: (sensually) hello sir, can I help uh in wearing the seatbelts?
K: ya sure… (airhostress leans down coming very close to kunj and very sensually making him wearthe seatbelt) thankyou… so much (strching his words)
A: anything for uh sir…. (she rubs her palm at kunj’s cheek and speaks in a low tune) I will b eagerly waiting for uh…. (smiles and leaves… kunj smirks naughtily)
Twinkle witnesses everything and getsup and rushes to the washroom…

She cries there biterly…. After sumtime she clears her face and come out of the washroom as she was moving towards her seat… she notices something at one of the corner…. As she was passingby… she slides the curtain slowly and gets shocked… kunj is barechest and wildly kissing the same airhostress pinning her to the wall and the airhostress is also reciprocating him and moving her hands on kunj’s naked back and making him come move close to her….
twinkle is feeling heartbroken now… she is blank… her eyes starts flooding with endless tears, she rushes to the washroom again and cries, shruti comes in search of her and finds her crying wereas bitoo find kunj with the airhostress… he slaps him hard… twinkle and shruti also arrives there… bcoz of the noice as the place was just outside the washroom…
the airhostress leaves from there…. Kunj is shocked to get a slap from bitoo that to infront of twinkle… he is hell angry…

K: wat the hell is wrong with uh bitoo? Wat was this for? Wat was this for? (touching the cheek were he got the slap)
B: for wat uh r asking? Ask ur ownself? (he notices twinkle standing their and stops fighting, he holds her wrist and take her to his seat, kunj sees them going and grabs his shirt from the floor and wears it)
S: (comes near to kunj in folded hands like praying) I beg uh kunj don’t do this again, otherwise uh will surely lose ur sister…. (leaves there crying)
Bitoo talks with the man and convince him to exchange his seat with twinkle’s
Now twinkle is sitting with bitoo and shruti wereas the man is sitting on twinkle’s seat… kunj comes composing his clothes… he notices the seats got exchanged but stays quite bcoz of shruti’s hard words….

Flight lands to NewYork……
Bitoo, shruti, twinkle and kunj comes out of the flight…. Takes the luggage and heads towards their home… these time they all are sharing the same car kunj seating infront with driver and twinkle along with bitoo and shruti at the backseat… every1 are just numb bcoz of the plane incident… there is a pindrop silence….
The car stops… every1 comes out….


Stay tuned guys….. torture is yet started….
Guys jisko part 10 nahi mila only for them

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    awsome saby hw do u write so well

    1. Saby

      Hey ayesha… Ty for commenting?
      And I myself have no ans hw do I write so well…??

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Nice epi saby di..eagerly waiting for the next one…ya honestly sometimes I feel a bit disgusted due to Kunj’s behavior.. Hats off to u ..coz yehi toh apko dikhanaa hai ri8…after all he is a cruel devil

    1. Saby

      Plz don’t feel disgusted plz….
      I plomish vo jaldi change ho jayega….

  3. OMG what do I even say anymore? OMG…that’s all I can say because if I start ranting then three days will go by. I love this ff SO MUCH!!!!! U ARE AMAZING!!!!!! ❤️❤️

    1. Saby

      Tysm sara?
      I m glad to hear this…. ?

  4. Finally ff likh h dia tumne yrr.. I was eagerly waiting for this … I mean seriously itna wait. 🙁 🙁 🙁 n stil its short I expect its quite longer.. 🙁

    1. Saby

      Sho sho sho shorry amii….?
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      Pakka plomish next time….
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  5. Sameera

    Seriously I am liking this kunj superbb epi I have no words to says hats off to u saby but I am angry with u plzz post epi soon ???
    Waiting for ur next epi

    1. Saby

      Dnt get angry on me…. Plsshhhh
      I plomise abse pakka daily update….
      And I m happy that uh liking the new Kunj…. ??

  6. Epi is just.. Amazing.. I just loved the way u write.. Plsss update soonnnnnnn

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      Amii again….? I will do it asap

    1. Saby

      Tysm kavina?… I read ur comment on part 10 and thanks for liking my ff??

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        Most welcome

  7. Shatakshi

    Really saby
    U literally portrayed a completely new kunj
    Loved it❤❤❤

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  8. I am loving this ff. Kunj is a utterly horrible. Liking the depiction. Though I understand twinkle’s feeling I think she needs to showcase her punjabi pataka (not sure I said that correctly as I am not from India)

    1. Saby

      Hey kai thanks for commenting and liking my ff??
      And ya she will come in her real avatar…. But it has time…. I hope uh will stay tuned till that….

  9. Fan

    Awesome epi…

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    Saby, the ff is amazing.. I’m enjoying it a lot.. the plot is damn unique.. loved it.

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      Trust me there is lot more to come….?

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    Hats off saby fabulous epi
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    1. Saby

      Sayu….. ??
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