I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 10)

Hey lovely people….. eventually wen I started writing and post my first episode I decided within 10 episodes I will complete my ff but I have changed my decision as now I m habitual of writing for uh guys and don’t want to end this ff that is bcoz I don’t want to get isolated again…. I just found my smile again and that’s all bcoz of ur lovely comments which bring hapiness to me…. nothing more just keep supporting me…… loveuh all, even silent readers…
here uh go with the double dose…..

Kunj and twinkle along with Anand enters the mansion….. were bebe, usha, manohar, nikki and ishaan are waiting for the just wedded couple…. Having a bright smile on their faces… (guys uh know each character so I think there is no need to giv intro)

Usha does aarti and asks twinkle to kick the kalaash (so srry if kick is the wrng word but I dnt knw hw to elobrate it) twinkle does it and then comes inside dipping her legs on gullal thali and then proceeds futher imprinting her red footprints on the floor…. Bebe makes twinkle and kunj sit facing eachother nd tells them to find out the ring from the bowl (red water along with flower petals)
Nikki sits beside twinkle wereas anand sits beside kunj
N: twinkle uh only hav to win this, our family has a tradition always girls are winning this uh hav to continue the tradition…. Haina ishu? (ishu is thinking making cute face and his one finger is on his cheek… looking damn cute)
Kunj and Twinkle smiles looking ishan’s innocence…
I: (very cutely) mumma….
N: ya ishu…. Shay…. Chachi hav to win na?
I: no chachu will win (in one tone and angry look)
Everyone shock
T: y ishu? Uh don’t want me to win (making puupy face)
A: (trying to control his laugh) ya ishu tell them y uh want chachu to win…. Tell
I: bcoz I m a boy and I will support a boy only…(screaming)
Every1 starts laughing…. And the game begins
1st round….
Both kunj and twinkle’s right hand is in the bowl…. And searching for the ring… nikki and anand cheering them to find out first….
Just then twinkle finds the ring… every1 claps
2nd round….
Kunj wins
3rd and final round…..
Kunj and twinkle both are tired of playing now but unwillingly does as it’s the last time now…. Just then both get the ring, and look at eachother and have a passionate eyelock… twinkle’s eyes shows love wearas kunj eyes shows his lust….
Just then ishu cries and twinkle loosens her grip and looks at him,…. While kunj get the ring out of the bowl and show to the family…. And now our dramaking ishu gives a high5 to kunj and hugs him
I: we won, look mumma we won…… (cheering and dancing every1 laughs looking at his innocence.)
N: very bad ishu uh did cheating…
I: no mumma everything is fare in love and war (comes towards twinkle and hugs her) and I love chachi very much (twinkles gives a peck on his cheeks and hugs him back)
B: (smiling endlessly looking the complete family) chalo ab sab jao apne apne kamreme thak gaye hoge na… aaram karo….
All heads up to their resp. rooms wen bebe calls out kunj…
Kunj waits back to talk with bebe whereas twinkle motions upwards to kunj’s room
K: haa bebe…. Boliye
B: kunj puttar tum dono ka NewYork jana zaruri hai kya… abhi abhi toh humara pariwar complete hua hai, isme tum dono chod ke chale jaoge….. muje acha nahi lag raha…(making sad face)
K: (hugs her) bebe hume jana hoga, vaha bhi toh business sambhalna haina… hum humesha aapke dil me rahege, or jabhi aapko humari yaad aaye bas call karna, jathse spiderman ki tarha aa jauga aapke pass…. Bas aap sad mat hoeiye mein dekh nahi pata…
B: (smiles and push kunj in playful manner) chal khottey… ja abhi, teri bevi tera intazar kar rahi hogi…. (leaves to their resp. rooms)

Kunj’s room
Kunj enters his room in excitement… just as he opens the door he finds twinkle sitting on the bed and playing snakes and ladder with ishan…. Kunj gets angry looking at her, twinkle smirks at him.
Kunj angrily goes to washroom to change his sherwani….
Nikki comes in search on ishan….
N: (surprised) arey ishan… baby y r uh here… uh must b in ur room na? (giving smile to twinkle)
I: mumma but chachi only told me to play wid her…. haina chachi(innocently)
Twinkle is confused wat to answer and pouts, kunj comes out of the washroom changing itno a treckpant showing his hot barechest with 6pack abs, he notices niki and quickly grabs a shirt from cupboard…
N: (feeling shy) anyway twinkle,… lev it. Come ishu (drags ishan)
T: no bhabhi let him b here only na, (gets up from bed and approaches her, nikki is confused and looks at kunj who gives a confused look too…) I mean tomorrow v are leaving for newyork na … I wont get time to spend with ishu…. Plz let him b here…
N: I undrstand twinkle but he is also tired…. That’s y
T: (gives up looking at ishan’s sleepy face) its ok bhabhi… take him (gives a peck on ishan’s forehead) goodnight ishu….
Ishan also gives her a peck on her cheecks and then on her other cheek…
I: (innocently) 1 for uh and one for chachu… give it to him after I go…. Like I give to mamma and she gives to pappa (nikki and twinkle cupps their faces…)
N: (shies and hell embarased, drags ishan) srry twinkle….. uh naughtyhead just come with me……..) and continues but the voice is not heard as they went away…
Now there was total silence…..
Twinkle sits on the chair near dressing table… and starts removing her jewellery… kunj locks the door twinkle gets nervous… and getsup to leave to the washroom… just then
Kunj holds her wrist and pull her close to himself, twinkle’s one hand resting on kunj’s chest wearas other is entangled across her back by kunj with a tight grip…
K: wat did uh thot twinkle uh will escape urself from me? (making the grip more tight which makes her more close to him)
T: kunj don’t even try to do anything… (tashan)
K: (smiles) as if I m going to listen to uh
Saying this he starts suking her lips in a wild manner…. Twinkle is making attempts to pullout but with every attempt he tightens his grip of her hand and bites her lips…. Twinkle is out of breathe now and he pushes kunj with full force…. Kunj gets more angry and pinns her to the wall… with one hand holding twinkle’s both hands on the top of her head and other resting on her waist…
Kunj again starts kissing, sucking her lips and bites her lips at her every attept to rescue herself from his grip…. Kunj’s other hand is taking out the pallu from her shoulder in an wild manner…the kiss is still going wen kunj takes out her duppata finally and throws it on the floor… and then takes out her blouse tearing it away from her body…just like an hungry animal. And now kunj apart his lips and looks at twinkle… twinkle is in her choli and br*…. While her eyes are turned red.. by controlling her tears… kunj looks at her cleavages and just bends down at her to kiss her…. just then chaatakkkk… twinkle slaps her hard….
T: (yells) uh r just discusting kunj…. 1st ofall uh r forcefully kissing me and then…. Chi… I hate uh for this kunj… I hate uh….
K: (touches his cheek wer she slapped) discusting na…. (drags her and pushes her on bed with force… then opens the cupboard and takes out one rope) now uh wil see how much discusting I m?
(comes near twinkle, she is hell shocked… kunj takes out his shirt and then grabs her hand and ties it with the side of the bed) and proceeds towards other…)
T: (slepping on bed with one hand tied) kunj wat uh doing? (Pleading hardly) kunj leave me… plz
(Just then kunj stops and doesn’t tie her other hand comes upon her…looking straight in her eyes)
K: shhhh… just stop twinkle… y r uh shouting so much? Wat will the family think…? (Sarcastically)
Comeon twinkle uh hav no other option other then handing over urself to me then y this drama?
(Twinkle starts crying silently and givesup rescuing herself) that’s like my good girl….

He bends towards her cleavages and kisses it and takes off her bra and thows it away now starts sucking and biteing her naked upperpart… while twinkle is in pain and tears are falling from her eyes…. Kunj proceeds towards her tummy and kisses, bites her there… and sucks her naval and plays with tongue over their…. And at the samtime he undresses her down part and do the same over there……. All this while twinkle is just crying as she never expected her first night in this manner…

Now kunj undress himself and does his final tortue… he gets intimate with her… and he is feeling the pleasure while twinkle is crying to stop as its new to her and she is in pain….
K: stop spoiling the mood twinkle (grabs her lips again while still continuing with the fu*king part)

All this go for nearly 2 hours and atlast kunj is tired of torturing her….. he gets down from her and wears his shorts and sleeps covering his legs with the blanket with barechest…. Twinkle is in very much pain… she is crying her heart out.
K: (shouts) crybaby just stop crying, I m tired and damn sleepy…. (faces the ceiling and sleeps)
Twinkle takes the kunj’s shirt thrown on the nearby shelf and wears it… her eyes are still flooded with tears of pain….. she sits on bed and starts sobbing covering her face with pillow……..

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Present day––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
After the long flashback…..
(can refer the first part if not able to recollect…….
In a room a girl is shown covering her face wid d pillow crying nd sobbing silently dat d boy beside her must not wakeup… she slowly gets up nd moves towards d washroom. In an uneasy manner wid lots of pain and difficulty she reaches d washroom nd gets inside nd looks in d mirror she is none oder den Twinkle… she is wearing a gents shirt just to cover her body wch has been treated cruely just sumtym before. Her eyeliner, lipstick, her makeup is destroyed nd smudged… she opens d tab nd clears her face wid cold water…. She looks at d mirror and her tears are endlessly falling frm her eyes… she looks upon her neck, her shoulder, her body in d mirror… it was looking as if a cruel animal has attacked her… she was having love bites whole over her body…. Nd her lips wer also bleeding…. she gets herself a bath and changes her dress into a pink nightgown nd comes out of d washroom… she looks at d boy sleeping on bed peacefully with a barechest…. He is none oder den Kunj… a cruel husband….a devil… She eyes him nd again her tears start flowing nd she runs out at d balcony… she now burst out crying
“how…. How did he changed so much….god …..how?….”) ***only for uh guys*****
And dosses off there itself is that state near the balcony railing….

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  8. Seriously it was really a double dose. Hope that kunj will soon change in back wala kunj. I was nice but it’s one of my favorite Ffs never end it Try to post everyday 3 4 plz. It’s like being in a new world of imagination love it

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  13. Nice episod dnt make kunj charactr positve fast let it be devil for sme more time

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