I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (part 1)

Hello guys I’m SabY… I m a silent reader nd trust me I have read each and every episode of twinj posted by all uh lovely guys on TU … wether it b completed or still on going…. I never commented as I’m always in a hurry nd lookup for d oder episode…. I had a story in my mind but always lack behind of writing it bcoz of my busy schedule of cllg nd den job…. I hope uh like my story….. Enough now starting wid d story……..

Its night… A big mansion is shown which is beautifully decorated as some wedding has taken place…. In a room a girl is shown covering her face wid d pillow crying nd sobbing silently dat d boy beside her must not wakeup… she slowly gets up nd moves towards d washroom. In an uneasy manner wid lots of pain and difficulty she reaches d washroom nd gets inside nd looks in d mirror she is none oder den Twinkle… she is wearing a gents shirt just to cover her body wch has been treated cruely just sumtym before. Her eyeliner, lipstick, her makeup is destroyed nd smudged… she opens d tab nd clears her face wid cold water…. She looks at d mirror and her tears are endlessly falling frm her eyes… she looks upon her neck, her shoulder, her body in d mirror… it was looking as if a cruel animal has attacked her… she was having love bites whole over her body…. Nd her lips wer also bleeding…. she gets herself a bath and changes her dress into a pink nightgown nd comes out of d washroom… she looks at d boy sleeping on bed peacefully with a barechest…. He is none oder den Kunj… a cruel husband….a devil… She eyes him nd again her tears start flowing nd she runs out at d balcony… she now burst out crying
“how…. How did he changed so much….god …..how?….”

FLASHBACK before 6 yrs
Kunj and twinkle are best frnds frm school time. And both der families think der is something between dem…. As it can b visible frm der caring nd sharing and der bond… in a way it is true kunj has feelings for twinkle but doesn’t express it to her bcoz evrytime he does sum or d oder way twinkle stops him frm doing dat nd changes d topic…. Wer as twinkle knows dis fact but always pretends dat she is unaware… she loves a boy name Yuvraj… who was der batch mate in college time, who is a enemy of kunj just bcoz he kept an evil eye on twinkle which kunj use to hate… and dey r in a relation from about two years and twinkle is mad about him as it’s her first love and she doesn’t want to leave him…… for her love means her world… may its love of frnshp or family love… or any oder bond…
Kunj is waiting for twinkle near her gate from last half an hour when a mid-aged woman pats on his shoulder…. She is Lella. Twinkle’s mom.
L: arrey kunj beta u r here?
K: hello aunty… WO actually I was waiting for twinkle. She was going to meet me
L: ok den y r u standing out, come inside
They both proceed towards d mansion.
L: btw kunj beta, y were uh standing out, uh wud have came inside….
K: haa maa I mean aunty… I was calling twinkle only and was in a bit hurry so thot to meet her outside only
L: ya that’s ok, bt hw wud uh hav meet her, she is still having her beutysleep…(giggles) uh only go to her and wakeup…. I m getting late for the office, so I m leaving…. Bye.
K: thik hai maa… I mean aunty.
L: its ok kunj, now I m habitual of hearing maa from uh (smiling)
And she leaves …. Kunj heads upstairs to twinkles room and collides wid mahi… (twinkles younger sis)
M: kunj bro, just b careful, wats so much hurry to meet my di…..huh(Teasing)
K: mahi darling how many times I have told uh, not to call me bro … (Showing fake anger)
M: ok den shud I call uh jiju? I guess dats perfect…. (Smiling)
K: that seems impossible now (low tune….disappointed)
M: wat uh mean kunj? What happen?
K: nothing.
He leaves from der. Mahi looks him going and finds sumthng fishy but ignores as she was late for college.

Kunj and mahi used to keep an eye on twinkle just to know who her bf is.. As dey were secretly dating… kunj was a hacker so he used to hack her social acc. And read all her chats wid lots of pain… sumhow he dis time came to know who d person is…..
kunj opens d door of twinkle’s room wer she is sleeping peacefully wid a smile on her face wid her teddy bear which was gifted my kunj on teddy day which she named tuffy.….. He goes to d balcony any opens d curtains allowing the sunrays to fall on her… as soon as d sunrays fall on her face she starts making baby faces… and slowly opens her eyes. And kisses her teddy. “Good mrng my sweetheart tuffy” and sits on bed rubbing her eyes… and yawning… her eyes falls on kunj who was der observing her from a distance.
T: kunj u here so early? Nvr mind. Good morning.
K: I need to talk to uh
T: khadoose sarna atleast wish me a gm? Btw just lev, say wat u wanna say?
She holds his arms and makes him seat on bed and sits beside him and eyes him trying to understand wat is d matter.
K: yuvraj is not right for uh twinkle. (Stands up from bed)
T: (shocked) yuvraj? Who yuvraj? I don’t know any yuvraj
K: (angry) that yuvraj… twinkle whose name is saved as UV in ur phone. And with whom uh chat till late nights and who is ur blo*dy boyfriend from last 2 years…. (yells)
T: kunj how do uh know all this? Are uh spying on me? Look he is just like a time pass to me… and uh know Na that I don’t like commitments… (Thinks… sorry kunj for lying but I can’t leave uh nor I can leave UV)
K: (pins twinkle to d wall in anger) don’t lie twinkle. (HEAVY HEART) I kno…..w Th….at uh lo…..ve that UV….. Uh didn’t met anyone else then that rascal yuvraj, do uh even know how many gf’s He has… He is with uh to satisfy his damn need, he doesn’t love uh…… once his need is satisfied he will leave uh also like his ex’s (Cups her face wid his hands and speaks softly) samaj Na twinkle chod de usse meri khatir VO thik nahi hai tere liye….
T: (tears flow from her eyes. She hugs him tightly he also reciprocates as she is her weakness) promise….. I will breakup wid him but uh don’t get angry on me. I can’t see uh like dis.
K: (still hugging) I also don’t like to be angry on uh but I was left wid no option.
T: (breaking d hug) do uh trust me?
K: (cupping her face) more den myself.
T: (thinks…kunj y r uh so sweet? Y uh trust me so much? Y uh care for me so much? Just bcoz uh love me. I don’t know wat is in my destiny but i can’t b away from uh. I want to ask uh how uh got to know about UV but I think I shud keep quite as I don’t want to drag d topic as I can see uh hurt wid dis topic) kunj uh wait downstairs I just come.
K: no. I take a leave. Amaya must be waiting for me. Bye (hugs her and moves….stops near d door and turns to have a glance of her)
T: buhbye (waves her hand smiling. And kunj leaves from der)
She keeps looking outside d door sadly and text UV to meet her at café.

Eagerly waiting for Ur response……. Whether I shud carryon or stop…..? Let me tell uh guys in my ff there is gonna b friendship, care, and love along with hate, lust and betrayal….. But finally it’s all about TRUST….. GUYS… all Ur suggestions are dearly welcomed…. Do reply if uh can….


  1. zikra

    Omg omg omggggggggggggggggg eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi dear loved it so much dat I cnt explain hehehehe……???????????????????

  2. Priya tripathi

    Hi i m new here infect i didn’t show TEI n i don’t read any ff of this show but i like ur cocept looking very interesting plz continue

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