I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (last part)


recap: arohi is miffed with the family and twinkle calls her and she has a big curve on her face seeing twinkle……………..

a: maasi…. (runs and hugs her)
t: hey my baby… (composes from the hug and cupps her) purvi is cuming… so uh also get ready… we are getting late na… the function is starting at evening so get ready fast….
a: sure maasi… (gives a peck on her cheeks and runs… to her room and mahi and luv follows her)

next scene
a big theatre is been decorated as a newly wedded bride… the lights… the voice of the fans howling… the talks of the reporters… the red carpet indicates there is a premeire of a new movie… a big car streched like a mercides… gets stop at the gate… the director of the movie comes out and walks inside the theatre answering some reporters he gets in… the line is unstopabble… many celebrities getting along the red carpet… and entering the theatre…. but the crowd is waiting for someone else… and here she comes… the diva, the angel mrs. twinkle…. with his handsome co-star mr. sidhant gupta. they walk hand in hand in the red carpet and get sorrunded by many reporters and the anchors gautam gulati(g1) and gauhar khan(g2) stop them to hav a chat with them…
g1: twinkle… oh god… uh hav flattered me by ur killer looks… (and every1 giggles)
t: aww! gautam i m blushing uh see… (winks at him)
g2: good evening sidhant… uh looking smart, dashing in this suit… the blue tie is just cherry on the cake…. so both of uh excited for ur first ever movie?
twihant: ya…

g1: are uh guys feeling nervous?
t: not at all gautam coz i know the movie is going to be the best… and my fans are going to love it..
s: i too think the same as the story writer is such talented… (side hugs twinkle)
g1: (towatrds camera) ya… the famous model mrs. twinkle is an all-rounder person… knowing all the ways to rule many hearts…
g2: yay… she is not only the lead actress in the movie… but
g2: but but but….. (pause) she is also the story writer of this movie…. (people hawl…)
s: yes twinkle…. the janta… the fans want to know, from wer do uh get so much talent… we hardly have one… (laughs and hifi’s gautam)
t: its just that i m god’s masterpiece… (winks at them smiling)
g2: ohhh….
g1: lets go inside…. the grand priemere is waiting for the sensations…. twink and sid… all the very best
they both have hugs with them and get inside hand-in-hand….

all take their seats… kunj is seating with thire family and twinkle is seating ahead with sidhant and the movie starts……. the title slides down…. with a music…..
“the wish to become urs forever”
casting twinkle & sidhant….

the movie starts and all are deeply engrossed in the movie… the story revolved around a simple girl struggling to make her dreams come true… to become a singer… in this struggle she meets a funloving.. and rich carefree dude… who helps her throughout her journey and to fulfill all her dreams… the girl and the boy had a secret love for one-another which no1 spoke to each other… in fear of losing the other person and their friendship…. many difficulties and hardships she suffered to become a singer as she was a poor girl but the boy help her throughout and was like a shadow of hers… after the girl becomes the most popular singer and in the climax… the girl and the boy sitting on the terrace and finds a falling star… the boy immediately closes his eyes and wishes sumthing…. the girl laughs at his innocence… “oh god…. again the same thing… i told uh na that this all is just superstitions, wishes cant be fulfilled by this…” boy stares at her innocent laugh… and says, “ i know one day god will definitely fulfill my wish” the boy standsup and turns to get inside the room…

the girl “acha tell me, wat is that wish” the boy stops… and closes his eyes… his heart starts beating faster… the girl is standing behind him well he is facing his back to her….
“ the wish to become urs forever” the boy speaks… and the turns to face the girl and…. he sees that she is having a big million-dollar smile on her face and before he cud say anything else she pulled him closer and grabbed his lips into hers giving a passionate liplock….. and story ends and well as the movie…
kunj is not able to control his anger and he leaves from there…. twinkle notices him going and follows him…
kunj is about to sit in his car wen he gets surrounded by a group of reporters….
r1: mr. kunj sarna… wat are ur views regarding the film?
r2: how was ur wife’s acting?
r3: wat are ur views regarding ur wife’s and mr. sid’s bond?
r4: uh r awarded as the best entrepreneur this month do uh think ur wife is going to get awarded as the best actress this month?
r5: how do uh support ms. twinkle in her carrear?
k: (lil loud) she is mrs… not miss…

just then twinkle comes out with sid as they were searching for kunj and reporters run towards them and kunj escapes from them in his car… he is very angry… his eyes is blood red… the only thing flashing infront of his eyes is the kiss…. twinkle kissing sid… he drives to his farmhouse…

sid and twinkle attends the reporters and sid asks twinkle to leave and he will handle the people… twinkle agrees and asks jas to stay with him…and family… twinkle follows kunj and finds he is driving to the farmhouse…

kunj slams the door and gets inside his room and twinkle reaches the gate and hears the sound of the door and bites her toungue… “oh god mela malai chaap so much angry today?” she opens the door of the room and finds kunj standing in the balcony… kunj is nit aware of her presense she walks to him and backhugs him…

“aww mele malai chap ko kya hua?” “nalaj hai mujshe kya?” kunj jerks her away and enters the room and twinkle follows him just then her phone rings its sid… twinkle attends the call and kunj is angry as he was jealous of sid… twinkle on phone, “ya sid don’t wrry i got him, dnt wrry mera malai chap muje choke kahi nahi jayega i know” sid says ok and cuts the call but twinkle smirks as she could feel his handsome hubby feeling jealous about his co-star, she starts acting “acha toh vo chalagaya toh tu haina sid…” “aww… uh like my lips so much that uh were busy gazing at it throughout the premiere?” and bits her lips… and winks at herself and smiles within… kunj couldn’t control his anger now and makes her face him by her arm and snacthes her phone and slams it at the wall…. and holds her arms and pinns her to the wall…. and yells… “uh are mine twinkle just mine” twinkle stares his deep red eyes and feels guilty for wat she did… before she could speak anything… he smashes his lips on her lips and kisses him wildly… sucks it harder and deepens the kiss again and again… he bites her lips which make her moan…”kunj”…

he holds her by waist and and turns her to face the wall and tear her clothes and starts sucking, kissing and bitting her back wildly… he squizzes her waist and belly and is hold is so wild like a hungry animal… but twinkle is enjoying his torture without any pain… she is in comfort with his wildness… kunj turns her with a jerk and diggs his head on her neck and strts kissing and sucking there… his one-hand is squizzing the curves of her body and other hand is tearing the cloth from her body… twinkle’s eyes are clossed and feeling his touch… infact his tortures and her one-hand is busy carasseing his hairs and the other hand is digging the nails on his back…

twinkle pushes him on the bed… kunj smiles naughtily and holds her by her waist… she leans on him and he squizzes her waist with one hand and pull her more close by his other hand on her neck… twinkle is ontop of kunj and starts unbottoning his shirt… and kunj rotates her under him and throws his shirt away and leans down at her and finally gets her cloth out of her body… twinkle pulls him close by his neck and he again starts attacking her like a wild devil and consumate once again….

after 2 hours
twinkle pushes kunj beside her… and kunj has a shocked expression lying next to her… both are inside a blanket….
t: oh my god! (breathing heavily) are uh trying to kill me or what…? (still breathing heavily)
k: arrey… what i did? (facing her… still lying beside her)
t: hwww… what uh did? let me show uh what uh did… (she starts uncovering her side of blanket to which kunj is having a naughty smile… but before only she realises her state and covers herself again with the blanket and makes i-will-kill-uh-wala look to kunj)
k: (controlling his smile and pressing his lips) allley wat happen to my rashmallai…? (comes close to her) show me… wat were uh showing… (with a naughty smile)

t: tumna…. tummm (takes a pause… and thinks something)
k: (cuts her) kya mein kya… huh… (leans at her by the sides and both are now sleeping in the hugging position, and twinkle holding twinkle’s hands and pulling her more close to him… they are still inside the blanket only)
t: uh…. uh na….. uh r a devil….
k: ya…. i m the devil…… i m the devil of my angel……
both smiles and touch their heads smiling…..

hey lovely people…..…
i m the devil of my angel…
my nightmare… which i potryed to uh all in the form of this story…..
i m glad uh all loved it so much and supported me throughout with all your lovely comments… but i was not able to reply to uh all… even i tried to but lack behind of time… in one of my comment sombody mentioned once that, “i pray to god to give saby 25 hrs in place of 24 hrs of the day” i seriously need that now….
ohhh my god… uh know sooo many mysteries and twists and turns still cooking up in my mind, but i m not able to convey it to uh this time… but assure uh to comeback with those ideas in my next ff….
and my lovely friends…

1. do tell me how was the journey of “i m the devil of my angel” throughout?
2. and try and remember guys, uh are forgetting something…. which date is today? huhhh telll?
[note: zikruuuu i m missing ur comment] do comment… its my last post……

hum toh aaye the ff padhne….
jane kabhi dost ban gaye….
love uh alllll sooooo muchhh….

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  1. Baby

    hey saby di
    happpppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyy birthday to u
    di may god bless u n shower all d love n blessings on u
    di d episode
    oh my god so hell romantic n wild as well
    fabulous marvalleous
    n evrything was dere in dis journey
    i really luvd d ff di
    it was jst fab
    i stilll remember d strting it ws lyk in d future n twinkle was crying bcz of d torture she hd 2 face by kunj on d first nyt
    i jst remember evry mnmnt n evrything of urr ff
    i luvd it 2 d core
    n ll b w8ing fr ur nxt stry didu eagerly w8ing
    luv u sooooooooo mch n a very very
    happy birthday to u di agn
    ii srsly to b said
    didu ur ff was always romantic wild n use to luve it hehehe

  2. Baby

    n yah di in dp u r luking fab n very beautiful pretty cute as well

  3. Saby, sry sry sry Happy Birthday 2 u….
    may all ur dream n wishes comes true…u get all d happiness…love u 2 d infinity 2 d power of infinity….n ur ff is blast…i m ur huge fan…n come wid new ff 4 sure…take ur tym n i’ll b w8in 4 it….

  4. Hey happy birthday dear
    I love ur ff alot
    U r ending it so soo
    Bt i hope u will cme with new one
    N srsly I love ur ff alot
    N I’ll miss u alot
    I’m big fan of urs
    Happy birthday

  5. Paavu

    Happy birthday saby sissy look beautiful I pic and I m just vry sad as my favourite no no most favourite no no more than taht ff is ending pls sissy change ur decision if possible or bring a new ff with story which would be beautiful like this

  6. happy birthday saby

  7. Priya_

    Happy b’day saby…
    Episode hot hai boss..
    Really sad that u have to end it..
    Hoping that u come back with a bang..
    So sorry that I commented so lately

  8. Jisha

    Happy birthday dear… god bless you with all happiness n good health…ur ff was fabulous, amazing…come back soon

  9. Saby diiiiiiiiiii the epi is amazing sry didn’t commented acutally family problem and ya what an epi yrrrrr but how can u do this last part yr it is my fav ff plz pplz plz di don’t do this and ya a very very very very belated happy birthday sry I am very late to wish u shoollyyyy and ya hope to see u soon lovely epi love u didu……

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