I m a DEVIL of my ANGEL….. (end) (quitting TU)

Hey guys…..
I’m the writer of the FF “I m the devil of my angel” i know nobody will be interested to read this crap but then too I wanted to share this to all of uh….. Especially to the ones I have made an unknown bond…. from last 5 months I’m an active member on TU…. Maybe I registered myself as SABY nearly 1 and a half month before but before that I was a silent reader…
I don’t remember how exactly I came across this site…. I was just bored replying to mails in my office and just to booze-up my mood I surfed for some news about my favourite show at that time…. That is “TASHAN-E-ISHQ”. I was going across pages and I found a story actually an OS…. A link of telly updates actually…. I was curious what’s this? And I read that OS… Omg! it was my first os I read in my whole life… coz before I myself didn’t knew what the hell is the full form of this “OS” then I went through the whole TU page and found many and lots of stories that were “FAN-FICTIONS”. I was like what is this…. In the starting didn’t understand what actually that was… Then slowly and steadily after reading 3-4, I lil-bit understood…. That what does fan-fictions and one-shot means…

That day I didn’t reply a single mail to my team-leader and he was very much angry on me… but I didn’t heed any attention on him… I was very much happy to come across such as imaginary world….
Talking about me…. I myself am an idiot imaginary soul…. Going to be 19 now but every1 calls me what will happen of this girl in future… my siblings are younger to me… then to my family think they are more responsible than me…. Actually they are right… coz I always live in my own imaginary world…. where I write many stories of people being together somewhat like fan fictions only… when I came across this page I was overjoyed… I got to know I’m not the only person living in this imaginary world… there are many ppl as well…. I started surfing this TU page regularly and read many and many OS’S and many FF’S…. not a single ff was left by me… I have even read the ff’s which were incomplete…. And complete one’s I have still saved the links in my WordPad….. I never commented on any ff’s or os’s… I never knew the importance of comments… actually….. I didn’t care….

Slowly and steadily I came to know that I too can be a part of tu…. and cameup with a different and the first ff in which Kunj was in a grey shade….. I knew all the readers will bash me… as I was going to make kunj as a bad person but to my surprise many of them liked it and there were lots and lots of encouraging comments… I was overjoyed…. A day ago when nobody knew who I was… and within 1 part of my ff… my ff was the gossip of the tei family… within next 4-5 parts the readers were increasing in numbers… and I was on cloud9…. I also started commenting on the ff’s I used to read but never commented…. Slowly I made many frnds on this page… by comments and even personal chats… there was a unknown bond… and I will cherish it throughout….

Once shamzzzu asked to join a group on watsapp and there were I met all the lovely souls and infact all the crazy souls… of TU…. they all are different from each other but yet the best in there own way…. My chummsss…… this name bcoz I feel is the more appropriate word to describe our unknown frndshp… we are miles and states away from each other yet connected to one-another through a unknown chord called as FRIENDSHIP… I don’t know my chumms what place I own in ur heart… seriously no idea… but wanna tell uh…… uh are the best ppl came in my life… and uh own a very special place in my heart…. And I love uh all very muchhhhh….

And all my readers… I love uh all as well…. Uh guys always encouraged me in all the things… ur lovely comments… I used to have a very big hundred… no.. Thousand…. No… MILLION-DOLLAR-SMILE on my face…. Uh are the reason behind my mum doubting on me… that do I hav a boyfriend on wat?

Bt I used to love ur comments shooo much…. Seriously… and whenever uh guys used to be impatient for my ff… I used to enjoy that… seriously sorry that I used to feel like that but what to do… I liked that my ff means so much to uh guys… I still have many things to cooking up in my head to show…. To continue… many mysteries… many things…. but I dnt want to continue….
Ya… I m quitting TU…. I m quitting writing…. I m quitting all of uh…… I know uh guys mst be miffed with me… that I m levaing my story bt its all bcoz of some personal issues… I promise I will give a happy ending and maybe 26th will be the last part of my ff “I m a devil of my angel” to all my readers, commenters, and my chumzzz…. I love uh all… Plz forgive me guys…. for this stunt

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  1. hy dr i m gonna miss u so badly…..ur ff ws one among of my fav list……btw cn i msg u on TU accnt ??

  2. Ria

    Tussi jaa rahe ho? Tussi na jao.
    Yes, that’s what I want.
    But, I totally understand your problem. It surely must be something serious that you took such a big decision. I don’t want to force any suggestion or opinion on you because I do understand that not always all problems are so minor. Even I’m thinking of doing the same as I’m really upset today and I don’t want to be again into it. Leave my personal life, I would really support you in any of your decisions.
    Love you loads.?
    Your Riu.
    Will always be there for you. The bond will remain forever.?

  3. Dheemahee

    hay saby please please please don’t stop it yar its a request to u please don’t stop it please ….

  4. Baby

    saby di u no u cant leave us soo easily we wont let u leave us di dts really lyk wt to say di mayb u mst b thnking i m lying bt no di i m srsly hvng tears di u r amazing how cn u leave dis page it needs u we need u di u r nt leaving n di nhi toh haan fr sure ll miss u bt ll luv if u dont leave us di i m srsly feeling bad n crying too no u cnt leave us di pls dont leave us we luv u di pls dont stop it di pls di mayb u mst b hving sm prsnl prblms i hpe u soon overcum dem ll miss u n also prey to god to take care of urs n u ll soon cm wid a sprise fr us n say dat u were joking haha pls di dont go anywere i hpe u always keep smiling di take care n say dat u r nt going anywere i m no1 to stop u frm making ur decisin aisa mein nhi khe skti kunki i m ur pyari si choti si sis baby bt di……..cm bck soom miss u luv u dont go anywere plsssssssssssssssssss

  5. Baby

    n yah u r very gorgeous n pretty di

  6. Hii.. I’ve been a silent reader of ur ff.. I am a very big TwiNj (SidMin only) fan.. I’ve come across TU just like you.. and from that day Ive become all the writer’s fan.. this is the first time ever where I am commenting.. I really love all the ffs in TU.. though I don’t comment but I really love your ff.. I love your concept.. I understand you have ur personal problems.. but if you don’t mind can I request you something.. after your problem is solved will you come up with “I am a devil of my angel season 2”.. pretty pleaseee ☺☺

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    I will miss ur ff a lot saby why r good writers quitting so soon 🙁 and well for me is diff i feel writing have relieved my stress in my board exams I was so stressed but now I m coping up with my first year studies very well infact much better than my grade 10 and i feel writing have been a reason behind it as it makes me relaxed whenever I m stressed

  8. twinjfan (tamanna)

    same…same …same…yaar I also came across tu like u…same exitment….but y r u quitting..plz don’t quit….I will miss u…when I saw title end n tu quitting I gt minor heart attack…I hv many things to say but cant bcz it doesn’t hv end…ur ff was the one of fav ff in my fav list….n that to in top most.. .plz hosake tho cntinue karne ki Koshish karna…plz…im not forcing u…

  9. Isha_

    Saby di you cant do these to us i know there must be a important issue but please dont quit we all can wait please your ff is amazing i dont comment that much but di i read all of your amazing episodes di please di love you abd will wait for the day you will continue and come with a perfect entery

  10. Fan

    Hey saby i will miss u n ur ff alot?..i really admire ur writing ability a lot..plz try to come back on tu if possible after sorting out ur personal issues..will never forget u n ur ff..love u lots❤

  11. Isha_

    Please dont go pleases

  12. Saby u r QUITING tu! plz yaar don’t go na.. Yeah i understand that there must be some problem.. But…. Still… I have no words…. I’m very sad.. I will miss u… U r writting skills made me commenting on u’r ff for the first time on tu earlier i was a silent reader … U r one of the special frnd for me… I’m very very very sad…:-( I’m feeling like to cry… I will miss u & u’r special ff my favourite “I’m a devil of my angel”… Love u & will miss u…

  13. Anyways saby…. thats a life time memory… you really shared a good time with us…. really thats lovable…. one story is enough to remember you in my whole life time… may be you are busy with your life now…. thats really a good one… make it perfect life…. after thats all perfect i hope you would get a little space in you life to back into the TU world….. that’s my hope so…. anywayzzzzz i have to say thank you for giving this sweet memories to my life…. good luck to your future saby… take care love you…..

  14. Hey saby plse dont go i ll miss u alot…. Ur ff was one of my favourites ……. Plse cme back soon…… Miss u alot …..

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