Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 9)


Part 10

[shocked…super shocked i was….i just shut the diary, kept it in dehaaz’s bag and came out….then again came in and took my speech paper and then came out….what was happening….love, at the age of 13….unbelievable….for both dehaaz nd kittu….nd they both hardly knew each other….] .
[the last performance of class7 started…omg i didn’t realise the time….nd next was class 8 (nalayaks) nd then we…..i saw them…they were gud, just gud not great….we were better….then came our turn….wish me luck]

me: Gud afternoon ladies nd gentlemen, respected judges, teachers and all my dear friends, a hearty wish from class 9. I, charvee sharma, will represent my class. I request our unbiased judges to accept the card and class introduction magazine. Thank you sir. Now, as the sequence is going, first performance will be of solo dance performed by anmol taneja…

[anmol started his performance on the song abhi mujh mein kahin…i came downstage to kittu who was buzy in phone]

me: Whats up kittu
anaYma: I got him on fb….but should i send request….i’ll look desperate
me: Nothing can become of you (tera kuchh nhi ho sakta)

update credit to dia

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  1. dr nycooo story but plss update moreeee longgggg

  2. Di,,, wt n wtch,,,,, vacatioms r abt to strt

  3. ? ? 〰️ ➰ ✔️ ? ➕ ➖ ➗ ✖️ waitin is like maths nd watching is TV ? ? 😛 nyways m waiting 4 nexttt update 🙂

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