Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 7)


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I’ll be posting weekly now
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part 8

recap: Charvee almost in depression

Me: Mumma…mumma have u seen my school socks….badi mumma….diiiuu bhabhi….ny1??

[today was annual dãy, i was the class leader and representator, nd my socks were missing……ohhh]

Anubhav: We know di
me: Then tell me
AA: Ahnn (artificial cough)

[i understood]

me: My dear brothers please tell me where are my socks
Abhinav: But first we want commision
Me: What commision
anubhav: Ur fav chocolate which is currently lying in the right pocket of the school blazer u r wearing right now.

[after putting stone on my heart, i gave them my temptations]

Me: Take this nd tell me
Abhinav: U gave us choc using ur right hand
Me: Yeah…so what?
Abhinav: u r holding both of ur socks in ur left hand

[i felt like killing both of them but i had other works to do]

Me: Papa, come fast i have to go to school early todãy
Papa: No i am playing chess
mumma: No use task him

[my papA, deepak sharma, a big chessaholic….i knew that its no use to ask him to come….nd my mumma, shruti sharma]

me: Bhaiyu cn u come?
Bhaiyu: How can i come? See whr i am right now

[my bhaiyu, ishant sharma, was stuck with my papa, so how could he come? He is an engineer, who married kritika bhabhi 2 yrs ago]

me: Bade papa?
bade papa: come i’ll drop u.
me: Thanq

[nd its my bade papa pradeep sharma….its my family]

Precap: Annual function starts

sorry again for same precap again.

Credit to: Dia

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  1. U r back nice dr

  2. I think they missd update credit to dia

    hayathi dr thanks a lotss luv u

    Msg from Team: Done

  3. Nd a mistake

    no use task him

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