Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 6)



recap: Anayma says to charvee that she is in love with dehaaz

[i was left speechless….i was stunned….i was not fully in my senses…..i had no words to speak….nd i could not as ani-abhi came that time…..i didn’t get sleep that night… day a bad news greeted our class in the school]

Shrutija: I want my class to be diciplined because diccipline is the key to(half an hour later) so i have a new sitting plan for you.Charvee come here and dictate it.

[in a horrible mental condition i went. I took the paper and read…]

me: Anayma, first row, first bench first seat, sheena, second seat, trisha, second bench, first………dehaaz 10th bench first seat and charvee second seat….

[unbelievable…kittu at first row first bench first seat nd me at last row last bench last seat…i hated illness…nd i sat with dehaaz…what kittu said last night was echoing in my mind….nd tomorrow was the annual day so everyone will be practicing….we had one day not to get ill…..]

Me: Anmol, solo dance?
Anmol: M saying 30th time its done.
Me: Shee…
Sheetal: Poem done
trisha: Why are you asking again and again?? EverythHing is ready….

[see this was my mental condition….i was gEtting mad….4 things troubled me at that time……sitting plan, annual day, illness(shrutija ma’am) and what kittu said yesterday……]

precap: Annual day competition starts…

Happy diwali to every1. Be happy.

Richu di luv u nd thanks for ur support…i post it for u cuz i kno u r d only reader…

Update credit to dia

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  1. arrey sweety there r many silent readerss toooooo nd dont ever get dishartned by no of comments dr as many r unable to commentdr
    mmm…. i thinkkk the protagonist shud take a deep breadth and plan nd do d workkk 🙂 nd HaPpY DiWaLi 2 u 2 dr nddd dr this istheappropriate length dr nd keep postingg dr 🙂

  2. Is kitu n anayma the same persn?, hu is in luv with dihah, anayma r charvi? Totl cnfusn. . . Pls clr it dr…

  3. Kittu is the nick name for anayma

    nd anayma is in luv wid dehaaz

    nd happy diwali richu di nd liya

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