Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 2)


recap: Charvee will tell dehaaz and anayma’s past

Narrator/charvee: We will go 12 years back, in 2013….scarlet raven school, we 3 were in class9 that time……
Me: Y is the card not yet ready??? Its just two days left nd…..shrutija ma’am’ll kill me……do it fast……..
[every year 5 apr was celebrated as annual day in the school…annual day, the only reason for interclass enemity…..we got 1 month for its preperations nd the last two days were fully dedicated to it] group song ready?? Gud. Anmol dance?? Gud gud. Skit?? Godd prepare it fast…Group dance?? Vry gud….on stage presentations done uhh sheena ur song??
[i was the class leader] Sheena: Done. Nd calm down. Have some icecream
Me: Nahh u have it.
Sheena: That boy what is he participating??
[dehaaz was a new admission that time] Charvee: He is In skit. Nd he is a damn gud actor. He is doing the role of a dumb funny man. I couldn’t think he can do it. I mean doesn’t suit his personality.
Sheena: Yeah srsly nd….hyy trisha
trisha: Hyy… charvee shrutija ma’am is calling you.
Me: Know whát shrutija ma’am must go to a mental asylum…..
[i went nd met anayma there….anayma, my bestest frnd…nd when we were coming back…..] u know i’ve gone mad…ur speech nd sheetal’s poem??
Anayma: chiku evry thing is ready u jst calm down
Me: How can i kittu its just…trisha ur chartss, nd decoration items??
Trisha: Evrrything is perfectly ready butt there is a prob
Anayma: What prob???
Trisha: Sheena…..she had icecream nd now her voice…
Me: Oh shitt what now
Anayma: Chiku u can just see the people who are interested in singing nd who can be replaced by sheena
[so we began searching…..nd there was only one guy left who was still interested, who was not already in grp song, who had no tañtrums nd who could easily be replaced by sheena in his former activity. And it was dehaaz grewal. So, the journey begins]

precap: Dehaaz is singing while anäyma is listening, mesmerised.
Charvee sees them.

Update credit to dia

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  1. The story is mesmerising yaar dia !! Pls cntinu !!!

  2. nyc dia but when u write anything xept dialogues pls give a little more space

  3. K richa di i’ll take care of it

    btw i started reading ur nauc ff jst tday nd i luvd it

  4. thank u dia dr

  5. Richa di post nxt prt soon plZ

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