Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 10)


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Luvvyy duvvyyss
Every love story has a third person involved which strenthens the love. It may be the villian who tries to separate the lovers and they grow closer. Or it may be the saviour who always tries to get the lovers togethr. This story is about Charvee Sharma who acts as a saviour for Anayma Gupta and Dehaaz Grewal’s love story.

Charvee sharma
narrator, main lead

Anayma Gupta
main lead, charvee’s bestie, dehaaz’s love interest

Dehaaz Grewal
main lead, anayma’s love interest

Sharma family (charvee)
Devaki (dadi), Deepak (papa), Shruti (mumma), Pradeep (bade papa), Shradhha (badi mummA), Ishant (bhaiyu), Kritika (bhabhi), Sahana (diiu), Anubhav (lil bro, ani) Abhinav (lil bro, abhi)

shrutija ma’am (illness)
9th class incharge

principle ma’am (unfortune)

sheena, trisha, sheetal, anmol etc.

In last 10 epis
In a party, anayma and dehaaz share an eyelock and charvee decides to narrate their story. 12 years back in 2013 when they were in 9th class, charvee was the class leader, anayma was her best friend and dehaaz was new in their class. They were prepsring for school annual day. Dehaaz is selected for singing. Charvee introduces her family. Anayma tellls charvee that she is in love with dehaaz anr charvee accidently reads in dehaaz’s diary that he loves anayma. Annual day function starts.

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