Luv’s 1st sec..DevShi-7

Hi frndzz..Hw r U??Releasing now frm 12 hrs of work daily…these days..Sorry frndzz..m Unable to write these days..Many tracks come n disappear in my mind ..A collection of Tracks..
Now:A Moment of Dev seeing 1st Luv sec..makes his life mystery.. .

Pre:DevShi,Mohan Saahira kid n people r going to circus..
Mohan:”If U reveal the secret of Dev to anyone….”(to circus owner)
Sona sees the clown’s smile and respect to Dev…
Dev draws a painting in his note after long years(art like Sona sees Dev n the clown sees them)….

After the circus ends,
Dev wish the clown for his success..The circus owner surprisingly seeing Dev’s wish..

Strted travel towards the home,
Sona accidentally realise Dev is missing….

Loc:Unknown far from Sona’s home…
TribalStyle of drums n jingle bells r in bg..(fast beat)…
2 White Horses…
Mohan rides The one n Dev rides the other..Dev rides on the front…

Dev’s wrist looks uncovered to out..(covering his wrists a long time till the circus a long time)…Many Small Bracelets covered by Lion’s Skin r on Dev’s right hand..
The horses reach LordAmarnath Temple…
Dev makes the ring in bell..n see Mohan..
Mohan signs his hand”We r ready to go”…

“Papa..Where were U going?Why VedPapa seems U as enemy?”
Kshi,the cute’s qstn makes Dev to stop the Story….

Loc:DevShi’s home..Full of Sona n Kshi wall paintings by Dev..

Sona (with a smile):”Kshi..Tom Papa says..Now U Sleep..”
Kshi:”Plz..Papa..(with pleased n cry eyes like a crocodile)..

Dev (smile):”Papa says Tom..Now my little princess sleep with her mom” n sees Sona..,give her a small flying kiss without Kshi knowing

Sona sees Dev n smile….
Sona n Kshi strts sleeping…
Dev uncover the wrist..The same lionskin covered bracelets..
A dove is entering the house n sits on Dev’s shoulder..

Dev recollect his past..
The horses reach the cave..
Mohan takes a Conch with a red rope attached bell from the ground..
N gives tat to Dev…

Dev strts to play Conch…
While playing,Dev’s pupils of the eyes turns blue n his hair grows long…n his physique goes stronger than normal..
The sound of Conch goes on all sides..Heared by Dev’s brother also…
Dev’s brother (in his place):”Dev takes the Conch???!!”…
Heared by the people of the surroundings..
Someone:”U hear the Conch sound from the Cave”..(To one)
:”S..How the sound comes from the hollow cave..?!!”

N many people comes out from their houses n see the mountain’s cave…
Dev n Mohan disappears from the cave..With the sound,They also..

Loc:Sona’s home..(Sona is not born)
Sona’s Ma..was pregnant..
Mohan n Dev enters the home..Bt not in their look…In the look of next street kids.. who Sona’s Ma knows.
Sona’s Ma(comes from the room n surprised):”Come..Come..”(with a smile)..
She take sweets to childrens..
Dev (in child’s look) holds hands of Sona’s Ma ..”Sit..Aunty..””Where is Uncle?”..
Sona’s Ma:”He is going to Shop”..
Dev (in child’s look):”When Will Our frnd Comes n Play with Us?”
Sona’s Ma smiles:”Ur frnd is coming very Soon”
Dev n Mohan in next street childrens look smiles n Turns happy…

Dev sees Sona as a growing foetus in Sona’s Ma n smiles…
N thinks”I m turning very spl while seeing my Luv’s 1st Sec”..
In tat next street child luk..
N makes Sona (as a foetus/growing child in Ma) hear his wish…
Hope U like this frndzz..
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading…
Tanqqq.. .???Track of “Where is DevShi?” On nxt…


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