Luv’s 1st sec..DevShi-6


Now:”Endan Thoorigai Nee..”(U r my art)
Frndzz..I know I made U all angry by finishing with 2 or 3 epis of old ffs .I tried to continue..Bt I m unable..bcoz of confusions occur..Even I decided to strt Clue frm Cutie S after some days..Sorryyy for temp stopping of ff at the epi1 itself….

Extremely Sorryyy for these…….Bt I always want to write…Imaginat?It didn’t come..Tats Y unable…Sorrryyyy frndzz??

Pre:Mohan got the locket from His house’s Underroom.Dev’s brother escaped Dev,Mohan’s attack… Dev is mesmerized by thinking his 1st sec with Sona…Actlly Dev’s Kshi…☺DevShi,Saahira(littlegirl),n people go to a circus..Mohan also comes in his white horse…Dev’s eyes tears while seeing”Still now,Mohan keep tiz locket?”….


People give their respect while seeing Mohan..”AssalamAlaikkum Bhai…”..”Namaste Bhai..”

Dev sees Mohan wear the locket chain n shocked..

Dev (think):”Still,U keep tat,Mohan?!”

Mohan’ s mind got Dev’s thinking about locket chain.. .

All enters the circus..

The circus owner comes to welcome Mohan while he hear Mohan is coming…to circus…

While he reached them,
He saw Mohan in Black dress,White locketChain..
N also many people with Mohan’s sister Sona,Saahira…n ??!!!!

He shocked while seeing Dev…

Dev too shocked while seeing him.
Mohan’ s head sees down n smiles..
Again his head sees up n he makes a soft touch in his long hair…

While the circus owner sees Dev,

“LiquidDance”(Album:SlumDogMillionaire) n “NeruppuDa”(Karoke)(Album:Kabali) plays in bg as fusion…
N he sees Mohan too shockingly…
Mohan:”Devvvv…U faced So many Puzzles…I tried to help..Tatsy I keep Sona in my home..Now I think How U get Ur luv’s 1st sec ,even though I know U win”
“LiquidDance”again plays in bg..
The circus owner turns conscious n welcomes all..n all r entering the Circus…
Circus strts…
A clown enters the fire circles n comes out..n see the people with xpression (OMG)n strts catching many balls…n playing with lions by balls…
While he playing,many people surprised n claps…

Saahira(Surprise):”Kshi..How Cute he is..”n claps..
Sona (bigsmile):”Ssss..Sahi”(clap)

A girl jumps in air at the top towards swings..n performs many magic..

The clown who plays with lions tries to perform magic…n fails…
His face sadly sees the girl n people n also Dev…

Dev (thinks):”I help U,my frnd” n signs “All the best” in his hand to clown…(Pre:Dev teaches Tat clown how to increase his clownfame)..

The clown bows towards Dev with a smile…for giving his respect..bcoz he was so much impressed by Dev’s suggestion..

Dev smiles n nods his head..Sona sees this n smiles by seeing Dev…

Dev accidentally turns n see Sona is seeing him…
“Strting FluteMusic of “Pularikalo”(Movie:Charlie)” plays in bg…
Dev takes his note from his pocket n opens…
His open actually after many years…
He turns for the empty page…
Dev starts drawing a stage n tat clown on tat stage n also a clear image of Sona seeing Dev..(like Dev’side face too sees Sona) his nail…Colors coming from his nails….while drawing….
After finishing,Dev sees the painting especially Sona on tat..n writes “En Thoorigai nee oar uyirai kaapaatriyadil…”(U r my painting while saving a girl)….
At the same time,
Mohan enters the circus owners’ room ..
The circus owner shocked while seeing Mohan..
Mohan(mildloud):”If U reveal the secret of Dev to anyone…..,…..”(by revolving the chair n sits)…
Dev’s bro:”Why I always lose If I fight with U,brother?I didn’t expect both of U(Mohan&Dev) join”

Hope U like this frndzz.. Tanq for reading n
write ur thoughts after reading…Tanqq…


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