Luv’s 1st sec..DevShi-5


Pre:Dev(think):I want My luv’s 1st sec…
Dev meets Sona while she saves a girl..Mohan is Sona’s bro n a very powerful one..Dev’s bro comes in the form of Dev’s look..Mohan n Dev makes him lost in fight….Mohan breaks the Conch into two…A locket chain in Underroom of Mohan’s house opens n a small flower comes up n reach Dev’s hands..Dev’s hand produces fire in his angry..In end of the flower,a lock shaped structure is there..While seeing,Dev’s bro escaped from them.. ..

Mohan(think):U only got chance of living…..
N breaks the Conch into two…
A key is present in it…Mohan takes the key n put in his pocket..Dev too puts the flower in his pocket..safely….

While getting Mohan’s thoughts,
Dev (think) The first moment of meeting Sona while in moonlight when she saves a girl…

Dev (Think):”My chance of living is upto 99.9999% by by O2…” n sees Sona…n smiles….

Sona (still shock ,think):”Why He look me like tiz n Smile?”
Mohan sees them n the door…
The wooden door automatically opens.. .
The people enters in confused n asked “What happen,Bhai?”
Mohan calms down by a single eye contact…
Dev (sees Sona):”C u Soon,KShi…”
Sona:”Now He too calls me “KShi…”
Dev leave…
Sona sees him frm inside of the house….
After lunch..,
Sona n Saahira (the girl frm next to Sona’s home),many childrens n people too r going to a circus which is newly strted there…

While they r in walking mode,Dev is opposite on their way ……
Sona sees Dev is coming in Royal Enfield.. .
Dev (seeing Sona n stops REnfield,thinks):Where r they going?”
Sona:”We r going to circus,Dev..Can U come with U all?”..
Dev:”S..I m coming with ……..” N turns back…
Dev (think):”What r u doing,Dev?”

Sona (guess)(think):”Dev is confused now”….
Dev (think):”So confusing..What happen to me”…
N see his front…
Sona show her hand to hold her…
Dev (zoom eyes)see her..She smiles n frm her pinkish veil,her face n a rhythmical smile …n moonlight behind her..
Rubbing his eyes,Dev sees again…
N realised tatsnt real…
Dev (smiles):”U too Slowly strts seeing Ur Luv’s 1st sec…Boy..”N
Search the flower in pocket..
(In bg,bgm of 1st meet of Chaani-Sarman(Movie:Mohenjodaro) plays….)
Sona (thinks):Something wrong n holds Saahira’s hand..By a 10min walk,they reached the circus…
A clown welcomes all..
Dev:”Dude..Just see me”…
N take his cap n redball (frm nose) n wear them…

Dev (Smile) n waving his hand like a welcome with….trying a magic…
“Abra…Zoom……mmm”n taking a bunny made up of color papers…
:”Welcome Senoritas..(by seeing Sona n Saahira) n all…”
N see the real clown…
Dev(smile):”Try like tiz..dude…It may increase ur Clown’s fame …”
Sona (zoomeyes) see Dev….
“Hasi.. .(FemaleHumming N music only)(Movie:HamariA.Kahani) plays in bg…”
Near them, sound of horses come…
People makes their way:”Assalam Alaikkum Bhai..””Namaste..Bhai..”etc…
Mohan jumps down from his white horse n strts walking n nods his head for people’s respect…
Dev sees Mohan n also the locket chain…
Shocked n thinks”Tiz flower may be coming from tat locket..Still he keep tat locket..”..Tears lightly comes out frm Dev’s eyes….
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..I think it seems bored..After saying “Tiz ‘ll be on Today”,Unable to imagine the scenes of tiz epi..So sorry for tat frndzz..Tanq for Supporting “Where is DevShi??” too..R U luv Detective Stories..?I m trying to start a detectivebased luv story Soon frndzz.wit simple logics….inspired by Elementary(inspired by SherlockHolmes)..Forgive me If I get some mistakes in story If I may strted…Hope U like tat…Tanq…


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  1. I love you

      1. Really I love you

      2. HarSHaN

        I accept Ur pure Luv through my writings Sabina….Tanqq for the Pink’s Luv ..☺☺

      3. What you mean

      4. HarSHaN

        Tanq for giving ur luv to story..Sabina..Tatsy said through my writings.. Hope U read the next ones n write ur thoughts…Tanqqq☺

      5. I like the story but I love you

      6. HarSHaN

        My writings made U say tiz..!!!


      7. HarSHaN

        I ‘ll get ur luv as like as all frndzz’ by my writings n keep Ur luv forever in my heart…Tanqq??

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    nice epi harsHnan

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Fatarajo..

  3. Manya

    Super duper hit❤❤

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..

  4. very confusing story

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry yaar..Always I simply closed the eyes n listening music n write my thoughts I got while hearing Songs..Maybe it ‘ll make U easy to clear the confusions..I’ll try to make the story simple Bt I accept while reading the story it didn’t clear bcoz of supernatural parts..Tatsy the dialogues r less..I m sorry for tat..I understood I must need to remade the story neat….Hope U’ll review the next part also..☺

  5. Esme

    I luv ur supernatural things in ur FF….amazing. ….dev calling Sona KSHI….amazing thought….I want my luv’s 1st sec. ….amazing line . everything is amazing in ur FF.those who don’t understand ur FF , my words fr them plz read this FF frm episode 1 and Dialogues n romance btwn protagonists is nt everything.
    Harshan u ll receive praises….promote it a little bit on other platforms. …thatz just a suggestion. …..n some jalebis fr [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Esme..Sure I ‘ll promote..Tanq for the jalebis…☺

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