Luv’s 1st sec..DevShi-3

Pre:Dev:”I’m ‘Spl’V ”
Sona:”I know Ur name already..’The’V..actually Dev..”
Dev (thinks):”How She knows?”

N realised already-Sona is ‘HorseMan’ Mohan’s sis..Mohan is a very powerful one…bt resides on his native place…


Meet of DevShi….

Dev (thinks):”How She knows?”

Sona(with smile):”My bro said ur name”..

A childish sound “Kshi…” comes from house…

Sona(turns back):”Wait..dear..I’ll come”..

N calls:”Come..Dev..I think Bhai wants to meet U..He asked U by telling ur speed”..

Dev walks towards house..

Many persons (r waiting there):”Gud mrng Sir..”
Sona:Come,Dev..Sit in tat chair..

Bhai is coming in 5mins..The time is near..

While reaching 4:59 mins,
The sound of Conchs comes from outside..

The people left the house with saying”Bhai is coming”
Sound of Drums comes high..

The people comes outside n sees the way..

White HorseMen r coming…LongHaired,Blackdressed Mohan jumps down from his white horse n spins Conch…

Mohan enters the house n sees Dev..
Sona also comes from inside n says”Bhai..He is Dev..”

Mohan:”I know,Kshi..”
Sona(fakeangry):”Before tat Saahira,plz don’t call tiz name Bhaiyaa..Always She calls me like tat”..
Mohan (smile):K..Kshi..Tell Bhai to make Tea for all..

Sona (smile):K..Bhai…

Mohan drops Conch in Table..Dev sees Mohan’s hand..It contains 2 silver n more leather bracelets..Dev counts the number of bracelets.fastly…It is.”7″..

Tea cups were served to all..

Mohan signs all out..n see Dev..

Mohan:”Dev..Wait here”
Mohan orders Someone out:Close the door..
Dev (turns back with thinking):”What did he want frm me?”
Mohan:”What do U want?”
Dev (with a thinking of Mohan got all):”Nothing,Sir..”
Mohan(turns towards):”I know tat U know about tat one”
Dev:”Sir..I didnt understood ..What is that one?”
Mohan:”U dare to fight with me?U know tat I know about tat one”.
N makes Dev up frm floor..
Within a sec,Mohan also up frm floor..
Dev smiles n said”I didn’t know Sona is ur sister before..Bt now I knows abt tat n the count too”..
Mohan laughs n makes him more high ..A little below on top wall
Sona comes from inside n shocked while seeing Dev is on top n Mohan is sitting on chair
Sona(shock):”Bhaiyaa..What is this?Plz release Dev”
Mohan (loud voice):”He is not Dev”..
The man actually looks like Dev smiles:”S..I m not Dev..Dev said”I m coming Tom”after getting a call while U asked for coming inside..He also calls U “KShi”..Bt U didn’t hear him..Sona…”
Sona(shock):”Then..Who R U?”
Mohan(takes Conch n throws towards the new man who looks like Dev):”
Dev’s looking man (evil smile) while the Conch is slowly reaching towards him…

Hope U like tiz frndzz
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..

Epi 2:


  1. Esme

    |Registered Member

    Wo…hoh….awesome. ..plz read my FF too ”’Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#6”””…….a humble request

    • HarSHaN


      Tanq Esme..Sureee…..Hope U get another story like tiz “Where is DevShi?”..Kindly read tat…n 2 editions of tat on Tom..

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