Luv’s 1st sec..DevShi-1

Hi frndzz..Tiz is HarSHaN here to present the narration of Dev’s first meet with Sona in Himalayas…Hope U like the new crooky n stylish Dev..
Pre:Dev tells about the first meet with Sona who save a girl..
We r going to meet Dev n Sona..bcoz Dev is going to meet Sona..So Dev is unable to narrate…
Just Imagine..Now we r in Himalayas invisibly like Bilbo in Lord of the Rings..N also near Dev..
Dev Sees Sona n the girl..n smiles..
Clap sound comes behind him..
He turns back n see..No one is there..It is none other than one of our frndzz..
We strts walking with Dev..
One of our frndzz singing..”Kangal Vittu Kannam Thottu Neeye sendraai(U crossed me by touching my cheeks n leaving my eyes)(Album:Irumugan)” with whistle of other frndzz..
Dev is surprising n again seeing back..Bt,He didn’t see Us..
With a smile,Dev thinks”It’s all by magic”..n strts walking…
We strts walking with Dev..
Something different near us..
Dev sees the place..
An old house still opening ..Oil lamps on sides of the house..
Someone is practising attack techniques using the same stick..
We r going near the house behind Dev..
Tat person seems like Sona..
S..It is none other than Sona…
Foreign girl also there n eating food..
“Welcome,Mr..”Sona said with practising techniques..
Dev surprise..(We too)…n he turns back n see whether anyone is there except him..
Only Us in Invisible…
Sona turns towards us n said”Welcome Mr.Mystery..How can I help U?”
Dev smiles n said”Tanq for Welcome..”
Sona stops practising n helps Dev to get his place there..
Sona takes food n strts serving Dev..
She said”U seems hungry..(We too?)..U r our guest now..First U eat”
Dev said”Its k”n tries to stop..
Bt,Sona insists to eat..
Dev strts eating..n said”I give my Salute to U,Miss.. U save the dignity of a women today”
Sona smiles n said “It is Ur duty too”..
Someone is calling outside from house..
Who is tat?
Tats Dev helper..
Helper:”Sir..Time is going..We have to go to home” with a mild voice..
N finished eating..
While leaving,Dev said “Thanks,Miss..for food n saving the girl..Can I use tat stick once?”
Sona with a surprise give the stick..
What will Dev do?
Dev tries the same technique fastly which Sona is trying before few minutes..
Sona’s face turns surprising n sees Dev’s speed..
We:?? slowly without noise
After few seconds ..Dev gives the stick to Sona n said”I ‘ll leave now..C U later”..
Sona still in surprising..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..


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  1. Manya

    Superbbbbb Harshan post asap?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi?

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