Luvly Puzzle


Twwoooo.. ..
Juliets open a wooden door…
N see the inside of a house…
Yellowish lights…Many Musical instruments r there..
The Angelitas take the step inside..
Convos of Angelitas..
“The things seems So vintage here”…

“I think we should leave from here”…

“Mm..We ll find the mystery..Dont worry..I’m with U”..
“Miyoov”The sound comes from The Upstairs..
Juliets take their steps towards The Stairs..

It looks ZigZag..While turning,They see a Bear which seems like a man is standing..
Girls look the Bear…

“Bear..?Always I saw a Armor statue in ZigZag stairs”…

“Scoobie..Itz new Here”…

“Scoobie??(angryBigEyes),Don’t call me..U too see ScoobyDoo with me,Sona”

2 Angels smiles..
“Sona..She is Scoo.. She is So Sad..Dont call her like that”..(Touch Scoo’s Cheeks)

The Scoobie-..No..Juliet see The other Juliets angry..

Angels turns n
“Scooby..Dooo”..Juliets turn n see where the sound comes from..
“Sona..We ll said before..Someone is there”(Her hand Showing Someone is sitting on upstairs..)
The Angels seeing “Who is that?”..

Someone who is sitting on Upstairs see Them.. The Angels try to see..Bt the Dark is only there..

“Hi Scoobie”A sound only comes..
The 2 Angels hide behind Sona n see from behind..
Angels try to on Torchlights n see Up..
No one is there..
“I see his running Sound””Me too”..
Sona turns n try to run towards Upstairs..
Bt the Angels didn’t remember A bear statue is between Them n Stairs..
Sona’s head collide with Bear n is going to fall..
The Angels hold Sona Bt Sona seems to be fall..
A Hand of Bear hold Sona’s hand..
Sona (big Eyes) see the Bear’s eyes..
Angels behind Sona Strts Fear.. n try to save Sona..Sona too tries..
An another hand of Bear remove Its mask..

Sona (Eyes going Shock) n her lips:”Uuuuu…?”
Angels’ too..
Angel behind Sona:”I m Sure The Scoobie Voice is one with Him”..(showing the bear)
Scoobie-Angel:”S..Not A One..”
The Bear Man sees Sona..
“My name..”
The Angels:”Dev”(see him FakeAngry)..
Sona (with adding a note):”Our neighbour”
Dev smiles…
Sona punch Dev..Angels too..
Dev didn’t get pain..Bt his face goes Sad.. n see the Angels…

Angels:”Where r they?Mystery boys?”..

Hi Frndzz..Hope U like tiz Intro..
Here,I collide all my Incomplete stories here..So it is going to be gud,I think..Tanqq frndzz..Write ur thoughts after reading.. Take Care..2nd Intro ‘ll be on Tom..(ScoobyDoo’s)…!!

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  1. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ayushi!!

  2. Anah

    hi harshan anna hw r u? u know what i just saw the title and read only 3 line i got its ur ff….
    ur ff always have different touch i am very happy to see ur ff..
    i missed ur ib ffs anyways coming to this one galactically out standing one plz post next one asap…

    1. HarSHaN

      Hi Anah!!!Hw R U???Tanqqq..Happiie to hear..Unable to give 2nd Couple’s Clue in wall..It was in Offc System..Dont Worry.. It was about Artist!!!So,the next one ‘ll be on aftr 10 like tis Epi..Sorryyy Sissy

  3. Interesting but confusing

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Priya..Mm..Itz Dialogues of 3 in a house searching a mystery..n Intro of DevShi..

  4. Cool one, bro!!! Waiting for the next one!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy..Mm..It ll be On Aftr Evening..The 2nd Couple wall pic was in Offc System..Tats Y..Sorry Sissy for the late

  5. Didn’t liked tge plot sorry Harahan nd I think uh can write even more better

    1. HarSHaN

      It’s K Akshita..In Every Coming Epi’s,the plots ll entirely changing..I hope U ll like that..

  6. Niki645

    It’s very interesting ??
    Waiting eagerly for next one??

    Post soon bro!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Nikki..Strts recreating Pic for 2nd Couple.. Soonnnn☺

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