Luvly Puzzle (new) – Chapter 1 (Ishq) (DevShi)

Darkness..A little girl hugs her BunnyRomeo tightly..His eyes see her even in dark too..His fingers touch her curly hairs softly..His lips:”Mmm..?”
“Saajannnn Aayo Re”..Cute Jingle of Lines from her little lips..He holds her like a protective..He sees The front..Actually They r in Lift..”Nadhir dina dom..daana dom..”Her pure voice flows on lift …
The Lift sounds little for working again…

He switched Youtube..
N Upload the video She Sung..
The channel seems with a name “RudrAbheria”with more millions of subscribers…
But no photos..The Video is in uploading process as “AbheriaMyLuv with me Rudra”

Few minutes before…
Loc:A House..
The Crusade Crosses seen in walls turns invers..Dev legs stepped down to reach downstairs..In his fingers he made some moves like a Spin..A flute magically appears..It spins..
Behind him,Sona,Anika m Ishaara too r present…
He reached downstairs n reach a room where Om stands out..
Dev n the Angels reach him n see inside..
Shivaay  is dancing with a Keyboard..with a shout “Chapter close”..
From the keyboard sound of an evil spirit comes..
Shivaay stops dancing while seeing all n he hides his face by keyboard..
Dev smiles by seeing all..(Present Time in Lift we saw above-The little Girl sung “Nadhir dina dom.. “)…
Dev touch his heart..His heart beats fastly.. His Eyes see All sharply..By touching his heart by right hand,He fall on the surface..Sona,Om,Shivaay holds Dev n asked “What happen?”..
Bt Dev did not respond…

Mohan with Megha feels Something was happened to Dev..

Loc:Lift Again…
He upload the video n said the little Girl”Abheri!!U r going to rock !”..
She:”U too Ruddie?! ” n smiles..
His fingers touch Abheria’s head..
From his Eyes, Tears of Luv come..
His Eyes seem like Dev’s..

Sona touch Dev’s face n put her ears on Dev’s heart…
“Nadhir Dina Dom.. ” in Abheria’s voice clearly comes Bt in decreased volume..
Sona shock n again check..
The same song..
Sona holds Dev’s hands n tried to wake him…

Dev’s Eyes r Opening..

-To be Continued…


Ishkara intro:

Shivika intro:

Hi Frndzz..
Hope U like Tiz Tale’s strt..Tanqq for readingg n write ur thoughts Frndzz..Tanqq..
Take Care Frndzz

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