Luvly Puzzle-Chapter 2(Ishq)(DevShi)


Pre:The Angels follow Dev to reach downstairs..Om in downstairs see the room where the keyboard sound comes from..

Loc:Thar Desert..
“Ready?!!”A couple runs fastly.. Little far A Camel is seen..

His legs r fast but his heart not..
He move his hands like a throw towards her..
A spin on air seem lightly..
On its first spin completing n second spin time,A feather magically appears ..

Loc:House where DevShi,Ishkara r now..
Om see the Keyboard player from out of the Room..
Someone is in the room n playing the Keyboard maybe Itz “Luv is a Dare”(Befikre)…

The Keyboard play mingles with The feather fly..
While the feather fly on air in its second spin,”Luv is a Dare” Drum Beats Strts..
He:”Megha..Stop!!”(seeing his Juliet)..
Megha turns n see him with a smile..
“U ‘ll see my winning Soon..Mohan”
Mohan sees her with a smile..
In his left shoulder,the feather falls..
His heart seems like FastBeat of Running mode..Mohan twinkles his Eyes..

Loc:The House..
“Luv is a Dare” Drumbeat on BG..In Every Dev’s step on stairs,The Crusades on Wall r Strts going Inverse..
Ishaana sees The Inverse Turn n her Eyes eyes goes Shock..
Her fingers hold Fingers of Anika..
Ishaana (murmur,slow):”Ani..See the Wall..I m Sure..Oh no..(Her eyes goes fear)..”He is (Her fingers on her Lips n show the teeth to Anika like a Ghost) the Ghost”..
Anika:”Shh.. He (showing him) (n show horns in head) n laugh (on air without voice)..
“Angels..What R U doing?”Dev’s voice..
Anika n Ishaana see him slowly..
DevShi sees them…
Anika n Ishaana smile like Thiefs..
Dev:” (like a thinking feel)..Ya..I hav a Ghost..Tatsy The Crusades r going like that..Tat Room”..
Angels see the Room where Om stands out..

In Room,
The one who plays keyboard stops play n stands..
N Strts Dancing..
The Keyboard still plays..
Actually he too hear Songs in his right side headphone..
Dev n the Angels reach the Room’s door..
Dev see Om..Om show the Dance n laugh on air…
The Keyboard Sound Stops n a evil_type sound comes from Keyboard “I m”(like a crack)..
(The Keyboard player):”Finish”n turns..

Anika:”Is its Meow?”(shock)..
Om n Dev laughs soundly..Sona n Ishaana too..
Meow (Shivaay) takes the Keyboard n try to hide his face..
Anika sees Him by her big Eyes..
Shivaay:”Me…o..ww”(His half face only seems out)n hides fully again in keyboard..
Om:”Ur Master Is Really Great??!!R U coming here to Catch Ghost?!”(laughs)..
Shivaay:”He is in Thar!!”..

4th Intro Soon..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq for readingg n kindly write ur thoughts after reading..
Tanqq frndzz..Take Care..

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