Luvly Puzzle-Chapter 1(Ishq)(DevShi)

Pre:Juliets enter a house n see a BearMan there..None other than Dev..

Now..Artist’s Play…
Angels (behind Sona):”Where r they?Mystery Boys?”..

Dev smiles n show his finger Upstairs..
A Card comes from Upstairs very fastly..

Dev’s fingers stop its speed by catching…
N see the Card..Itz Joker..!!

Sona n Angels:”How U catch the card?”
Dev (smile):”Who throw tiz card with tiz speed spin?”

A sound comes from The Dark “Ur Brother!!”

JJasoos speed beat on BG (Don’tttt misssss the sneak peak to see, Frndzz )
In the First Step,which Angels saw..
His left Leg made his foot mark on Steps..
Drops of Pinkish Color falls below..
With spinning Paint Brush,He comes down.

Om:”Bro..I decipher the mystery In Upstairs By Ur Ideas”
Dev:”Where is Ghostie?”
Om (laugh):”I think He still trying to learn His Master”
N see the Angels…
Om (comes closer to Dev):”Why they r Here?(murmur)
Dev:”I don’t know…Go n Search Him”(smile)
Om go down by crossing the Angels..
By seeing Sco-Angel,He twinkle his left Eyes n said “Hi Scoobie” on Air..
Scoobie seems going to angry..
“He didn’t call my name..”
Dev:”He’ll Ishaana”
Scoobie-Angel Ishaana:”Really?!” N smiles..
Dev:”S!!Come with me?!We ‘ll see what Om is doing Up?”

N see Sona..
Angels n Dev walk on Stairs..
Dev waves his fingers towards the Dark..
Lights comes..
In the Room’s wall,A Graffiti of LordShiva is Seen..In bottom of The Graffiti,”Destroyer of U”..words r seen..

Ishaana see the Graffiti..
Dev see the Angels..n said”Ghost is present here”..
In downstairs,
Om see the surroundings..
Sound of playing a keyboard comes from a room..
Om walks towards tat room..
Dev walks down with the Angels…
While Dev’s leg made Steps,
The crusade Symbols seen on wall Strts inverse (Frm “Conjuring2”)
His hands make a move like a spinning..
A flute magically comes in His hand in spinning mode slowly (Frndzz,Here the Unfinished stories r coming,Tatsy some Lines seems to be Already read for Frndzz who read the Old Stories)..

Loc:A Desert..
A Couple Strts running speedly..

Hope U like tiz frndzz….A hint is present for next couple..!!The nxt ll be Loc n Story too change inversely from now..!!Hope U ll like tat while coming!!(Mm..Prepare to strt thinking??!!)Tanqq frndzz for reading n kindly write ur thoughts after readingg.
Take Care…

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  1. Harshan Anna always a story which gives a smile on face ? what else thought will come in my mind rather than this ….
    In advance merry Christmas and a happy new year ..

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    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ann!!

  2. Niki645

    Awesome one!!!!
    It’s very interesting, bro!!!??

    Do post asap???

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Sure☺

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    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ❤️❤️

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