Luvly Puzzle – 002(IshqbZ) (DevShi)

Raag Malhar and Rain..Sona hears a Jingle of a child from Dev’s heart..She again put her ears..The voice..
Sona(think):”I heard the voice..Where?!”..
Her fingers touch Dev’s hair…
Sona(think):”Abheria??!!Her voice?”
In her mind A memory comes..In which Dev said about a little girl to Sona..

Sona turns n see Om..N said “Abheri??”
Shivaay(in mind):”Abheri??”..His fingers touch his Jerkin..
Inside The Jerkin,A Diary is in..
In Sona’s Eyes,
Fingers of Dev opens a Door..Inside Dark with Lights which makes Opera Show mode..
He walks n enters the room..
N sit in a Chair…
An artist enters the room..
She surprise while seeing Dev..
“Dev Sir..”…
Dev sees her n smiles..
Dev:”Tanq for Hiding my Face now in Colors”..
She:”It’s my pleasure Sir..I think U gonna play in The Show today?”..
Dev smiles..n said”No one knows..So..” see her..
She nods her head”S..”..
Dev sits in back row..
The Opera Show Strts..

In Show (stage)..
Sona plays as an ancient girl..
She cries for a joker..Actually he acts like Dead one who hanged in the rope..
Dev sees her eyes sharply from back row..
She sings a melo new age style song..
In between,
A voice(Dev’s) based on RaagMalhar (Inspired by Ranbir’s Asianpaints Ad) comes from The back..
The Eyes of the people look complete n vintage while seeing show with voice..
Dev stands from the seat..No one is there except him..
While hearing his voice,
All heads turn n see him..
Except Sona…
Dev’s hand claps by seeing Sona..
His Eyes only see Sona’s act..
The music matches the play in The stage..
The people feels Itz Mythic..n identify him…,
Sona’s eye turns..
Dev signs the people to see the show..
His hand holds a little girl’s hands…
She is:”Abheria”..

Loc:A wooden House..
Om (to Shivaay):”Take the Pink Color”..
Shivaay:”Wait ..Itz my Diary Time..”..
Om walks towards The Color Box n take it..
Near the Box,
A Image Painting of A Flute Clown is Seen.
Om surprised n asked Shivaay:”Who is the Artist?”(by showing Pic)..
Shivaay smiles n said “Itz a present to Dev”
N writes in his Diary..
“A Vintage Art of Joker as a present to Dev from Unknown..Today’s Special-5″..
N draws A Joker..
Om takes the Pink Color n walks towards Shivaay..
Om (see Shivaay’s words):”What is That 5?”
Shivaay:”I don’t know..My fingers sometimes write automatically without control”..
Om:”Unknown name is Rudra”..
Loc:Stage of the Show..
(I think the Story’s Camera is now high)..
From Up..
Sona n Dev seems like standing in Strt n Finish of Number 5 …
(FlashBack Still Continues)…
To be Continued.. .
Tanqq frndzz for reading..Write ur thoughts after reading..
Take Care Frndzz..


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  1. Devga

    So idhu neeya … Wen I was reading I felt who can write such awesome surprising episode with devakshi and ishkara …. Then I was convinced seeing the author …. Nee grt pa … Semaya iruku … Po Nee Po …. Po nee Po …. I am forcing my self to stop reading ur stories bcz I get addicted to them …. See I left many of ur storieslong back…. But can’t stop more… This is awesome…..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Devga!!!Hw R U???Hw about ur studies???

  2. Priya12


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Priya!!

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