Luvable Beggar (Episode 6)

06-#Twinkle of Bear Eye(@1:23

Pre:Sona told a story to Her child Yaara..The Story is about a Hero Devee.. Like the Story,Sona realise Devee really exists as Dev..She was going to meet Dev…
She got a dream again as Dev was a Kandhara Prince..

Dev see Sona while he ends the show..Sona too..
The Song in Dev’s headphone change..In MadilynBailey’s voice -EdSheeran’s “ShapeOfU”(Boy U Know I want Ur Luv) plays..Dev close his Eyes by his fingers..The Song’s Music only hear for him..Lines r hearing like a Humming.. .
Dev (mind):”U r wrong,Dev..She had a child..Dont hurt her by ur act..Dont..Something makes U feel magical while seeing her..”…
(Instead of people’s claps,his mind reminsc the dream again he got)..

Dev open his Eyes n his legs leave the show..n enter the show..
Sona n Yaara see Dev’s left..
Yaara runs towards the room where Dev enter..

Sona follows her..

…..In room
Dev strings the guitar by hearing the song again in  …repetitive..
While the song’s”Although my heart is failing too” is coming,…
“Tat Tat…” In mild voice from the door is coming…
Dev stops the guitar n going towards the door..
His fingers going to touch the door’s lock..
The dream of meeting Sona again comes..
His fingers jerked a little n open the door..
Yaara is actually in door..
Yaara smiles…
N said “Haii…”(soundless)(in air)
Dev see her..In her hand,A bread with Jam is seen..
Yaara make her hand up to give the bread..
Dev’s Eyes feel magical..
His Eyes only see the Black Moon she had in bw her eyebrows,Actually Sona drew..
Yaara:”For U,Devee (give bread)
Yaara’s Eyes see the whole Room…
The Room is painted by mixture of Pink,Green,Red,Light Red,Yellow…
Many Teddies r there..
The Keys (of the Keyboard) r making wave on air because of tied on knots..
Dev’s lips doesn’t make a single move..He seem overjoy..

Yaara runs n sit on a Teddy’s neck..n hold Teddy’s ears..
N moves right n left slowly..
Teddy is a White one..
Dev (mind):”OMyButterfly..U lose If U fight with her innocence..”He make a scroll right hand..2 butterflies..comes magically..

Sona with no voice see Dev n Yaara from Door’s Open..Her eyes seem BigQuestioned..
Dev make little steps towards Yaara..
On his every step,
The string sound of a Guitar comes..
He kneel down before Yaara…

Yaara touch Dev’s cheek..
(I wish to use the butterfly again after “Where is DevShi?”..Plz!!!!1time?Oh!!Itz 2nd time??)…
The butterflies landed on Yaara’s nose..Yaara see tat without moving..Her Big  Eyes only move(2nd Time Using here..1st time,Itz Zia,the child’s name)…

Dev (smile):”What is Cutie’s cute name??”
Yaara:”Yaara!!”(childish smile)..
Dev with surprising eye look..”Yaara?!!”n made a questioned look..
Yaara:”S!!!(move by holding Teddy’s ears)..
Dev:”Teddy’s Sad!!See..Plz release him for me”(holds her little fingers)
Yaara:”K..Devee”(leave her fingers)
Dev:”Gud girl”..
Dev takes the Bear n See her with it..
The Teddie twinkles his Eyes..
Yaara laughs n claps…
Dev(mind):”She got a precious gift from God”(seeing Yaara)..

Yaara see Sona’s stand..
Yaara:”Mamma..Come..I m with Devee”..
Dev turns while hearing Yaara’s call..
While Dev’s turn (Boy U know I want ur luv again plays)..
Dev turns n see Sona..
Both see each other in big eyes..
The right side of Dev’s headphones hang on front of Dev…

Yaara see both n in her eyes Dev’s painting-Butterfly with cat n A Pink crayon r caught red-handed..
Yaara runs n take the painting …
Dev:”Hi..U?”(discontinuous voice)
Sona:”Hi..I m Yaara’s Ma”(discontinuous voice)..

Yaara:”Mamma..”(interrupting Sona’s “Ma..”)..
Dev n Sona see her..
Yaara with the painting n pink crayon see Dev n Sona..
In Yaara’s voice on bg “Will U help me Dev to find my Papa”??(Yaara didn’t ask,the voice is on bg,While Yaara sees)..

Dev mix the PinkThreadwithhisCoin n give to Yaara..Dev plays basketball..

To be Continued…

Hi Frndzz,

Sorrryyyyy for the little Epi….again..
From next,I m Sure I m Sure I ‘ll I ‘ll make the Long Epi …PlzzPlzzPlzzzz..(A little fear of writingg in 50%SleepingMode,Tatsy).

Tanqq for reading..Kindly write ur thoughts after reading.
Tanqq..Take care frndzz…


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  1. Great!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Hw is Pa now??

      1. Much better, although it’ll take him at least 2 weeks to heal before he’s all fine…

    2. HarSHaN

      Oh?Take care of him Sissy..Give the medicines the doctors prescribe n help him to take full rest..

      1. Hmm…so far, he’s been doing all what the doctor has told him to do, or at least most of the things. Anyways, thanks for the really means a lot to me!

  2. Niki645

    Damn interesting Harshan bro!!

    Pls post asap

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      Tanqq Sissy!!Sureee!!

    2. Niki di, your dp is simply??????❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  3. Wow bhaiyya!! It was a mind-blowing episode!!

    I really liked it!

    Dev is Yaara’s Father??

    Do start giving precap, because I am very excited for next episode!!

    Pls post asap, because I am waiting eagerly ??


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Sure!!!!mm..A little secret..I too didn’t know..Itz just a thought while I wrote!!The song I ‘ll going to hear while writing next Epi ‘ll be decide!!!!Bt Sure!! I ‘ll write with precap..Here too I tried to make a precap for Epi7?!

  4. Hi Harshan bro! Awsm epi!!

    Very nice!

    Btw, u know Armaan who cmnts on ur FF… he is my younger bro, not able to comment on last epi and this one, becoz he is terribly unwell..

    I wsn’t able to cmnt on last epi becoz I was tking care of him..

    Pls pray for his fast recovery ????

    And ya, pst soon??

    1. HarSHaN

      I thought he is little busy on studies..Is he ur brother?!What happen Sissy??Take care of him Sissy..n make him taking medicines with compulsion if need..May the God make him full heal..Tanqq Sissy..S..Suree..!!

      1. Niki645

        He met with an accident few days ago… but thnkfully it was minor..

        He will be well in a few days

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