Luvable Beggar (Episode 5)

Hi Frndzz.. 2day-Can I meet her??
Sona n her child Yaara thinks about Dev..Dev too..

Sona n Yaara strts jogging..Unexpectedly,Yaara Strts running from Sona..
Sona:”Yaara..Stop”n realise that Yaara is running towards Dev(actually sitting in Wooden Garden Desks).. .
Sona too Strts running..
“Enna Sona (flute)” on bg..
N stops Yaara…
Yaara shows Dev in her little fingers..
Sona holds her fingers n Strts walking towards house..

Loc:Sona’s house…
Sona sees Yaara:”Yaara..We r going to his show today..So my little honey need some time to meet him”(little smile)..

Dev leaves the place…
Loc:Dev’s home..
He Strts repairing A wooden clock…
“Cuck..Cucko”Sound of a bird doll only comes..
Dev:”I m going to release U”
Some tricks..Finally bird comes from out of the clock..

Loc:Sona’s home…
Yaara is standing by holding the window…n see out..(Dev’s voice on bg:”I m going to release U”)..
Yaara seems So Sad n see out with  thinking about Dev..

Sona sees Yaara..
N made soundless steps…
From back,Sona hugs Yaara n sit on surface..
Sona:”Honey..R U Ready?”…
Yaara with a smile:”Really?”..
Runs very Fastly n take a dress..
N give tat to Sona..
Sona smiles by closing her fingers..
N see Yaara by her big Eyes..

Sona:”Yaara..R U going to be as Rabbit??”(smiles)…
Yaara:”Ha ma.. Wait..”..n show a dress to Sona..

Sona surprise by seeing that…
Both wears the dress..
Sona draw a black little moon on b/w her eyebrows n Yaara’s too..
Sona waves the bunny ears in Yaara’s dress…
N smiles..
Yaara’s eyes seem fake angry..
(Yaara-WhiteTSh with LightPinkBunnyEars,BlueJean)

Loc:Dev’s home (At the Same time Yaara wears)
Dev too wears The Bunny-like Dress…

Loc:Sona’s home…
Yaara take a Bread with Jam..
Yaara:”For Dev,Mamma”….

Dev reach the place..
N explain about his character to Others..
“I m an Artist..I n going to learn art from a  child..As we all know,The child is the Spl one”
The preparations r going fastly…
Helpers hide Dev in Big BunnySuit…

The screens r ready to open..
Applause of people on bg..
A whistle sound comes on stage…
A drawing board is seen..
Full of Black..
Dev comes as BigBunny with painting brush on left hand.
Sona holds Yaara..
Yaara sits on Sona’s laps..
Sona (humming):”Vaan varuvaan”(He is Coming via Sky)..
He blow his painting brush…
The words come magically on board”1947″slowly in mixture of light green,yellow,orange colors..

The lights r shut down…
Sona (thinks):”Is he magician??”
Yaara see Dev with surprise..
In stage,
The Artist Dev jumps out of the wall from the British style set on stage..
“Catch Him”Sound of policemen..
A small girl stands on the other side of the wall..
He holds the girl’s hands n run..

Sona n Yaara see without moving their eyes..
“He is a Thief”..voices…
Dev n little girl escape n see the thing they stole..
They stole painting brushes (Tat’s rare for them!! )
In Sona’s mind Dream only comes again..
The Dream Dev says “Urs curio” in it..
The claps made Sona conscious again…

Dev with a smile ends the show on stage..
While he see On one corner,
His Eyes see Sona..
Dev (mind):”Is tiz real???”
Sona too see Dev…

Dev’s hand rotate A coin inside of dress he wear…
-To be Continued…
Tanqq frndzz for Readingg..Hope U like tis story..Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…
Tanqq..Take Care Frndzz..


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