Luvable Beggar (Episode 5 Contd.)

Hi Frndzz-05.Gandhara’s Luv?!
Sona told a story to her child Yaara about a Hero named Dev..
Sona n Yaara see Dev..
Sona’s eyes see Dev’s foot steps..

The Foot steps of Dev only seen(Like In show promos)..
On the Rocks of the mountain,
Someone climbing down with playing Flute..
Actually A Romeo(none other than Dev) played flute…The breeze too blew in the side of his music..
His Eyes saw the Curved Road …

“DevShi”someone called..
A tribal girl was coming towards him..
(None other than Sona-KShi)…

KShi:”DevShi..We have to draw today itself..”
Dev saw her n gave the flute to her..with a smile..
N hold her hand..
(Past Ends)
At the same time,
Dev is walking towards people n his eyes see Sona…

Dev’s make a circle in a coin actually in his dress pocket..
The coin has a hole at the centre..
The letters in it describe that it belongs to BritishPeriod n 1947year…
(Gandhara(1 of HistoricKingdom of Himalayas)-Once it is the kingdom of Sakuni n now belongs to northwest Pakistan n northE Afg now..The people n the Kings r called as “Gandhara” too..They R well versed in music n architech..Here Dev is a Prince)…

-To be Continued…
Hi Frndzz..Sorry Frndz for giving previous episode in complex mode..Tatzy I made a little one here..Hope U like tis.. I tried to make it more simple..Hope it comes ..If U felt itz complex,feel free to Say..As Ur wish,I ll make the story into little parts..Tanqq Frndzz for Readingg..Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…
Tanqq frndzz..Take Care

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  1. Awesome!!!❣️

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!

  2. Niki645

    Amazing bro!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!

  3. Omg, awesome episode bro!
    Loved it to the core!

    Btw, from next episode, can u start giving precap??

    Once again, fantastic episode!

    Post asap!


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy..Suree!!I ll give precap in coming Episodes.. ..

  4. Heshine

    Awesome bro…!and this seems really easy…!! So I didn’t feel so complicated…!! And pls post the next soon…!! Eager to read..and also long episode…!! Pls…!!
    And once again…, its really interesting..!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy!!Tanqq..I had some diff ideas for the Story..I trimmed tat actually!!I m Sure I ‘ll give long Episodes. With simple from Raw Content of Thought I got .!!

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