Luvable Beggar (Episode 4)

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2day-Juliet sees Romeo in play..
Sona told a story of Hero named Devee..
While enjoying story,Sona n her child Yaara see Devee in real ..

Sona:”I want to see U”(by seeing Dev’s image in newspaper)
Yaara:”Butterflyy”(sees too)…

Loc:little far from Sona’s house…
Dev draws the cat with butterfly…
N see the butterfly..
The cat turns n see Dev..
Dev (smile):”Tanqq  Mio.. (seeing cat)..Tanqq Ishqie..(seeing butterfly)…
Dev Strts walking..The cat n butterfly too..
The three walked in bw the 2row of Yellowish street lights..

(Dev-long Haired,RedTShirt,BlueJeanTrousers,MetalBands on Leftwrist,A littleShoulderBag,PinkHeadphones-wear in  LeftSideEar)
(Meo-A little kitty,LightBrown)

Sona fall on bed with Yaara..
Yaara thinks about Devee..
(Bed-Pink with WhiteStars)
Sona too thinks…
Loc:Near Dev’s place..
Dev in walking mode n enters A wooden House..
N put His Bag on Sofa..
Sits on surface…n see the newspaper..
“1947Kms by Dev”n his image r seen in it..

Dev(mind):”What is our character’s role In play?”
Something strikes on his mind..
He Strts searching something..
Dev (mind):”Where is it?”..
Finally got in his Eyes..
He take the shoes from top of the TV n play the song on headphones..
“My Mind is a Stranger Without U”(Album:100footJourney) Strts playing..
He Strts wearing tat shoes on his hands..Actually BabyShoes..

N made some steps like a leg in hands..
His lips spontaneously smiles..
Lightly slaps on left Side of the Face..
N falls straightly on surface..

Loc:Sona’s house..
(At the Same time Dev falls,.)
Yaara wakes up n sit..Her little fingers on her cheeks…She dream about Dev as Tom n Butterfly as Jerry too..
N see Sona..
Sona actually in sleep..
Yaara (mind):”Is Mamma sleeping..”n hugs sona..n Strts sleeping..

Loc:Dev’s house..
Dev in sleep..Actually entering Dream Station..
(Dev’s dream strts)

A Girl(none other than Sona) actually in Tribal dress is seeing his upcoming show “1947Kms”..
Dev’s dreamvoice:”Who is She???”
She holds some bird feathers n a tiny note on her hand..
The Show ends..
He felt she is coming near him..

She smiles(HalfSmileCurve) n give the feathers to Dev..
Dev’s dream voice:”What happen to me??”
Dev sees the FullGalaxy actually standing in space..He touch the heart..Suddenly he hears the people voices..n see the Stage place again..
The people on the surroundings too trying to meet Dev..
Dev accept their requests with a smile..
N leave the show hall n enters his room..
She too enters n give the note she had..
Dev see the note..
She (smile):”Dev..Plz accept my child’s gift”..
Dev opens the note..
In it,
An art looks like child-made..
In art,Dev n the butterfly is seen..n a sign name “Yaara” too..
Dev:”Tanqq..Can I meet her?”
(Dream Ends)..
Dev opens his Eyes..
Dev(In mind):”Can I meet her??Who is She?? “..Again Strts sleeping..

“Bheem..Bheem..”(In Chutki’s voice (ChothaBheem)…
Sona awakes..
N trying to wake Yaara..
Sona:”Yaara..Honey..Chutki is calling..Wake Up”…
Yaara:”Mamma”..(touch-me-not expr)…

Finally Yaara wake..Sona make her ready..
The Juliets Strts jogging..
In their way,Yaara see Dev accidentally in ground..
Dev is sitting in wooden desks..

Yaara Strts running…
Dev(mind):”Can I meet her??”..
Yaara is in running mode..
Sona sees That Yaara is going towards someone..
Her eyes sees Dev..
She Strts running to stop Yaara..
“Enna Sona”song(flute) on bg..

To be Continued..
Hi Frndzz ..Hw R U??Hope U like tis story..Tanqq for reading..Kindly write ur thoughts after reading..
Tanqq frndzz..Take Care…


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