Luvable Beggar (Episode 3)

Hi Frndzz,
2day-Luvable Beggar meets Little Angel.. .

Sona told a story about a Guardian-like Hippie Devee to Her Angel Yaara..
As like as her story’s hero Devee,

Loc:little Far from Sona’s house
Dev runs in a curved road to catch a butterfly..
In his mind”U r giving my today’s painting idea,Ishqie”(by seeing butterfly)..

Loc:Sona’s house

Sona(thinks about her dream n the man(Dev) who is coming in it):”Mm..So,Devee is different from others..He luv butterflies..”..
Yaara make a butterfly in her hands n show it to Sona..
Sona smile n kiss her..
“He had magic..(N she whistle)…

Loc:Near Sona’s house..(few seconds ago)
“Ishqie..Stop..Romeo’s Request”..
Dev said in a little shout mode n trying to chase Butterfly..
A little Garbage Box…
Dev didn’t see that..
His legs collide n he is going to fall on surface..
(Exactly where the BedRoom’s windows located in Sona’s house)
Dev balances n whistle by seeing butterfly..
Yaara see Dev via window..(now)
Strting Music of UdeDilBefikre on bg…
Her little fingers hiding her Lips.. showing Surprise..
Her big eyes see Sona..
A flute tone comes on bg..
Sona see Yaara..with questioned face…
N turns …
Her face shock with a surprise while seeing The character who see in her dream…

Sona holds Yaara’s hands n goes towards The window..
On out of the window,
Dev whistles by seeing The butterfly..
The butterfly U-turns towards Dev to the whistle..
Sona sit in surface with Yaara
N see Out via window by her eyes..
Sona see Dev very minute in nanosec too..
Her eyes surprises while seeing The butterfly’s Uturn..The Uturn looks like drawing a Heart..

Dev catches butterfly in his hands n kiss the wing..The wings wave..
Yaara laughs n claps…
Sona turns n said “”(on Air)..

Dev spins n make a round bcoz of hearing a clap..
Dev(mind):”Where is that clap comes?”..
His Eyes accidentally see the torn paper of a newspaper ..
He takes n see..
His lips smiles..n withdraw the paper on surface..

Dev (mind):”I think itz my mind’s clap”..
N walking with a butterfly..
N cross Sona’s house..
Sona:”Yaara..Just lie here..Mamma ll come”..
N runs out to take the paper which Dev see..

In paper,
“1947 Kms-by Dev”(A Opera Show’s Ad is seen)..
Sona (mind):”Is he a Actor?”..
Inside The house,..
“Mamma” on air (without sound)..Yaara see Sona via window..
Sona enters the house with the newspaper..

Sona see the newspaper….
Sona(joyeyes):”S!!(seeing like puzzle solved)..
Sona see his image like a Hippie styled clown..
She (mind):”I want to see you” …
His image)…

Loc:little far from Sona’s house…
Dev walks with a butterfly…
The cat near him see n comes towards him..
The butterfly Strts flying..
The cat see the butterfly n Strts running to chase Butterfly..

Dev takes his chart from little shoulder bag n Strts drawing cat n butterfly…

-To be Continued…
Hi Frndzz.. How R U??Hope U like tis story..The coming Epis r going to be longer in its Play..
Tanqq for Readingg n Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…


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