Luvable Beggar (Episode 1)

Her little fingers r waiting for taking a Bread with Jam..
“Juliet..”Her spl’s sound comes from out..
She throws her bunny doll n runs towards the door..with JamBread..
N opens it..
Itz Around 7pm..
Full of Yellowish StreetLights in sides of the road..
She smiles..
While seeing him..
His lips smiles..
In her Eyes,
His look comes slowly as a video shot..
French Beard,Long Hair,Moustache,RedSHift,JeanTrousers..
She shows the JamBread..

He took the Bread n eat..
A Little Bit of Chinese FluteMusic on bg..
He (Dev):”Juliet,It’s Story time”..
She claps..
Dev:”Long Long Ago,(show long in his hands)..

She see him by her big eyes..n hold bunny..

Dev:”Our Earth strts dividing into continents..
Our Hero too lived at that time (tweak his Moustache n twinkle his eyes)..”

She laughs..
Dev(continue):”He is a toy maker..He joins with the people who r migrating to other places..
At India,He met a Bunny girl(seeing her)..”
She:”Tats me..Tats me”(childish fight)..
Dev:”Her name,Yaara”..
She hides the bunny in her back n show the bunny’s ears in place of her ears to Dev..
Dev smiles..
His Eyes turn little from smiley while seeing Yaara’s facechange n a voice from his back..
“Is He The One,Yaara”(A Girl’s voice)..
Yaara:”S Mamma,He is That Begga..r”..(Her face turns little fear while hearing “Yaar..aa..No..”n seeing her mamma)..
Dev turns from sofa..
The girl shock while seeing Dev..n asked”Is he that beggar,Yaara?”…
-To be Continued..


Hi Frndzz..I hope U like tiz Strt.. Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…Tanqq for Readingg.. mm..Here I trim most of my previous make it simple..I felt tat ‘ll 99.99% equalizing to the idea I got still Unsatisfy exists..Rectifying process going on..Sorry Frndzz for not presenting “TitleMissing”..Bcoz that story ‘ll travel in its correct path if Itz is in Story telling style..I tried to introduce The Couple by Another Couple..Like a Chain..Bt it fails..I felt itz not better if we directly give Intro of characters..So I tried to give some incidents n their acts reveal them..I realised tat ll come as K if itz coming like a video..Tatz K..Sorry for that..
Tanqq Frndzz.. Take Care..

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